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Robin de la Quintinye, for an iron case in three cantos, is, Die bezauberte Rose to surround trees.

The Enchanted Rose. Brockhaus, the pubSevene, for a machine for shearing cloth. lisher, in April 1816, offered three poetical Sievrac, for the construction of carriages, prizes for a romantic tale, a poetical epistle, called Velocifères.

and an Idyl. The above mentioned piece, Pilet, for an apparatus for grinding corn by Ernest Schürtze, obtained the prize of vithout the aid of wind or water.

50 ducats in the first class. It is written Jacquinet, for a plate iron vapour flue, in the manner of Wieland's Oberon, except called à la Nancy.

that the stanzas are more regular ; the Hebre, for a four-wheeled carriage, callwhole is more delicate, and, as it were, of ed Gondole.

pure ethereal texture. It combines all the Solichon, for a new system of navigation, magic tones of melody. The publisher has both maritime and inland.

announced a separate edition of this poem, Banse, for a contrivance to be adapted to on which he designs to bestow every posthe silk loom, capable of determining the sible typographic and chalcographic embelaction of two shuttles.

lishment. The young poet died at Celle, Tourasse, for a machine employed by in the Hanoverian dominions, in his 28th him in making sugar-loaves.

year, a few days after receiving intelligence Ternaux and Son, for the manufacture of the success of his performance, and just of new stuffs, called by them asimodes. as he was preparing to set out for Italy.

M. Girard, of the Institute, has publish. He contracted the disease which proved faed, in a Treatise on the Valley of Egypt, tal, during the siege of Hamburgh in 1813, an analysis of the mud of the Nile, so ce- when he served as a volunteer in the Jälebrated by the fertility it communicates to

re promised his posthumous the soil of that country. It appears from works, together with a memoir of his life, chemical experiments made by M. Reg- by Professor Bouterweck, of Gottingen. nault, that in a hundred parts of the mud, Mr C. K. Barth, of Baireuth, is printing there are eleven of water, nine of carbon, the Ancient History of Germany, down to six of oxide of iron, four of silex, four of the time of Arminius, in two 8vo volumes, carbonate of magnesia, eighteen of carbo- the second of which will be devoted to the nate of lime, and forty-eight of alumen. geography of the country, and the manners, The qnantities of silex and alumen vary religion, &c. of the inhabitants. acording to the places where the mud is M. C. A. Erb, professor of philosophy taken ; that on the banks of the river con- at Heidelberg, has invented a cheap and tains a great deal of sand, while in that at simple hydraulic apparatus, by which ships a distance the argil is almost pure. The and vessels of all kinds, from the smallest abundance of this earth in the mud ren- to the largest, may be propelled, with a ders it proper for the purposes of the arts. small exertion of force, against the most They make excellent brick of it, and vases violent currents and storms, in constant of different forms; it enters into the fa. uniform motion, with a rapidity capable of brication of pipes; the glassmakers em- any increase, without the use of oars or ploy it in the construction of their fur- sails. Sinking ships may be preserved naces; the inhabitants of the country parts from farther sinking by this apparatus, accover their houses with it, and consider it cording to the direction to be given to it. It as a sufficient manure for their lands. governs the motion of the largest ship, so as

to move it at pleasure, from a state of rest, GERMANY.

by the small difference of an inch, or a line, The best German poem produced this or without progressive motion, to turn it year is printed in the Urania, an almanac round on one point in every direction. for 1818. The title of this piece, which is



picturesque views, on a large scale front THE fourth and last canto of Childe Ha- accurate drawings made in the year 1817, told's Pilgrimage, with considerable notes, by Major Cockburn, of the Royal Artilcomprising observations upon society, li- lery, is in preparation. The plates are terature, &c. collected during his travels etched in a free and spirited outline by Pi. and residence abroad, will soon appear from nelli

, of Rome, and will be finished by W. the pen of Lord Byron.

B. Cooke. It will be printed uniformly An interesting work of Delineations of with Stuart's Athens, in folio. the city of Pompei, consisting of forty A History of the Civil Wars of Eitgland, from original, authentic, and most Monthly Magazine, will be commenced in curious and interesting manuscripts, and sixpenny numbers. scarce tracts of the times, is in the press. Dr Adam Neale, formerly physician to It will be illustrated by 200 engravings by the British embassy at Constantinople, will the first artists, from original paintings, by speedily publish a volume of Travels through G. Arnald, R. A. taken expressly for this

some parts of Germany, Poland, Moldavia, work, on every spot on which battles or and Turkey ; illustrated by views and cosother important events took place.

tumcs. Mr Mawe, honorary member of the Mi.

A translation of Signor Pananti's Narneralogical Society of Jena, and author of rative of a Voyage to Barbary, and ResiTravels in Brazil, a Treatise on Diamonds, dence at Algiers ; comprising Biographical &c. has in the press, Familiar Lessons in Sketches of the Dey and his Ministers, Mineralogy ; in which will be explained Anecdotes of the late War, Observations the methods of distinguishing one mineral respecting the relation of the Barbary States from another.

with the Christian Powers, and on the neA Picturesque Tour of Italy, with re- cessity and importance of their complete ferences to the text of Addison, Moore, subjugation, is now in the press. By Ed. Eustace, and Forsyth, is in preparation, ward Blaguiere, Esq. author of “ Letters from drawings taken on the spot during the from the Mediterranean." * years 1816, 1817, by James Hakewill Arch.

EDINBURGH. Observations, moral, literary, and anti. Women ; or, Pour et Contre: a Tale. quarian, made during a Tour through the By the author of Bertram, a Tragedy. In Pyrenees, France, Switzerland, Italy, and 3 vols. 12mo. the Netherlands, in the years 1814-15, by Travels from Vienna through Lower John Milford, jun. late of St John's Col. Hungary, with some Account of Vienna lege, Cambridge, are in the press.

during the Congress. By Richard Bright, Mr Montgomery has a new volume of M. D. In 4to, with numerous engravings. pocms nearly ready for the press, entitled, An Account of the Life and Writings of Greenland and other Poems.

the late John Erskine of Carnock, D. D. mír Campbell's Selected Beauties of one of the Ministers of the Greyfriars British Poetry, with lives of the poets, and Church, Edinburgh. By Sir Henry Moncritical dissertations, will soon appear, in creiff Wellwood, Bart. In 8vo. five volumes, post 8vo.

An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul. An Account is preparing of a Voyage By Francis Buchanan, M. D. Fellow of the of Discovery to the Western Coast of Co- Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, rea, and the great Loo Choo Island, in the of the Society of Antiquarics, and of the ship Lyra, by Captain Basil Hall, R. N. Linnean and Asiatic Societies. F. R. Š. L. & E.; with a vocabulary of with engravings. the language of that island by Lieutenant

An Etymological Dictionary of the Scot. Clifford, R. N., and an Appendix, containing tish Language; in which the words are decharts and various hydrographical and sci- duced from their originals, explained in entific notices, illustrated by cight colour. their different senses, and authorised by the ed engravings, after drawings by Havell, names of the writers in whose works they of scenery and the costume of the people of

occur. Abridged from the quarto edition Corea, and particularly of the more inte. by the author, John Jamieson, D. D. Felresting inhabitants of Loo Choo ; in one

low of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of volume quarto.

the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland, The first volume of the Transactions of and of the American Antiquarian Society. the Literary Society of Bombay, with In 8vo. plates, is in the press.

The Conchology of Great Britain and The Desâteer, with the ancient Persian Ireland, being a complete Natural History translations and commentary, and a glos- of all the Shells which have been found to sary of the ancient Persian words, is print- inhabit Great Britain and its Islands, aring by Mülla Ferûz Bin Mullu Kaws :

ranged according to the Linnean method. an English translation will be added, and

Illustrated by figures of every shell hitherto the whole will form two volumes quarto.

Early in the present year will be published, the Hall of Hellingsley, or the Dis. Our readers are already partly accovery ; a novel, by Sir Egerton B rydges, quainted with the contents of this interestBart. M. P. &c.

ing book, from the able account of it by a A View of the State of Europe during distinguished foreigner, inserted in this and the Middle Ages, is preparing by Henry the preceding Number; and we are happy Hallam, Esq. in two volumes quarto. to observe from the above notice, that it

A new provincial miscellany, with the will speedily be at their command in an title of The Northumberland and Newcastle English dress.

In 4to,

discovered, drawn from pature. By Tho. The colours of the different objects will be mas Brown, Esq. Fellow of the Linnean described according to the Wernerian NoSociety, Member of the Wernerian Natural menclature. History Society of Dublin, and Honorary History of Great Britain, from the RevoMember of the Literary and Philosophical lution in 1688, to the French Revolution in Society of Bolton.

1789. By Sir James Macintosh, M. P. Zoological Elements ; or, an Introduc.. LL.D. F.R.S. tion to the Natural History of the Animal A View of the History of Scotland, from Kingdom. Ilustrated by fourteen plates the earliest Records to the Rebellion in the drawn from nature. By Thomas Brown, year 1745. In a series of Letters. 3 vols. Esq. Fellow of the Linnean Society, &c. 8vo.



the Established Church, and the peace of

the United Kingdom ; by the Rev. W. BIOGRAPHY.

Phelan, Fellow of Trinity College. 8vo. MEMOIRS of the Legal, Literary, and 4s. Political Life of the late Right Hon. J. P. God is Love the most Pure, my Prayer, Curran, once Master of the Rolls in Ire- and my Consolation, freely translated from land; by William O'Regan, Esq. barris- the Original of M. D’Eckarthausen, with ter. 8vo. 10s. Gd.

alterations and additions, and a Companion Memoirs of the Public and Private Life to the Altar ; by Johnson Grant, M. A. of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. now first 12mo. 2s. 6d. published from the Original MS. written Lectures on Scripture Doctrines ; by by hinuself to a late period, and continued William Bengo Collyer, D. D. 8vo. 145. till the time of his Death by his Grandson, The Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical William Temple Franklin, Esq. 4to. Directory, containing a complete Register L. 2, 2s.

of the Prelates and other Dignitaries of the Madame de Staël's Memoirs of the Pri. Church; a List of all the Benefices in Eng. Fate Life of her father ; to which are add- land and Wales, arranged alphabetically, ed, Miscellanies by M. Necker. 125. The &c. 8vo. same in French, 10s. 6d.

Instructions for the use of Candidates for DIVINITY.

Holy Orders, and of the Parochial Clergy, Old Church of England Principles Op- as to ordination, licences, institutions, colposed to the “ New Light;" in a series of lations, induction, dispensations, &c.; by plain, doctrinal, and practical Sermons on C. Hodgson. 8vo. 8s. the First Lesson in the Morning Service of The Divine Authority of Holy Scripthe different Sundays and great Festivals ture asserted, from its adaptation to the throughout the Year'; by the Rev. Richard real State of Human Nature ; in eight Warner. Vol. I. Gs.

Sermons, preached before the University of A Commentary on the Old and New Oxford ; by J. Miller, M. A. Fellow of Testaments, with the Text at large ; by Worcester College. the Rev. Robert Hawker, D. D. Complete in 48 parts, demy 8vo. 3s. each, or royal An Introduction to the study of Ger.

man Grammar, with practical Exercises ; The New Testament of our Lord Jesus by Peter Edmund Laurent. 12mo. 58. Christ, translated into pure Biblical He- A Greek Primer, containing the various brew, for the use of the Jews in any part Inflexions of Nouns, Participles, and Verbs, of the world. L. 1, Is.

with numerous Vocabularies, and a few The Unitarian Refuted ; or, the Divinity easy Extracts with Explanations. 8s. 6d. of Christ, and the doctrine of the Holy Tri- Å Dissected Terrestrial Globe for the Innity plainly proved from copious Texts of struction and Amusement of Youth; by Scripture, accompanied with Notes collect- M. Wauthier. L. 1, 105. ed from the New Family Bible ; by the Rer. G. Baker. 8vo. 5s.

The Trials of Jeremiah Brandreth, The Bible, not the Bible Society, being William Turner, Isaac Ludlam, and an Attempt to point out that mode of dis. George Weightman, for High Treason ; taseminating the Scriptures which would ken in short-hand; by W. B. Gurney. 2 most effectually conduce to the security of vols. 8yo. L. 1, 4s.


8vo. 45.



An Elucidation of the Ancient English operations, by the practice of which most Statute Laws, that award the Penalty of of these causes of failure may be avoided ; Death sans Clergy, from the accession of by Sir W. Adams. 8vo. 16s. Edward the Third to the demise of Queen Anne; with copious historical and legal The Naturalist's Journal ; by the Hon. Notes connected with the most material Daines Barrington. Oblong 4to. 5s. points of each Act ; by Thomas Mott, Esq.

The Golden Key, in which, among other Solicitor, Cambridge.

subjects, Conjugal Love and its Beatitudes First Part of the Institutes of the Laws are fully displayed, proving that its prinof England, or a Commentary upon Lit- ciples and effects reach beyond the Grave. tleton; by Sir Edward Coke. "Revised and 8vo. 10s. corrected, with Notes, &c. ; by Francis Pickle's Club ; illustrated by elegant Hargrave and Charles Butler, Esqrs. 2 Engravings on Wood, from Designs by vols. 8vo. 1.. 3, 6s.

Thurston. Royal 8vo. L. 1, 1s.--Imp. A complete Collection of State Trials drawing paper, L. 2, 5s. and Proceedings for High Treason, &c. A Report upon the Claims of Mr George from the year 1783, with Notes, &c.; Stephenson, relative to his Safety-Lamp; compiled by T. B. Howell, Esq. F. R. S. by the Committee ; with an Appendix conand F. S. A., and continued from 1783 to taining the evidence. the present time by Thomas Jones Howell, Memoirs relating to European and AsiaEsq. Vol. XXIII. Royal 8vo. L.), tic Turkey ; edited from Manuscript Jourlls. Cd.

nals; by Robert Walpole, A. M. L. 3, 3s. MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c.

NOVELS, TALES, &c. The Influence of the Atmosphere, more

Rosabella, or a Mother's Marriage. 5 especially the Atmosphere of the British vols. L. 1, 10s. Isles, on the Health and Functions of the Manners. 3 vols. 18s. Human Frame, embracing Observations on The Quakers, a Tale ; by Eliza B. Les. the Nature, Treatment, and Prevention of ter. 6s. the principal Disorders resulting from sud- The Story of Clarissa. 3s. 6d. den Atmospherical transitions, and unfold- The Foundling of Devonshire, or Who ing original Views and fundamental Prin- is She? by Miss C. D. Haynes. 5 vols. ciples for the Prolongation of Life and L. 1, 78. 6d. Conservation of Health ; to which are add- Beauchamp, or the Wheel of Fortune ; ed, Practical Researches on the Pathology, by James Folroyd Fielding. 4 vols. L.l, Treatment, and Prevention of Gout and of 25. Rheumatism, in all their Protean forms; Tales of Wonder, of Humour, and of by James Jolinson, M. D. Surgeon to his Sentiment; by Anne and Annabella Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, Plumptre. 3 vols. L. 1, Is. Author of the Influence of Tropical Cli- Dunsany, an Irish Story. 2 vols. 12s. mates on European Constitutions, &c. The Mysteries of the Forest ; by Mary

Medical Jurisprudence, as it relates to Houghton. 3 vols. Second edition. Insanity, according to the Law of Eng

TOETRY. "land ; by John Haslam, M. D. 5s. 6d. The Hours, in four Idylls; by Henry

Observations relative to the use of Bella- Hudson, Esq. Fisc. 8vo. 75. donna in painful Disorders of the Head Cambridge Prize Poems, being a comand Face ; illustrated by Cases; by Johu plete Collection of the English Poems Bailey, Surgeon. 5s.

which have obtained the Chancellor's Gold A Critical Inquiry into the Nature and Medal in the University of Cambridge. Treatment of the Case of her Royal High- Fisc. Ivo. 5s. ness the Princess Charlotte of Wales and The Lament of the Emerald Isle ; by her infant Son, with the probable Causes Charles Phillips, Esq. Is. of their Deaths, and the subsequent Ap- A Cypress Wreath for the Tomb of the pearances. The whole fully discussed and Princess Charlotte, containing original Triillustrated by comparative practice, point- butes to her Memory; to which is prefixing out the means of preventing such evils ed a Biographical Memoir of her "Royal in future; by W. Rees Price, Member of Highness; by J. Coote. Fisc. 8vo. 6s. the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 3s. Helena, a historical Poem ; by James 6d.

Mathias of Bristol. An Account of some Experiments made An Epicedium to the Memory of the with the Vapour of Boiling Tar in the Princess Charlotte ; by Richard Hatt. Cure of Pulmonary Consumption ; by A. The Bridal of the Isles, a Mask ; to lexander Crichton, M. D. F. R. S. 28. 6d. which is added, the Blighted Hope, a Mo

A Practical Inquiry into the Causes of nody; by Charles Knight. Fisc. 8vo. 45. the frequent Failure of the Operations of Lines occasioned by the Death of the Depression and the Extraction of the Ca- Princess Charlotte. Is. 6d. taract, as usually performed ; with the de- Psyche, or the Soul, in seven Cantos; scription of a series of new and improved by John Brown, Esq. 12mo. 78.

Mr Hurwitz's Hebrew Dirge, with a the New North Church, Edinburgh. 8vo. Metrical Translation; by S. T. Coleridge, Price 10s. 6d. in boards. Esq.

Rob Roy, a novel ; by the author of Leopold's Loss, or England's Tears over Waverley, Guy Mannering, and the An. the Urn of the Princess Charlotte ; a mo- tiquary. In three vols. Price L. 1, 46. nody.

in boards. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. The Edinburgh Gazetteer, or GeograRemarks upon a Letter, addressed by M. phical Dictionary, comprising a complete Mazeres, a French Ex-colonist, to J. Č. L. body of Geography, Physical, Political, Sismonde de Sismondi, containing Obser. Statistical, and Commercial. Part II. Fations on the Blacks and Whites, the Ci. Price 9s. vilization of Africa, the Kingdom of Hayti, The Edinburgh Review and Critical &c. ; translated from the French of the Journal. No. 57. Price 6s. Baron de Vastey, Secretary to the King of The Edinburgh Almanack, or Universal Hayti. Is. 6d.

Scots and Imperial Register, for 1818. A Bill of Rights and Liberties, or an Act Price 5s. bound in red, or 4s. 6d. sewed. for a constitutional Reform of Parliament; An Economical Plan for an Additional by Major Cartwright. Is. 6d.

Supply of Water for the City of Edin. VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

burgh. ls. Travels in the interior of America, in the Engravings, illustrating the Anatomy of years 1809, 1810, and 1811, including a the Skeleton ; by John Gordon, M. D. description of Upper Louisiana, together F. R. S. E. In 22 plates, 8vo. 16s. bds. with the States of Ohio, Kentucky, In- Devotional Music, original and selectdiana, and Tennessee, with the Illinois and ed, arranged mostly in four parts; with Western Territories, and containing Re. Thorough Bass for the Organ or Piano narks and Observations useful to Persons Forte. Expressed by small Notes instead emigrating to those Countries ; by John of Figures ; and an Introduction to Vocal Bradbury, F.L. S. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Music. To which is added, an Appendix Narrative of my Captivity in Japan dur. of Old Church Tunes, with correct hare ing the years 1811, 12, and 13, with Ob- mony. By R. A. Smith, Teacher of the servations on the Country and the People ; Piano Forte, &c. Paisley. 2d edition. 3s. by Captain Golownin of the Russian Navy. A Treatise on the Game Laws of ScotTo which is added, an Account of a Voyage land ; with an Appendix, containing the to the Coast of Japan, and of Negociations principal statutes and leading cases on the with the Japanese for the Release of the subject ; by John William Ness. 8vo. Author and his Companions ; by Captain los. 6d. Rikord. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.

The Hopes of an Empire Reversed ; or, Notes on a Journey in America, from the night of Pleasure turned into Fear; the Coast of America to the Territory of a Sermon, preached on November 16, 1817, the Ilinois ; by Morris Birkbeck, Author on occasion of the death of the Princess Notes on a Tour in France, &c. 5s. Charlotte ; by John Jamieson, D. D. Is.

Agnes, a Poem ; by Dr Thomas Brown, EDINBURGH.

Professor of Moral Philosophy in the UniHistory of Stirlingshire; by the Rev. W. versity of Edinburgh, foolscap 8vo. Price Nimmo, Minister of Both kennar. Second 75. edition, corrected, and brought down to Observations on the Cure and Preventhe present time, by the Rev. William tion of the Contagious Fever, now prevaMacgregor Stirling, Minister of Port. Il. lent in the City of Edinburgh and its envilustrated by a map, and various engravings, rons ; by J. Yule, M. D. 2s. 6d. in two volumes 8vo. Price 16s. 6d.

Observations on some Important Points A Sermon, delivered in the Tron Church, in the Practice of Military Surgery, and Glasgow, on Wednesday Nov. 19, 1817, in the Arrangement and Police of Hospi. the day of the Funeral of her Royal High- tals. Illustrated by Cases and Dissections ; Dess the Princess Charlotte of Wales ; by by John Hennen, Deputy Inspector of MiToomas Chalmers, D. D. Minister of the litary Hospitals. 8vo. Tron Church, Glasgow. 8vo. Sewed. Price The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Is. 6d.

Journal No. 53. 3s. A Series of Plans and Illustrations of Free Thoughts on the late Religious Cethe City of Edinburgh, from the earliest lebration of the Funeral of her Royal Highperiod to the present time; by Robert ness the Princess Charlotte of Wales, and Kirkwood. Price, bound in imperial folio, on the discussion to which it has given rise L 5, 5s. or in cloth in a case for a library, in Edinburgh; by Scoto Britannus. 3s. L6, 16s. 6d.

Letter to the Guildry of Edinburgh on Sermons, preached on different occasions; the Propriety of the late Meeting in Freen by the Rev. David Dickson, Minister of masons' Hall; by a Guild Brother.

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