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Attraction and other Uses, be shew'd in their Course : This is enough for this Place. What Numbers of impudent, stupid Lies, have been told of the Ignorance of the Antients, and the modern Inventions of Telescopes! tho', as I have shew'd, they, nay, even the reflecting Sort, Observatories, &c. are mentioned in Scripture : And tho they knew not that, yet when they knew that the Tables they calculate by came from the People of those Times, would the Fools imagine themselves, or make us believe, that they made those inimitable Observations, by which these now calculate, with their naked Eyes ? No, they had those, and other Helps, these Creatures know nothing of. The Scripture, and those Tables, I think, are the only Things which survived the Confusion of Languages ; which is, in a Manner, Evidence, that those Tables were, as I hinted, made by some Method of Numbering, or by Lines on Charts, prior to writing with Letters

, So of many other Branches of Science.

The Mischiefs that these Vermin (the Poets and Historians) did, by praising their Heroes in their Farces, or Princes for conquering Countries, and thereby inciting other Princes to imitate them, were inex



pressible, were the Causes of the greateft Miseries which befel Mankind, as has been observ'd by Dr. Prideaux in his connection, Vol. I. p. 489. and others.

When these Priests, Poets and Historians had mudled the Affair, so that none then knew what they meant; now and then a Man, who had some Spirit or Ambition in him, and was not willing to fit ftill with this, runs to the Priests of his own and other Countries, enquires about the antient Representations upon their Pillars, &c. takes their imperfect Accounts, perhaps got initiated, and fo to be mitted to view fome of them in their Adyta ; and from them gather'd what he could, that Knowledge being then as much darken'd as Writing. That not satisfying him, he scrapes Acquaintance with fome strolling Jew; nay, indeed some of these went into Judæa, and got what they could from them ; but if any went before the Captivity, they found the Yews very thy in giving any Account to the Heathens about those Affairs; such were not at any Rate permitted to proceed farther than the outward Courts, nor suffer'd to see any Thing in their Temple, much less in their Adytum; the Jervis People were not suffer'd, nor any, except the High



Priest. After the Captivity, the Jews knew very little themselves of those Things ; and when the Translation, callid the LXX, was made, as I have shew'd; they did not so much as make the Formation intélligible, nor made any Discovery about what any such wanted, about their Gods, their Actions, &c. except only the Sun, Moon and Stars ; and the Heathens, I mean Poets and Philosophers; are full of that, tho? they took the Words for the Sun, and Moon and Stars, which were for the Fluxes of Light from them ; nay, long after this, as St. Jerome and others inform us, they would not shew the little that they knew; but however, in this State of Confusion, with what they thus pick'd up, and under the Restriction of saying nothing against the Religion of their Country, these bold Fellows set up for Philosophers, turn'd Doctors; each establishes a Sect, and their Disciples branched out still new ones upon different Principles; some of which they had pick'd up from the Jews, which were true, and others which they imagined, and fo are not worth mentioning. Out of these each aimed at framing a Scheme or System; but the Parts would not tally. However, they ventured to commit that Stuff to Writing, at first in Words which could have no fixed Meaning, because those who first used them made them Originals; and which, by the Confusion of their Languages, have no Roots, which they could not have done in the Hebrew, without Thewing pure Nonsense : And the Studies of Men ever since have been spent, some in pretending to explain their Notions, some to detect them, and so diverted Men from pursuing the Truth. It will be very furprising, if ever their Interpreters find out their Meanings ; and it is impoffible that ever they should find by them true Descriptions of the Things and Actions they aimed at; ftill lower, when others could not understand the old Descriptions of the Formation of this System, nor make any Thing out from what these had done, and knew not how to contrive any new ones; they made the World maké itself by Chance: All this contributed to the grand Design of bringing Men back into the Difpensation of Chrift.

Let this Difference be all along remembered and confidered; we have the Hebrew Books, and the Translations in our Hands, and so can compare the Words found in other Languages with them ; which enables us to guess at the Meanings of many of them, which none of the


Antients (except the Jews) had; so they; when a Word was once wrong spelled, had nothing to help them to retrieve the true Spelling, or the true Meaning of that Word. We have the settled Powers of each Letter in a spoken, living Language, to compare and settle those in others by ; they had none, but each those they were forming

Though I, to illustrate my new Aflere tions, have been forced to produce all this in Evidence, 'tis nothing but what the celebrated Philosophers of our Times not only affirm in Words, but in Facts ; for as some of them understood a little Greek, and any of them a little Latin; and as most of those Books have been translated into Latin, we must suppose they had the Modesty before they set up any Schemes of their own, to look into those Books they could read (and should have look'd a little farther) to see whether it had been done by others : And sure those great Men,

; who set up Systems of Vortexes, Attraction, Projection, &c. found nothing better among these Authors, or elfe they would never have offered their own. And do not all they set their Hands to this, who have followed any of these modern Schemes ?

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