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are substituted for them in the Hebrew Tongue ; and many other Things, which Į shall not in this Tract mention.

Let us enquire what Opportunities the Arabians had to come by this Knowledge: Suppose they were of the Race of the Originals, who came up with the Israelites out of Ægypt into the Wilderness; the then Ifraelites, whom they conversed with, had, in a great Measure, lost the Know ledge of the first Revelations, and had not acquir'd the Knowledge of the written Manifestation. 'Tis true, tney might see all 'the Miracles and Appearances, nay, hear the Covenant made, &c. and know something of the Manner of Writing it. What they did about Writing, will be enquired into in Course. 'Tis plain, they did not accept of that Covenant, but de ferted, and it does not appear that, after this, there was any Correspondence between them and the Jews, except that they were forced to make Presents, or deal with Solomon. i Kings x. 15, and 2 Chron. ix. 14. Now the Weight of the Gold Besides that, be, bad- and of all the Kings of Arabia ; and that they dealt with Jeboskaphat. 2 Par. xvii. 11, D'K! 1977, the Arabians brought him Flocks, feven tbcufand, and feven bundred Rams, and

thousand, and seven bundred He-Goats. As they did with Tirus, Ezek. xxvii. 21, for the same Sort of Cattle ; but that they remained Heathens and Enemies to the Jews. It

appears, Galat. iv. 25, that Sina was a Mountain in Arabia, and 'tis likely they pitched there; and tho', as I have shewed above, that there were other Families settled in those Parts, and gave

them several Names ; whether they drove those out, of mixed with them, they gave that Country its Name. Jer. xxv. 20, 24. Ezek. xxx. 5, Enumerating those who were to be published, and all the Kings of Arabia, and all the Kings anyn of the mingled People that dwell in the Dejarts : Whether this became only a Name for that mixed People which came up from Ægypt, settled in, and gave the Name to Arabia, or to all Banditti, wherever they pitched their Tents; and that there were such in every Wilderness, at vast Distances, is not material. We find not that they gave Name to any Place but this, as Isa. xxi. 13, The Burtken upon Arabia. In the Forest of Arabia fall ye lodge, O ye travelling Companies of Dedanim. Jer. iii. 2. In the Ways bast thou sat for them, as the Arabian in the Wilderness

. Ifa. xiii. 20, Neither shall the Arabian pitch. Tent



there. That they were Heathens of the worst Sort, and Enemies to God and Ifrael, 2 Chron. xxi. 16, Moreover the Lord stirred up against Jehoram the Spirit of the Philistines, and of the Arabians that were near tbe Diwa Æthiopians (Culhites, of whom Jethro's Daughter was one) and they came up into Judah, and broke into it, and carry'd away all the Substance that was found in the King's House, and bis Sons also, and his Wives, so that there was never a Son left him, save Jehoahaz, the youngest of his Sons. Ibid. xx. I, And the Inbabitants of Jerusalem made Ahaziah, bis youngest Son, King, in bis Stead; for the Band of Men (Troop of Thieves) that came with the Arabians to the Camp, had Jain all the eldet. Ibid. xxvi. 7, And God belped bim against the Philistines, and against the Arabians that dwelt in Gur-Baal. Nehe. ii. 19, But when— and Gerham the Arabian keard it, they laughed us to Scorn. Ibid. iv. 7, And it came to pass, that when

- And the Arabians beard that the Walls of Jerusalem were made up, and that the Breaches began to be stopped; then they were very wrctb. Ibid. vi. 1, Now it came to fals, when -- and Gesham the Arabian, and the rest of the Enemies beard that

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I had builded the Wall, &c. 2 Esdras, xv. 28; Behold an horrible Vifon ! and the Appearance thereof from the East, where the Nations of the Dragons of Arabia shall come

i Mach. y. 38, All the Heathens that be round about us, are assembled unto them. He hath also hired the Arabians. Ibid. xi. 16, So Alexander fled into Arabia, there to be defended. But For Zabdiel the Arabian took off" Alexander's Head, and sent it to Ptolemy. V. 39, Tryphon - went to Simalcuae the Arabian, that brought up Antiochus, the young Son of Alexander, &c. Ibid. xii, 31. Wherefore Jonathan turned to the Arabians, who were called Zabadeans; which shews their Religion, which came from the Word GRZY The Powers, the Denomination of a chief Sect of the Worshippers of the Heavens. And their King's Name above, Zabdiel, compounded of the fame Root, as all the Translations found it, and be God, joined. 2 Mac. v. 8. In the End thereof he had an unhappy Return, being accused before Aretus, the King of the Arabians, &c. Ibid. xii. 10. Thousand Men on Foot, and five Hundred Horsemen of the Arabians fet upon him— Judas got the Victory; so that the Nomades (Herdimen) of Arabia being overcome, be


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fought Judas for Peace, so they departed to their Tents. They are named as People of a strange Language, Afts. ii. 11. And it appears, Gal. i. 17, that St. Paul was once in some part of Arabia.

We have traced these Arabians through the Scriptures and Apocrypha ; it appears they were the Scum of Ægypt, &c. And there is not the least Appearance that they retained any Knowledge of the true Religion ; 'tis plain that they all were Heathens, and at least fome of them Zabeans, which seems to be the Seet the furtheft removed from the Truth, and against

of the ceremonial Precepts. were levelled, as appears in Walton's Pro logomeng in Biblia Polyglotta, p. 94. $ 8. Nay, though some Tribes of People who were fettled in those Countries before these came there, had Cities, &c. And though they were inclosed on three Sides by civilized Nations, it does not so much as appear, that ever these were, that one can term them civilized, that ever they had any fixed Settlements ; but that they lived in Tents, shifted from Place to Place; that they were inhuman, barbarous People, and I think no better than conftant Robbers to this Day. Nor does it appear

that they

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