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and all their Hoft have I commanded. Psal. cxlviii. 2, Praise ye him, all his Hofts (shew the Power of the Irradiation.) In Opposition to the Strength the Heathens supposed these Agents could give to Men in War, &c. they make Jehovah Aleim their General, Giver of Force, &c. Pfal. Ix. 9, Who will bring me into the strong City; who will lead me into Edom? Wilt not thou, O Aleim, which hadf caft us off ; and thou, O Aleim, which didst not go out with our Armies? Give us Help from Trouble ; for vain is the Help of Man. Through the Aleim we fall do valiantly; for he it is that shall tread down our Enemies. In Reproach to those who trusted in these Powers, Isa. xxxiv. 4, And all the Host of the Names shall be disolvd, and the Names Mall be rolled together as a Scroll, and all their Host fall fall down as a Leaf falleth off from the Vine, and as a falling Fig from the Fig-Tree.

בעל שלשה

Xplain'd in the second part of M. P.

p. 145, and is another Description of the Spirit, by Order call’d, The third Idol :



.Oc ,תלתי in Cbaldee ,שליש שas in Hebre

Yet this is not all, as One did not rule, but
Three; and tho' the Jews and Deifts
would have all Rule in One, yet in the
Hebrew, and all the Corruptions of it, the
Word for Three and Ruler is the same;

, , . And tho they have made themselves merry with Things they knew nothing of, I shall, perhaps, e're long, in Course, have Occafion to shew how this and other Numbers in that Language are fram'd to accord with Things ; and to shew, that some of the Au-. thors which are most in Fayour with those who oppose it, prove it.

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בית רחוב


Ention'd Jud. xviii

. 28. This Word takes in the whole Substance of the three Names, and 'tis the extended, spacious, capacious, roomy Aleim, which contains all material Things, and in which all Creatures live, move, and have their Being. There were several Cities and Persons call’d by this Name, and one 77'ann the Space of the Essence, and the Claims, shew, that they had attributed to this the Power of giving Space; for several

of the Promises of the temporal part of the Covenant, the Enjoyment of Canaan are under this Word, Exod. xxxiv. 24, And I will cast out the Nations before thee, and enlarge thy Borders. Deut. xii. 20, When Jchovah thy Aleim mall enlarge thy Border, as he hath promis'd thee (Gen. xxviii. 14.)--Only thy holy Things which thou hafi, and thy Vows, thou shalt take, and go unto the Place, which Jeho. vah skall chufe. Ib. xix. .8, And if Jehovalı thy Aleim enlarge thy Coast, as he hath fworn to thy Fathers, and give thee all the Land which he hath promis'd to give unto thy Fathers- -Then shalt thou, &c. So Gen. xxvi. 22, And he call’d the Name of it Rehoboth, and he said, For now Jehovah hath made Room for us, and we Mall be fruitful in the Land. So in the Promise of the Kingdom of Christ, Isa. liv. 2, Enlarge the Place of thy Tent, &c. So in Deliverances, temporal or spiritual, Pf. iv. 1, Thou hast enlarged me when I was in Distress. ib. xviii. 19. He brought me forth alfo into a large Place.ver. 37, Thou bast enlarged my Steps under me, that my Feet sip not. Ib. xxxi. 9, Thou haft set my Feet in a large Room. Ib. cxix. 45, I will walk at Liberty (at large] for I seek thy Precepts. Tho' neither Sir I. N. nor

any of his Coadjutors, knew a title of the Meaning of these original Epithets, yet from scatter'd Scraps in Greek and Latin, about this, he gave us his Definition of his Deus; and by mistaking this active Fluid for God, and for empty Space, he was led to dream of Projeâions, &c. and of second Causes, without Means. If Words can make a Distinction between the Effence, and Matter, David has feparated them Psal. cxviii. 5, I called upon if the Essence out of son, and the Essence heard


.במרחב me

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HE first is explain'd in the second

Part of M. P. p. 276, with some Claims ; and at large in M.-fine P. p. 46. The second is mention'd 70s. xix. 38; 'tis that which irradiates, and thereby has its Strength for Operation, which is each of, or all the three Names, FIRE, LIGHT, SPIRIT. Hence these Expoftulations, Hof. x. 15, Sofball Bethel do unto you, because of your great Wickedness.

Amos iv. 4, Come to Bethel, and tranfgrefs. Ib. v: 5: But seek not Bethel and Bethel fall

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הכל or בית Jlayeth thee

As the Word

come to nought. Ib. vii. 13, But prophesie not against Bethel, for it is the King's Chapel, and it is the King's Court. So claims from El. Ezek. xxviii. 2, And thou haft said, I am a God; I sit in the Seat of the Aleim, in the midst of the Seas : Tet thou art a Man, and not God, tho'thou set thy Heart as the Heart of the Aleim, &c. ver. 9, Wilt thou say before him that sayeth thee, lam Aleim? But thou shalt be a Man, and no God, in the Hand of him that

. , , when apply'd to what they took for God, fignifies a Temple, Hof. viii. 14, For Ilrael kath forgotten his Maker, and buildeth Temples ; and Judah hath multiplied fencedCities : But I will send a Fire upon his Cities, and it fall devour the Palaces thereof. Joel iii. 5, Because ye have taken my Silver and my Gold, and have carried into your Temples my goodly pleasant Things~Behold, I will, &c. As these were Temples to the created Aleim, and as there was but to be one Temple to the Aleim, the Essence existing, and but one chief

ind Interccffor (for so the Word fig. nifies ; and the Idea was, as all others, taken from what was perfectly understood ; for lo Aaron was to Mofes ; ro several luccessively were to King David, as 2 Sam.

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