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was the great Asliftant in Procrcation, and that the Heathens had Temples to it for both Sexes : But they also knew, that God had not given Power to these his Goyernours, Angels, Agents, to open the Wombs of Barren Women. I think they included in this Attribute, the Opening of the Womb in bringing forth, which is a more general Attribute, and which, as it is visible, seems almost as surprising as the other. And this Part of the Attribute ought to be placed lower down. The Case is set forth Hof. ix. 10, But they went to Baal-Peor, and separated themselves unto that Shame, - Ver. 11, As for Ephraim, their Glory shall fly away like a Bird ; from the Birth, and from the Womb, and from the Conception. Ver. 12, Though they bring up their Chil dren, I will bereave them. Ephraim shall bring forth his Children to the Murderers. Ver. 14, Give them a miscarrying Womb, and dry Breasts. Ver. 16, Tea, though they bring forth, vet will I say even the beloved Fruit of their womb. Ezek. xx. 26, They caused to pass through Fire all that openeth the Womb. The Claims in each are many; in the first, Gen. xx. 17, 18, And God healed Abimelech, and his Wife, and his

Ver. 13,


Maid Servants, and they bare Children; for Jehovah had fast closed up all the Wombs of the House of Abimelech. I Sam. i. 5, 6, But Jehovah had shut up her (Hannah's) Womb. Gen. xxix. 31, And when Jehovah saw that Leah was hated, he opened her Womb : but Rachael was barren. Ib. xxx. 22, And the Aleim remembred Rachael, and the Aleim hearkened to her, and opened her Womb. Sam. i. 19, And Elkanah knew Hannab his Wife, and Jehovah remembred her. -after Hannah had conceived that she bare a Son. i Sam. ii. 5, So that the barren hath born feven. Psal. cxiii. 9, Maketh the barren Woman - a joyful Mother of children. Gen. xlix. 25, Blesfings of the Breast, and of the Womb. Exod. xxiii. 26, There mall nothing call their Young, nor be barren in the Land. In the later Sense under the Word 700 Exod. xiii. 12. xxxiv. 19. Numb. xviii. 15. Thou shalt fet apart unto Jehovah all that openeth the Matrix, and every Firstling that cometh of a Beast which thou hast, the Males mall be the Lord's. And every Firstling of an Ass thou shalt redeem with a Lamb; and all the First-born of Man amongst thy Children, thou Malt redeem. Numb. iii. 12, viii. 16. The Levites were VOL. IV.



taken in Exchange for the First-born. Numb. xviii. 17. Deut. xv. 19. Firstlings of clean Beasts to be sacrificed. Levit. xii. each Woman after Delivery to acknowledge this by Sacrifice, &c. Ifai. xlvi. 3. Which are born by me from the Belly which are carried from the Womb. This shews why the First-born in Egypt, rather than others, were cut off.

בית הרן

M Entioned Numb. xxxii. 36. from


the Agent with Powers, which gives Conception, and the Power of giving Life to the Fætus, which the Air does not only to that of Man, but of Beast, Fowl, Insea, Fish, &c. To some call’d Viviparous in the Womb, and gives them Food by the Breasts of the Parents; to some calld Oviparous or in the Egg, whether where the Parents attend the Egg, and give the Young Food by their Mouths, or at Peril of their Lives carry them to proper Places and cover them, where the Air will hatch them, and where there will be Food for the Young, or leave them cover'd or naked for the Air to hatch without Defence or


Provision, as yob xxxix. 14. This Pow. er is reclaim'd, and this Blessing granted to superannuated, and to those which were barren, Gen. xi. 30, But Sarai was barren, she had no Child. Gen. xxi. 1, And Jehovah visited Sarah as he had said, and Jehovah did unto Sarah as he had spoken, and Sarah conceived and bare Abraham a Son in his old Age, at the set Time of which the Aleim had spoken unto him. Jud. xiii. 12, And his Wife was barren and bare not; And the Angel of the Lord appeard unto the Woman, and said unto her, behold now thou art barren and bearest not, but thou malt conceive and bear a Son. Ver. 24. And the Woman bare a Son. Ruth iv. 13, Jehovah gave her Conception, and she baré a Son. But most eminently Isai. vii. 14, Behold a Virgin Mall conceive. And by many other Words. The Heathens under several Attributes af cribed Generation, Conception, Production, Nourishment, &c. to this Machine, and the Powers in it, which operate to these and other Ends, and calld them Father, Mother, doc. fcr. ii. 27, Saying to a Stock' (the Representation of the Power) thou art my Father, and to a Stone, thou hast brought me forth. The Jeu's were directed to make no such Ac



knowledgements, those were due to the Jehovah Aleim, and all secondary Honour upon

those Accounts he transfer'd to each of their respective Fathers and Mothers, and the Children were to pay it to them, and upon Neglect or Refusal, he gave their Parents Power to disinherit, &c. and paying it to the others, was a Breach of the Purification, and a Forfeiture of the Land. Hence the fifth Command, Exod. xx. 12, Honour thy Father and thy Mother, that thy Days may be long in the Land, which Jehovah thy Aleim giveth thee.

As many have asserted that the Antients meant by noney at p. 46, and by ex at p. 48. What the later Heathens did by their terrestrial Venus, those who are of that Opinion may insert them here.



Ention'd Amos v. 26, and Acts

vii. 43, render'd perepair from ; to prepare the Parts, suit them to their proper Places, fix them which are to be fix'd, and have such as are to be moveable, ready where they are to act or shall be wanted. This is one of the most com


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