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prehensive Attributes, but lost in the Translation. Jehovah Aleim supersedes this by shewing, that he created, form'd and made 10 a Machine of the Names (to which they gave this Attribute) to act according to Rules, and prepared all other Matter, which they at first or since have acted upon. The Proportion of Air for Fire, Light, Spirit, to each other to make it a Machine, and to act upon other Things, of Stone to support this Shell, of Metals to Stone, of Water to terrestrial Matter, of the several sorts of vegetable and animal Matter, to reform and supply each Part of each, i Chron. xvi. 30. Psal. xcvi. 10, The World is framed it cannot fail. Jer. x. 12, li. 15, He hath establish the World by his Wisdom. Prov. iii. 19, He has framed the Airs by his Understanding. lb. viii. 27, When He prepared the

Āirs, I was there. Ifai. xl. 12, And proportion'd the Airs by the Span. Ver. 13, Who has prepared the Spirit of Jehovah. Prov. xvi. 2, Jehovah prepareth the Spirits. Psal. Ixxiv. 16, The Day is thine, the Night also is thine ; thou hast prepared the Instrument of Light, and the Light. Pfal. viii. 4, When I consider thy Heavens, the work of thy Fingers, the the Moon, and the Stars, which thou hast


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ordained. Pfal. cxix. 90, Thou hart framed the Earth, and it abideth, Ib. xxiv. 2, For He hath founded it upon the Seas, and framed it upon the Floods. Ib. ciy. 5, He hath founded the Earth upon its Supports. lb. lxxv. 4, I proportioned its Pillars. Ifai. xlv. 18, God himfelf that formed the Earth and made it, He has established it, He created it not in vain, He formed it to be inhabited. Pfal. Ixv. ?, Who framed the Mountains by his . Strength. Job. xxviii. 25; And proportioned the Waters by Measure. When He made a Decree for the Rain, and a Way for the Lightning of the Thundet, then did He fee it and declare it, He prepared it, yea, and searched it out. Pfal. cxlvii. 8, Who covereth the Heaven with Clouds, wko prepareth Rain for the Earth, who maketh Grass to grow upon the Mountains. Ib. Ixv. 9, Thou visiteft the Earth, and waterest it: thou greatly inrichest it with the River of God, which is full of Water : thou prepareft

. them Corn, which thou hast so provided for it. Ib. Ixviii. 9, Thou Aleim didft fend

a plentiful Rain, whereby thou didst confirm thine Inheritance when it was weary-I bou, O Aleim, haft prepared of thy Goodness for the Poor. Job. xxxviii. 41, Who prepared for the Raven his Food. But as this was an Object which they worshipped in the Wilderness, where they saw nothing prepar’d, they say of God, Pfal. Ixxviii. 20, Can he give Bread also ; can be provide Flesh for his People (which he did by Miracle) Ver. 24, And had rained down Manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the Corn of the Names. Ver. 27, He rained Fles also upon them as Duft, and feather'd Fowls like as the Sand of the Sea. And as God claims the Actions of this Machine of the Names from its first Formation upon the Parts of this System, so in Relation to this Class he also claims what they do in small or Microcosms, in forming Bodies in the Womb, in the same Sense. Deut. xxxii. 6, Is not be thy Father that hath bought thee? Hath' be not made thee, and established thee? Job. xxxi. 15, Did not be that made me in the Womb make him? And did not one fashion us in the Womb? Pfal. cxix. 73, Thy Hands hath made me and fashioned me. Prov. xxiv. 12, Doth not He who prepared the Heart underftand! So under other Words, Job. x. 8. doc. Pfal. cxxxix. 5, 14, &c. A City

, a .

.יכניה a Man ,מכנה was called

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את סכות מלככם

סכות בנות

Ention'd, the first Amos v. 26, the

second 2 Kings xvii. 30. Much has been said about these ; I can make nothing of the First Succoth relating to or to be given by any Power, becausc 'tis Plural and Feminine, so will not agree with King : It can signify nothing but the Tabernacles of your King, that is, one to each Image which they carry'd, whereby they represented the Confines of the Heavens, as C. p. 2522. 70“ Ar. The Air reaching to the Confines of the Heayen; Heaven itself,” and so belongs to 768. Indeed, as the Heavens was their Object of Worship, it seems pretty plain by Hints from the Heathens, that these Tabernacles were Representations of the Heavens or Names, and so were their Kings, &c. And 'tis likely the hollow Image which they call Moloch, and in which they tell us they burn'd their First-born, was in Imitation of the Heavens, Selden, of the Syrian Deities, “ According to Paulus Fagius, the Image of Moloch was hollow or concave, having seven Apartments of Spheres: They opened the Firīt, for the




offering of Flour or Meal; the Second, for Turtles ; the Third for a Sheep; the Fourth for a Ram ; the Fifth for a Calf; the Sixth for an Ox, for the Person who had a Mind to offer his Son, the Seventh Chamber or Sphere was opened *: The Face of this Idol was like the Face of a Calf: It's Hands being placed in a Manner fit to receive any thing from the By-standers, dc. While the Child was burning in the Idol, a Fire being kindled for that Purpose, they danced, beating Drums or Timbrels, that the Cries of the Child might not be heard. This he had from the Book Jalkut, whose Author is Rabbi Simeon. But R. Salamon upon Jer. vii. says, the Image was a Molten One. I am afraid the first Authors of the seven Conclaves or Spheres of Moloch will have much ado to make good that Affertion. Did they take it from the Rites of Mithras! For he had seven Gates sacred to him in Allusion to the Number of the

Plannets, * And this may serve to clear David of a piece of Cru. elty, charged upon him from 2 Sam. xii. 31. in burning some of the Ammonites in their 1252 Image of Moloch ; it being only sending their idolatrous Priests, or Ring-leaders in this Cruelty of burning Children as a Sacrifice to the Light, after their Sacrifices ; and it will clear the Translators of a piece of Nonsense, in making People pass through a Brick-kiln, which has no Passage thro' it.' The Jews for

. a kiln ; not right surely. See Jer. xliii. 9. There was hardly a Brick-kiln before á Palace. It was a Vestibule, or &6. it is likely.

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