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Planers, of which Celsus in Origin, p.5. faith, That Men, Women, and Boys, were sacrificed to him, as it is in the Life of A. thanasius in Photion, Cod. cclviii.” Tis likely these Spheres were within one another, as they are in the Heavens, and in their Emblem the Onion explain'd; and this Thews that Tophet, as I have explain'd it, was, the Sphere of the Sun, in which they burn'd their First-born.

I need not repeat how strong their Tradition was, that the Sacrifice of a First-born should redeem them, and that nothing less could have induced them to offer their molt beloved Off-spring. If I make the fee cond Succoth the Tabernacles, and Benoth of the Daughters, 'twould be only a Supposition that they evaded expressing the Attribute 'which gives the Daughters what they wanted. If I make it the Coverers, Protectrices of the Daughters, it would answer the Emblem they give us, a Hen and Chickens ; but that is an indeterminate Attribute. If it could be proved to be of the Signification of some which they put under the Root 703, it would express what the Daughters wanted. But if Succoth be Ta. bernacles in the Sense aforesaid, and muja be from na to build, so Plural 1) Builders; or, as they express'd the pro.


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duđive Powers Feminine, apply'd as it is to building Children; so the Agent with Powers which builds Children: 'Tis expressive. R.7733 Buxt. Lex. 12 " is a Son who is extructed or built up from the Cohabitation of a Man and Woman. It is also by Metaphor applied to Brutes.” Reclaim'd Gen. ii. 22, And Jehovah Aleim built the Rib, which he had taken out of the Man, into a Woman. So by other Words for the Brutes, Gen. i. 20. 24. Gen. xvi. 2, Go in unto my Maid, perhaps I shall be builded up by her. Ruth. iv. 11. Jehovah make the Woman that is come into thine House like Rachael, and like Leah, which two did build the House of Israel. So Deut. xxv. 9. So shall it be done unto that Man that will not build uphis Brother's House. Whether the Tabernacles for which this Word is us'd, in which the Ifraelites were ordered todwell, or those which were set up in the Temple. had any Reference to these, may be confider'd. It refers to that appointed for the Sabbath ; because the Business of that Day was to tonsider the Formation of that Tabernacle, the Heavens.

. 173. if it be of a Root with yo the Plafmator, belong to this Clafs, and ought also to be inserted here; and the latter Part of 91b n'y at p. 218. belongs to this place.

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.at p עצבים Perhaps


בית פלט

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Ention'd yof. xv. 26. The Word

expresses to deliver out of Danger, out of the Womb, or, br. In the latter Sense, 'tis here the Deliverer out of the Womb. Mich. vi, 14, And thou shalt take hold, but falt not deliver : and that which thoy deliverejt I will give to the Sword. So of Brutes, Job. xxi. 10, Their Cow calveth, and caftest not her Calf. As this the Word Peor, &c. are proper Attributes, but not proper Words for Birth; and as they had attributed this under proper Words, as above-cited. Jer. ii. 27. Saying-to a Stone (the Emblem) thou haft brought me forth. The Claims are under the Word 7, Qc. both for the Masculine Act of begetting, and the Feminine Act of bringing forth. Ezek. xvi. 20, Thou haft taken thy Sons and thy Daughters, whom thou hast born unto me, and these halt thou sacrificed unto them to be devoured: Is this of thy Whoredoms a small Matter, that thou hast sain my Children, and delivered them to cause them to pass through the Fire for them, &c. Ib. xxiii. 37, That they have committed Adultery, and Blood is in their Hands, and with their Idols have they committed


Adultery, and have also caused their Sons, whom they bare unto me, to pass for them through the Fire to devour them. The Heavens, &c. are claimed by this Attribute. Gen. ii. 4, These are the Generations of the Heavens, and of the Earth, when they were created : In the Day that Jehovah Aleim made the Earth and the Heavens.- So Job xxxviii. 28, Who has begotten

the Drops of the Dew. The hoary Frost of Heaven, who hath gender'd it? Pfal. xc. 2, Before the Mountains were brought forth, &c. thou art Aleim. In other Words he clainis the first Productions ; Gen. i. II. Let the Earth bring forth Grafs, &c. Ver. 20, And the Aleim Said, Let the Waters bring forth-Ver 24. Let the Earth bring forth the living Creature, &c.And left these Precepts should be mistaken, He says, Ver. 25. and the Aleim made the Beast of the Earth after his Kind, and Cattle after their Kind, and every Thing that creepeth upon the Earth after his Kind. Cap. ii. 19, And out of the Ground Jehovah Aleim formed every Beast of the Field, and every Fowl of the Air. Pfal. lxxi. 6, Thou art he that took me out of my Mother's Bowels. The Claims of Deliverance from Danger under this Attribute are many, and Atrong, of which in its Place.



בעל המון

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that in which there is a Multitude, and so which gives Power to, or makes to multiply in Number, to augment to a vast Quantity, and is the Agent with those Powers which enables People, and other Animals, by Copulation, by ejecting the Milt upon or into the Spawn, or Eggs, to procreate, bring forth, hatch, bc. and so to multiply, God grants this to Abraham, Gen. xvii. 4, Thou falt be a Father of a Multitude of Nations, for a Father of many

Nations have I made thee. So in other Words Isaac to Jacob, Gen. xxii. 3, And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a Multitude (an Assembly) of People : And give thee the Blefing of Abraham to thee, &c. To the whole Race of Man by another Word, Gen. i. 28, And the Aleim blessed them, and the Aleim said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply. Gen. ix. 1, And the Aleim blessed Noah and his Sons, and said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply. Ver. 7, And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply, and

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