High-Performance Apparel: Materials, Development, and Applications

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John McLoughlin, Tasneem Sabir
Woodhead Publishing, Set 18, 2017 - 504 mga pahina

High-Performance Apparel: Materials, Development, and Applications covers the materials and techniques used in creating high-performance apparel, the technical aspects of developing high-performance garments, and an array of applications for high-performance clothing and wearable technology.

Part One covers fabric construction for high-performance garments, from fiber types and spinning methods, to weaving, knitting, finishing, and joining techniques. Development of high-performance apparel is covered in Part Two, with particular emphasis on design and product development for function and wearer comfort. Part Three covers a range of applications and wearable technology that make use of high-performance apparel, including chapters on sportswear, protective clothing, and medical, military, and intelligent textiles.

The book provides an excellent resource for all those engaged in garment development and production, and for academics engaged in research into apparel technology and textile science.

  • Offers a range of perspectives on high-performance apparel from an international team of authors with diverse expertise
  • Provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of the topic from fabric construction, through apparel design and development, to the range of current and potential applications
  • Presents an excellent resource for all those engaged in garment development and production, and for academics engaged in research

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HighPerformance Fabric Materials and Manufacture
Blueprint for HighPerformance Apparel
Applications of HighPerformance Apparel and Wearable Technology
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Tungkol sa may-akda (2017)

Dr John McLoughlin has 40 years’ experience in the textiles industry. As the founder and managing director of consultancy firm JM Associates, he provides technical, quality assurance management and system-building services to the textiles industry, and has worked with high-profile clients including Matalan and Asda. Dr McLoughlin has also been a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2006.

Dr Tasneem Sabir is a Senior Lecturer in Textile Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. As a member of the Hollings Textile Research Team, Dr Sabir supports research and enterprise in areas of material science, plasma proceses, textile testing, quality management, colour science and transdermal delivery systems for medical applications. Dr Saber has delivered specialised courses for industry in areas of product development, specifications to determine quality and fabric and apparel performance testing.

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