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Form of Donation or Nomination to a Church or Chapel, that is Donative and exempt from Epifcopal Jurifdiction.

To O all Chriftian people to whom thefe prefents fhall come, A. B. of C. in the county of D. Efq. Lord of the Manor of E. in the county aforefaid, greeting: Whereas the church or chapel of T. in the county of is

now void by the natural death of 7. S. the last Incumbent there, and doth of right belong to my gift or donation; Know ye, that I the faid A. B. have not only given and granted the faid church or chapel of T. with all its rights and appurtenances, unto my beloved in Chrift J. S. Clerk, M. A. of whofe probity and learning I am well fatisfied, but also, by virtue of these presents, do induct him the faid J. S. into the corporal poffeffion of the faid church or chapel, with its rights and appurtenances, as aforefaid. In witnefs, &c.

N. B. That the Clerk in this cafe is to subscribe and take the oaths before his Patron.

Another Form of Donation to a Chapel.

To the Right Reverend Father in God



A. B. of &c. fendeth greeting. (the donative or curacy) of

and diocese of

Whereas the free chapel in the county of is now void by the death of T. S. the laft Incumbent there, and doth of right belong to my gift or donation: These are humbly to certify your Lordship, that I do nominate A. M. to be Curate of the faid free chapel of humbly befeeching your Lordship to grant him your licence for ferving the faid cure. In witness whereof, &c.


Rules and Orders for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy, by the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.

1. THAT the augmentations to be made by the faid Corporation fhall be by the way of purchase, and not by the way of penfion.

2. That the ftated fum to be allowed to each cure which shall be augmented be 200l. to be invested in a purchase, at the expence of the Corporation.

3. That the Governors fhall begin with augmenting those cures that do not exceed the value of 10l. per ann. and fhall augment no other, till thofe have all received our bounty of 2001. except in the cases, and according to the limitations hereafter named.

4. That in order to encourage benefactions from others, and thereby the fooner to complete the good that was intended by our bounty, the Governors may give the faid fum of 200l. to cures not exceeding 60l. per annum, where any perfons will give the fame, or greater fum, or value in lands or tithes.

5. That the Governors fhall every year, between Christmas and Eafter, cause the account of what money they have to diftribute that year to be audited; and when they know the fum, public notice fhall be given in the Gazette, or fuch other way as fhall be judged proper, that they have fuch a fum to diftribute in fo many fhares; and that they will be ready to apply those shares to fuch cures as want the fame, and are by the rules of the Corporation qualified to receive them, where any perfons will add the like or greater fum to it, or the value in lands or tithes, for any fuch particular cure.

6. That if feveral benefactors offer themselves, the Governors fhall firft comply with thofe that offer most.

7. Where the fums offered by other benefactors are equal, the Governors fhall always prefer the poorer living. 8. Where the cures to be augmented are of equal value, and the benefactions offered by others are equal, there they fhall be preferred that first offer.

9. Provided nevertheless, that the preference fhall be


Thirty-five pounds in the first rules.


fo far given to cures not exceeding 10l. per annum, that the Governors fhall not apply above two third parts of the money they have to distribute that year to cures exceeding that value.

10. Where the Governors have expected till Michaelmas what benefactors will offer themselves, then no more proposals fhall be received for that year; but if any money remain after that to be difpofed of, in the first place, two or more of the cures in the gift of the Crown, not exceeding 10l. per annum, fhall be chofen by lot, to be augmented preferably to all others: the precife number of these to be fettled by a general Court, when an exact lift of them fhall be brought in to the Governors.

II. As for what fhall remain of the money to be difposed of after that, a lift shall be taken of all the cures in the Church of England, not exceeding ten pounds per annum ; and fo many of them be chofen by lot, as there fhall remain fums of 2001. for their augmentation.

12. When all the cures not exceeding 10l. per annum fhall be fo augmented, the Governors fhall then proceed to augment those of greater value, according to fuch rules as fhall at any time hereafter be proposed by them, and approved of by us, our heirs or fucceffors, under our or their great feal.

13. That all charitable gifts, in real or perfonal eftates, made to the Corporation, fhall be ftrictly applied, according to the particular direction of the donor or donors thereof, where the donor fhall give particular direction for the difpofition thereof: and where the gift shall be generally to the Corporation, without any fuch particular direction, the fame fhall be applied as the rest of the fund or ftock of the Corporation is to be applied.

14. That a book fhall be kept, wherein fhall be entered all the fubfcriptions, contributions, gifts, devifes, or appointments, made, or given, of any monies, or of any real or perfonal estate whatsoever, to the charity mentioned in the charter, and the names of the donors thereof, with the particulars of the matters fo given; the fame book to be kept by the Secretary of the Corporation.

15. That a memorial of the benefactions and augmentations made to each cure fhall, at the charge of the Corporation, be fet up in writing on a ftone, to be fixed in the church of the cure fo to be increased, there to remain in perpetual memory thereof.

One third in the first rules.

Y 2

16. When

16. When the Treasurer fhall have received any fum of money for the ufe of the Corporation, he fhall, at the next general Court to be holden after fuch receipt, lay an account thereof before the Governors, who may order and direct the fame to be placed out for the improvement thereof, upon fome public fund or other fecurity, till they have an opportunity of laying it out in proper purchases for the augmentation of cures.

17. That the Treafurer do account annually before fuch a committee of the Governors, as fhall be appointed by a general Court of the faid Corporation, who fhall audit and state the fame; and the faid account shall be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose, and shall be laid before the next general Court after fuch ftating; the fame to be there re-examined and determined.

18. The perfons whofe cures fhall be augmented shall pay no manner of fee or gratification to any of the officers or fervants of this Corporation.

Note, if a living of fmall value be augmented by way of private benefaction, as above, which living by fuch augmentation is not advanced fo as to exceed the clear yearly value of 60l. the fame living is capable of another augmentation, if 2001. more be offered after fuch augmentation.

Livings not exceeding 30l. per annum certified value with the addition of augmentations by the Governors are now augmentable by lot.

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Art. refers to the 39 Articles, } by their respective Numbers.

Can. to the 141 Canons,


Statute or Act of Parliament.


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ABJURATION, fee Oaths.

Abode, Place of

Account of Churchwardens, Can. 89.

of repairs of Parfonage Houfe, &c.

Acknowledgment of Uniformity, &c. by Minifter
Act of Court, Can. 123.

Acts of Parliament:

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25. Hen. viii. c. 16. Pluralities; Chaplains
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Subscription; Ordination
Leafes (Repealed)
























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