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Bride adorned for her Husband. And if we but a lit-
tle consider what Nation is meant in Scripture, by the Wife of
the Lamb, we shall not be able to deny that the New Ferufalem.
must belong to the same Ştate. But that this State is the same
with that of the Binding of Satan, and of the Reign of the Saints for
a 1000 years, after the first Refurrection; or at least Contempo-
rary with it, is thus prov'd:

1. At the Destruction of Babylon we are directly told that the Marriage of the Lamb is come, and that her Wife ball made Apoc. xix.7. her self ready. And after the Destruction of the two Beasts, Apoe vix. & which is Contemporary with Babylon's Destruction, or rather xx. the same thing, immediately follows the Binding of Satan, and the beginning of the Millennium: so that these two States • plainly begin together.

2. Upon the loosing of Gog and Magog after the end of the Millennium, they immediately encompass, or Besiege the Camp Apoc. XX. 9. of the Saints, and the beloved City, i. e. the New Jerufalem, till fire descends ont of Heaven from God and devours them. So that these two States end together also ; and therefore upon the whole, are intirely Contemporary.

That these two States immediately succeed the Sealid Book, and Open Codicil, or are to begin just after the Destruction of Babylon, and of the two Beasts, appears because,

i. These Contemporary States follow those beforemention'd Apoc. xix. & immediately, as we have seen in the Order of the Narration ofSt. xx. John; and therefore,fince no otherCharacters perswade the contrary, are to be suppos'd to follow in the Order of the Event also.

2. These Contemporary States could not come sooner than this Destruction of Babylon, and of the two Beasts; because Satan, or the Great Dragon was till now so far from being intirely Bound, or Chain'd up from deceiving the Nations, as he Apoc. XX. 3. was to be during the Millennium, that He it was who gave to the firft Beast bis Power, and his Seat, and that great Authority, by Chap. xiij. 2. which the World was so long Ensay'd and Deceiv'd and Impos'd upon. And during the same Interval it was that God sent upon Men that Efficacy of Error or Deceit, 'Erépz6581 wiáons which a Thes. ij. 11. was to continue during that whole Interval.

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3. These Contemporary States could not come later than we

have assign'd, because the Second Refurrection, the General JudoApoc. XX. 11, ment, and the Consummation of all things are then come; and

fo put an intire Period to this Prophecy, and to the present Ages of the World at the same time. So that upon the whole, since these States can neither come sooner nor later than is here aflerted, they must belong to this Time, that is, to the Interval after the Destruction of Babylon, and of the two Beasts; from the first to the second Resurrection.

But because these Glorious States whereof the Scripture fpeaks so often, and so magnificently, are wholly future, and therefore beyond the proper bounds of our present Enquiry, I shall content my self with these short Hints, and wave any farther more particular Discourse about them; and so leave the more full Explication of these Prophecies of things so remote from our times, to those whom God shall hereafter stir up to enquire into them, and explain them.

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III שני אלפים מוהי:שני איפיס

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תורה :שני אלפים ימותהמשיח

Menses XLII.

nporis; sive Dies MCCL

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ON THE Revelation of Saint John.


SOR, A short View of the Prophecies contain'd in the

- SEALED BOOK. Aving already laid down and establish'd the principal Foundations necessary to be known, before we can at all understand the particular Prophecies of this Book;

and having withal lettI'd the Order and Series of all its Visions from Characters fetch'd only from the Book it self, or from the parallel Book of Daniel, without any dependance on particular Hypotheses and Applications; (which indeed ought not to be at allallow'd any place there;) I am prepar'd to attempt a Short View of the Visions and Prophecies them. selves. But before I proceed, the Reader must give me leave to say somewhat more about that grand Rule of Interpretation just now hinted, which is of so great Importance to the right understanding of this Book; and the Neglect whereof I look upon to have been the general occasion of almost all the Errors of Expositors one way or other : I mean, That the Order of all the Visions is to be wholly taken from intrinfick Chara&ers in the Book it felf, and not at all to be conform’d to any.


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