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do Romanus dicitur, memoratur : In nomine Christi Spondeo ai. que polliceor ego N. Imperator coram Deo e Beato Petro A. postoto me proiectorem ac defenforem fore hujus sanctæ Romane Ecclefiæ in omnibus utilitaribus, quatenus divino fultus fuero adjutorio, prout sciero poteroque. Upon the whole it seems to me very plain that the Empire of Germany, and that alone, can

be that Image of the Beast here refer'd to : and not to mention See also. Mr. Ga:tci's Dif- others, upoo enquiry I find, that Limborch a famous Divine course concer. among the Remonstrants of late, and the Lord Napier of Old, ning Antichrist inclin'd to the same Opinion : with whose words I shall conclude p. 398 &c. this Vision, Limborch's words are these ; Per hanc autem Ima. Theolog. ginem, intelligere poffumus Imperium Germanicum ; quod prioris, Chriít. l. 7. Romani nimirum, Imago tantum eft. Hanc ut faciant dicie C. 11. 5. 16. rur prior Bestia habitatoribus Terre dixisse : quia Pontifex illius

constituendi autor fuit. And the Lord Napier's words are these La Locum.

that follow. “ The other sort were the New Emperors call’d
“the Emperors of Germany and Romans; of whom Charlemani
« was the first. These also were but a figure of the first Old
“Empire, and were but only Roman Emperors in Name;
“ neither of their ancient blood, neither having such Authority
“as they. These did the Pope Crown and Inaugurate, as Em-
" perors, or rather as Images of the first Empire. These in-
“spir'd he with the Spirit of his Errors, and made them to
"speak as he willed them: and then confirmed he their
“ Empire, and proclaimed them Emperors, and caused all
“ Men to Reverence them, as is said in the Text.

Corollary. Since we have above mew'd that the particular Time of the Rise of this Image of the Beast is no where de. termin'd in the Revelation ; but only in general that he was to Arise a considerable time after the two Beasts, and to continue beyond the date of their Reign, till near their final destruction; ..we cannot here any more particularly compare his Epocha And Duration with History, nor define the exact time of his deftru. stion.


The Double Prophecy of the State of the Unde

filed under Antichrist.


Large Account. : Short Account.

A poc. vij. 1—8. Apoc. xiv. 1.-5. TAND after these things, I saw four A Nd I looked, and

11 angels standing on the four corners lo, a lambstood of the earth, holding the four winds of the on the mount Sion,and earth that the wind Mould not blow on the with him an hundred earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. · fourty and four thou

2. And I saw another angel ascending Sand, having his name, from t the east, having the seal of the live and his Fathers name ing God: and he cryed with a loud voice to written in their force the four angels, to whom it was given to heads. burt the earth and the sea.

2. And I heard a 3. Saging, Hurt not the earth, neither voice from heaven, the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the as the voice of many servants of our God in their foreheads. waters, and as the

4. And I heard the number of them voice of a groat thun. which were sealed, an hundred and fourty der : and I heard the and four thousand of all the Tribes of the voice of harpers harpchildren of Israel.

ing with their barps : 5. Of the tribe of Judah were sealed 3. And they sung as twelve thousand.

it were a new song beOf the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve fore the throne , and thousand.

before the four aniOf the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thou. mals, and the elders: Jand.

and no man could

+ Qui Baprizabantur ftabant ad Orientem conversi; atque inde sigillum Dei accipiebant. Med. Comment. Apoc.p. 563. Marg.

6. Of the tribe of Afer were realed learn that song but the twelve i houfand.

hundred and fourty Of the tribe of Nephilalim were sealed and four thousand twelve thousand.

which were redeemed Of the tribe of Manafes were sealed from the earıb. twelve thousand.

4. Theje are they 7. Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed which were not defiled twelve thousand.

with women, for they Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve are virgins : these are thousand.

they that follow the Of the tribe of Ifachar were sealed twelve Lamb whither foever thousand.

he goeth: these were 8. Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed redeemed from among twelve thousand.

mer, being the first Of the tribe of Foseph were sealed twelve fruits unto God, and thousand.

to the Lamb. of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed 5. And in their twelve thousand.

mouih was found no guile ; for they are

without fault before

- the throne of God. In this first Period of the double Prophecy before us, we have an exact account taken of the number of the pure Worshippers of the Lamb, the true Israel of God; being 144000 in num. ber; distinguill'd into twelve Tribes; and built on the Foundation of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb. And this account is taken before the beginning of the Trumpets, in or. der to distinguish them from the Worshippers of the Beast; and that they may be taken care of, and secur'd from the Evils of the Trumpets; or however be enrol'd in a lasting Record, in order to their receiving a particular reward for their sufferings afterward. And 'tis here observable that this Catalogue is primarily taken in the Larger Account of the Sealed Book, before the beginning of the Trumpets, as the first time of their distin. Aion from the rest of the World: But in the Shorter Account of the Open Codicil, which begins all its Contemporary Visions of the Antichristian State of the Church some time after the beginning of the Trumpets, we find the 144000 Undefild ones

See Ezek.ix. 1-7. .

already, by heads, for so the Alexawith an Heavenly

We here andular and unufuaind Protector.
indeed can ach may be nothing

introduc'd as then actually in being, and distinguish'd from the rest already, by having the Lambs name, and his Fathers name written in their foreheads, for so the Alexandrian MS. hasit ; and then standing on Mount Sion,and joining with an Heavenly Chorusin Hymns of Praise to God their Redeemer and Protector.

Asto the reason of that peculiar and unusual order of the Tribes, which we here find, I have nothing to add to Mr. wedes Conjecture, which may be seen at large in his

P. 564.&c. Commentary : nor indeed can much depend even on that: and" so I shall wave that matter, as not of any great importance in our present design. But then as to the meaning of these 144000 pure Worshippers, 'tis very easily apply'd to History: They plainly referring to those fewer, and less observ'd Remnant of true Ifraelites, that, as the 7000 in the days of Elijah, never I King xix. 18. bowed their knee to Baal, nor comply'd with the Idolatries and Corruptions of those Antichristian Ages they liv'd in. But in opposition to the Followers of the Beast, who had his mark in their foreheads, or in their right hands, have their heavenly Faa Apoc. xiij. 16. thers and the Lambs name written in ebeir foreheads. They sing a New Song, ora Christian Hymn to their only Mediator; and such a Song as the Worshippers of the Beast cannot learn; 'be. cause they have been us'd to join abundance of Saints, Angels, and Martyrs with their Saviour in their Adorations. They are not defiled with women, but are pure Virgins ; untainted with all kinds of Spiritual Whoredom and Fornication, with which the rest of the World are so horribly polluted. They follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, through Prosperity and Adversity; in times of Peace, and in times of Persecution; being resolv'd on a strie and universal Submission to, and Imitation of him, They are first fruits to God and the Lamb under Antichrist; as being Forerupners of that more plentiful Harvest of pure WorTippers which succeeds in the next Stage of this double Prophecy; in comparison of whom they are like the first fruits to the Harvest, but an inconsiderable number; and are accordingly particularly numbred in this place. But notwithstanding their paucity, yet, because they are intirely innocentin that fundamental Sin of Antichrist, Idolatry, which had so wholly overspread the rest of the World; and are therefore look'd on

as without fault before God, a particular notice is taken of them, and a mighty Care and Providence exercis'd towards them for their Preservation and Continuance. In short, these are those brave Persons, many of which are nam'd in our Histories of the

paft Ages, who all along before the Reformation oppos'd che Vid. Flacii Il

increasing Corruptions of the Church of Rome, complain'd still lyrici Cata

um of its Idolatry and Usurpations, and kept their own ConscienVeritatis.

ces and Practices pure and untainted, even at the peril of all they had in this World, and frequently to the loss of their own Lives. And to name no others at present, the Followers of Wickliff in England, and of Hufs, and Ferom of Pragne in Bohemia, were eminent branches of this noble Company, and noted Firstfruits to God and the Lamb before the Preaching of Luther, and that larger Reformation then spread thro' most of the Countries of Europe ; of which by and by under the next particular.

Corollary 1. Since in this first branch of this double Prophecy, we not only find the whole sum of the Chiliads to be the fquare of 12. är 144. with a plain reference to the 12 Tribes of the Children of Ifrael; or rather to the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; wbich number had been originally choren in correspondence to to 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel; But we also find that the number of every Tribe is diftin&tly fet down to be 12000 alfo; we may bencé conječture at the reason of this unusual Repetition : It thereby ftill more evidentby appearing that a relation is all along had to our blessed Savior and bis Apoftles. These Multitudes not only having every one the name of the Father, and of the Lamb written in their foreheads; but every Tribe having just so many thomlands as there were Apoftles of the Lamb also.

Coroilary 2. Since we have only the time for the commencement of the Period of these 144000 in this Prophecy, viz. The beginning of the Trumpers A.D.376. or at least the beginning of the Antichristian time in the next Century; and no intimation of itsduration,we must be content to fix the Conclufion by orher Characters;or rather to fuppose this Stare of the Undefild to continue till the next State does commence ; which next Stare, as we shall see prefently, belonging to the Protestant Reformation, the moft remarkable Event of the Chriftian Church fince the days of Conftantine, at once fecures the end of this, and the beginning of that Period.


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