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of Life: and the dead were judged ont of those things which were written in the Books, according to their works. And the Sea gave up the dead which were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every man according to their works. And Death and Hades were cast into the Lake of Fire; this is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life, was cast into the Lake of Fire.

Corollary. Hence we may observe the great Error of those who would apply all the Revelation to the most early Ages of the Church; and of those who would apply it all to the latest Ages of it: and that commonly on both sides in order to the excusing the past and present Ages from being concern'd; it being equally plain that both sides are alike mistaken, and are alike remote from the true meaning of this Book.

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The general Partition of the Prophetick part of

this Book of the Revelation, is into Two main . Branches; the former contain'd in a Sealed Book, and the latter in an Open Codicil. The former including Seven Seals, or Sealed and hidden Pro. phecies; the latter containing several Open and clear ones.

This general Partition of the Book of the Revelations seems to me evident by the Comparison of the fifth and tenth Chapters together; so far as they relate to this Matter : which therefore I shall first intirely set down, and then endeavour to explain and illustrate more particularly.


Sealed Book.

Open Codicil.

CHAP. X. AND I saw in the right hand AND I saw another strong <? Of bim that fat on the throne, < + Angel come down from a Book written within; and on the Heaven, clothed with a Cloud, back-side sealed with seven Seals. and a Rainbow was upon his

2. And I saw a strong Angel Head, and his Face was as it proclaiming with a loud voice, were the Sun, and bis Feet as Who is worthy to open the Book, Pillars of Fire. and to loose the Seals thereof?

3. And no man in Heaven, 2. And he had in his right nor in Earth, neither under the band a little Book open : and Earth, was able to open the he fet his right foot upon the Book, neither to look thereon. Sea, and his left foot on the

4. And I wept much because | Earth. no man was found worthy to open, and to read the Book, nei- 3. And cried with a loud ther to look thereon... Voice, as when a Lion roarech:

5. And one of the Elders and when he had cried, see Saith unto me, Weep not : behold ven Thunders uttered their voi. the Lyon of the Tribe of Judah,

ces. and the root of David hath prevailed to open the Book, and to 1 8. And the Voice which I loose the seven Seals thereof. heard from Heaven Spake une

6. And I beheld, and lo, in to me again, and said, Go, and the midst of the Throne, and of take the little Book that is open the four Animals, and in the in the hand of the Angel which, midst of the Elders stood a Lamb, tandeth upon the Sea, and upas it had been pain, having on the Earth. seven Horns, and seven Eye's, which are the seven Spirits of God 9. And I went unto the An. Sent forth into all the Earth. gel, and said unto bim, Give

7. And he came and took the me the little Book. And he said Book out of the right hand of unto me, Take it, and eat it up, bim that sat upon the Throne :, and it mall make thy Belly bit.

8. And when he had taken, ter, but it all be in thy Mouth the Book, the four Animals, und veet as honey. four and twenty Elders fell down before the Lamb, having every 10. And I took the little one of them Harps and golden Book out of the Angels hand, Vials full of Odours, which are and ate it up; and it was in the Prayers of Saints. my Mouth siveet as honey, and

9. And they sung a new Song, assoon as I had eaten it, my Sazing, Thou art worthy to take Belly was bitter. the book, and to open the Seals thereof : for thou wast pain, and II. And he said unto me, haft redeemed us to God by thy Thou must prophecy again beblood out of every Kindred, and fore many people, and Nations, Tongue,and People, and Nation; and Tongues, and Kings.

10. And haft made us unto our God, Kings and Priests: and we mall reign on the Earth.

This general Partition of the Prophetick part of the Book of the Revelation has been in some Degree distinguish'd and stated by Mr. Mede, and it is commonly allow'd by the rest that follow him in general. But because they have not enough examin'd into the true Import of these cwo distinct Systems of Prophecy; nor, I think; rightly stated their proper Limits, Object, and Difference in particular; I shall attempt to supply those Defects, and to thew the exact bounds of each System, the reason of their distinction, and the abject to which they relate, under the following Observations: which will particularly deserve the Readers careful Consideration; since the mistakes hereto belonging seem to me to have been a great occasion, why not a few Visions have been hi. therto misunderstood by even Mr. Mede himself, and the best Commentators who have followed him.

1. The Sealed Book, Bibaion so peggio prévor oparbos šali, contains the seven Seals; and by consequence the seven Trum-, pets, which are the Contents of the seventh Seal; and the seven Vials, which (as shall be prov'd hereafter) are the Contents of the seventh Trumpet; and seven 'Thunders also, which


may be callid an Appendage to the sixth Trumpet. In short it contains all the Prophetick Visions that go successively by Sevens; the seven Seals, seven Trumpets, seven Thunders, and feven Vials. And collaterally with the seven Trumpets this Sealed Book contains withal a large account of the state of the andefiled Worshippers of God, during all that Period of the Trumpets; with the Exposition of the Prophecy concerning the Whore of Babylon. This I take to be the Contents of the Sealed Book, whose Apparatus is contain'd in the 4 and 5th, and it self in the 6, 7, 8, 9th, part of the roth, and in the 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19th Chapters of this Book. And tho' the remainder of the Prophecy may properly enough be reduc'd to the same Sealed Book; yet because it is beyond the Period of the Seals, I would rather call it an Appendix to the Sealed Book, than any part of the Book it self; and conclude the Sealed Book, in a strict Signification, at the end of the 19th Chapter : which looks most naturally like a Conclusion of it.

2. The Open Codicil, or Little Book, Bobaveider 'Arswypektor, includes these several Prophecies or distinct Visions. (1.) That of the two Courts of the Temple. (2.) That of the two Witnesses; with a remarkable insertion concerning the general importance of the seventh Trumpet, and its sudden succeeding to che ascension of the Witnesses, for the connexion of the Visions in this Open Codicil with those in the Sealed Book. (3.) That of the Woman, with Child, and after her delivery nourished in the Wilderness. (4.) That of the Beast with seven Heads and ten Horns. (5.) That of another twohorned Beast, like a Lamb. (6.) That of an Image of the Beast. To all which is added a smort Account or Epitome of the State of the Undefiled, running parallel with the several Stages of this Codicil, and exactly corresponding with the larger Account of the same in the Sealed Book, of which we have already made mention, as will appear hereafter.

These I take to be the only Contents of this Open Codici), and to be contain'd wholly in' part of the poth, which is its Apparatus, and in the 11, 12, 13, and 14th Chapters of this Prophecy.

3. The general reason of this partition of the several Vi. fions into two such distinct and collateral Branches or Systems, as the Sealed Book and Open Codicil are, seems to me like that of different Chronological Series, for the different King. doms of the World in a general View of that Science ; or rather like the different Series of the Four Gospels in the Harmonies of the Evangelists. That so collateral Prophecies which beJong'd to the same times, might more distinctly and undi. sturbedly be continued down together, from the same general Epocha, to the fame general Conclusion, i.e. from Christ's first to his second coming: or, more exactly, from the seeing of these Visions by St. John, at the end of Domitians Reign, till the general Judgment. And the same is in good measure to be said of the several kinds of the Visions in the Open Codicil, · which commonly relate to the same times, but to different events and things therein ; and are therefore represented in fo many different ways to prevent Confusion, and to distin. guish carefully between contemporary States of Things, which are in themselves really different.

4. The reason why the former is called B.Baior, and the latter B.Orceidior. The one a Book, or Codex ; the other, a little Book, or Codicil; is plain in it self : because the former is really near thrice as large as the latter, as we have already seen. And this certainly is a sufficient obvious and evident reason; and yet, by what unhappy fate I know not, it has not, I think, been taken notice of by any: No not by Mr. Mede himself, or his Followers. Nay, what is more strange, as we Thall fee hereafter, His and Others placing of the Vials, and their Interpretations of them also depends very much on the contrary Supposition : and imply that the Bobaveidon is larger than the B.bior, or the small Codicil bigger than that Codex to which it is annex'd; which certainly is not a little unaccountable.

5. The reason why the former is stild a Sealed Book, and the See Jurieu.l. 1.

"other an Open Book, seems also pretty evident in the Contents 6.4. & 8.

of each of them. For as the Sealed Book has none of its ProApoc. ch. xvij. phecies explained to us, as the Open One has : So the Contents of the Sealed Book are much obscurer, and more difficult than


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