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those in the Open One;'as 'tis easy to see upon the Parallel. And this is agreeable to Dr. Allix's opinion, who believes the Sealed Book to be so callid, because it contained things that had been foretold, but had been so obscurely spoken, that they could not be understood but by the help of a new Revelation. But the chief Circumstances of that kind which distinguish the Sealed Book from the Open Codicil, and give the fullest account of the reason why the one is stiled a Sealed Book, and the other an Open One , are the exact duration's of the several Visions distinctly set down and connected together in the Open Codicil; but either wholly omitted, or at least not connected together in the Sealed Book. Thus in the Sealed Book we find no other durations of any of its Judgments and Visions, but that the Locults should continue to torment Men Apoc.ix.5, ro. five months, and this twice set down; and that the four Angels were let loose from Euphrates to slay the third part of Men for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year; where Ver, 19. still there is a great obscurity in that there is no Connexion express'd between one Duration and another: Thus, if the five months twice set down be taken, as I think they may well be, separately; we have yet no hint that the one ends, when the other begios; or how long an interval was to be between them: Neither is there any hint, that the commencing of the bour, and day, and month, and year, is to be at the conclusion of the latter of the fore-mentioned Numbers ; nor that the Trumpet, to which they belong, should begin and end with that Duration. This Darkness and Obscurity there is in the Numbers of the fifth and sixth Trumpet, which are the only ones through all the Sevens, the Seals, Trumpets, Thunders, and Vials, that have any Numbers belonging to them at all : And if those be still so obscure, what degree of Obscurity must the rest be suppos’d to have as to this matter; which have not a syllable of the Dates, and the Durations of each Interval ? and therefore how agreeably may this be called a Book Sealed ? But then if we come to the Open Codicil, we find the case quite different, and the Date and Duration of each Vision is almost always included therein; frequently in express Numbers; and, when not so, in clear Types implying them :. and


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all usually so exactly connected together, that the intire Du. ration, both of the feveral Parts, and of the whole Series, may be readily understood. Thus the first Prophecy in this Open Codicil, of the two States of the Church reprefen: ted by the Two Courts of the Temple, determins both their Durations; the One by an explicit Number; and the Other

by an easy Type : For the Outer Court is expressly faid to be Apoc. xi. 2. given to the Gentiles, to be troden under foot by them 42 months; See Prop. 13. and the Inner Court being to the Oucer, as 12 to 42 ; the Ininfra. ner by Analogy to the Outer, will probably contain 12

months : and so the Inner Court will relare to a pure State of the Church, during 360 years; and the Outer to the Antichristian State of 1200 years afterward. Thus the second Prophecy in this Open Codicil, of the two Witnesses prophecying in Jackcloth, dire&ly tells us they were to do so for 1200 days. Or that those two Eminent Bodies of Men, who publickly bear their Teftimony against the Antichriftian Worship, thould do so in a low and afflicted condition for 1200 years together; s.c.du

ring its incire duration, as we shall see prefently. Thus the third Apoc. xij. 6. Prophecy in this Open Codicil of the Woman, first with Child, and

after the Child's birth nourish'd in the Wilderness, includes both Periods; and by the Type of a Woman with Child, intimates the former State to be 40 weeks, or z 80 days; and by express words affures us, the latter is to be rz60 days. So that here we have the State of the Primitive Church struggling to feccle Christianity in the Throne of the Roman Empire for 280 years; and the same Christian Church driven into the defert, and nourish'd there by Providence in obfcurity and af. fiction for 1200 years together, some time afterwards : 1.c. again, during the whole Tyranny of the Antichristian Powers. Thus the fourth Prophecy in this Open Codicil of the Tyranny of

the Beast with feven heads and ten horns, shews ics Duration by Apoc. xiij. 5o an exprefs Number; 'assuring us, that He is to make war with the

Saints, and to prevail against them for 42 months; or the very fame Duration we have often mention'd already : Shewing, chat the Over-bearing and Antichristian Tyranny of the 10 Idolatrous Kingdoms of the Roman Empire over the Church, was to last 1200 years. The fifth Prophecy in the


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seat or fallo Antichrifis intimate

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Open Codicil of the Two-borned Beast, or False Prophet, has not indeed any Numbers or Types in it. But the reason is plain, that it needed none; not so much because he is describ'd Ver. 12, nc. & as a mighty Companion of the former Beast, that the fame Chap. xix. 20. Numbers might seem fufficient for both; As, because his Du ration had been already stated by Daniel at a time, times, and Dan. vij. 25. A division of time, or at three Prophetick years and a month. For we shall show hereafter, that Daniel's Little Horn is the Lem. 10. iafra. same with this second Beast or false Prophet in St. John. So that we plainly fee, that the Duration of the Antichristian Dominion of the first Beast is 1260 years,as well as that of his intimate Friend the second Beast 1110 years. The fixth Prophecy in the Open Codicil of the image of the Beast (if it may not rather be csteem'd an addition to the last mention'd Prophecy, than i new one distinct from it) has not indeed particular Numbers, nor Types to supply their place. But then the Rise of this Image is fo clearly determin'd to be some considerable time Apoc. xiij. 14. after the Rise of the Two-horned Beast; and his End to be 15. very little before the utter end of the former Beasts, that there Apoc. xiv. gi was little need to set down any distinct Numbers for him. And then, as to the remaining Branch of this Open Codicil, the Epitome of the State of the Undefiled, during all the Events, Apoc. xiv. from the beginning of Antichrift till his deftruction : It ought not to be supposed to stand in need of distinct Numbers ; both because 'tis intirely contemporary with both Beasts, and therefore their Numbers fuffice for it: and because this being only an Abridgment of a larger account in the Sealed Book, it was See Prop. 12, not proper to expect that additional exactness here; but to infra. leave this Epitome to be judg'd of, and determin'd by that large and parallel Discourse on the same Subject. But indeed, since both this morter, and that larger Account of the State of the Undefiled, does all along correspond with the other Prophecies, from the beginning of the Trumpets till their conclusion there; or, which is almost the same space, from the Rise of the two Beasts till their utter Destruction bere; The right stating of those Periods, which have Characters of their own, cannot but fufficiently direct us to the right stating of these collateral and contemporary ones also.

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6. As to the Object of these two different Systems of Prophecy, the Sealed Book and the Open Codicil, Mr. Mede and Dr. More after him, suppose it to be double ; and that the former contains distinctly Res Imperii, or Secular Affairs; and the latter as distinctly Res Ecclefne, or Ecclefiaftical Affairs : orin other words they suppose that the former contains properly the Fates of the Roman Empire, and the latter as distinctly the Fates of the Christian Church. But how to make out this die stinction of Objects either from any particular Characters in: serted into either of them; or from the Observation of che particular Matters included in each of them, I confess I can. not tell. Neither do I see how it is wholly consistent with

their own Scheme: since they make the first Seal to be the Apoc. vi. 1, 2. Commencing of our Saviour's Kingdom, spreading it self thences

forward in the World.; and also allow the Virgin Company, Apoc.vij. 1. dc. sealed out of all the Tribes of Israel; or the undefiled Followers

of the Lamb (the best part of the Church of Christ to be a part of the Sealed Book: and because the Open Codicil was not then

introduc'd, it was impossible to place it otherwise. Nay inVer. 11, &c. deed the innumerable Company with Palms in their hands reó

presenting (as we shall see hereafter) the fame undefiled Fol. lowers of the Lamb, when vastly more numerous towards the Conclusion of the Trumpets, ought also to be made a part of thefame Sealed Book for the fame reafon; as is, I think, clear in the Text, tho’ it was not so understood by them.

Upon the whole therefore, I see no reason to separate the
Objects of these two Systems of Prophecy; but suppose that
in common they both respect the Roman Empire, and the
Christian Church therein to be contain'd..

The General Series and Order of the Contents of

the Seal'd Book is this, the Seventh or last Seal,
contains the Seven Trumpets; and the Seventh or
last Trumpet contains the Seven Vials.

That the seventh Seal contains the seven Trumpets, seems evident from the natural Sense and Coherence of the words

them. themselves describing it; and accordingly it is generally, and I think very justly taken forgranted. And when he had opeńApoc. viij. 1,2 ed the seventh foal, says St. John, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour, viz. during the Peoples praying without , ut at the time of Incense, agreeably to the known Custom of the Temple. And I saw the seven Angels which stood before God, and to them were given feven Trumpets, &c. So that I shall not need to infift more at large on so * plain a Text, or allege any other Arguments for the proof of that part of the present Proposition. But that the seventh Trumpet contains the seven Vials is not so express in its description; nay indeed, is gene.) nerally deny'd by those who have best explain'd this Book : And therefore I must be oblig'd to prove it somewhat partie

* Tercio ait Lawenus me præsupponerc Scptem Tubas esse visum figilli septimi; hoc enim vult cum ait me præsupponere Tubas necesariam habere connexionem cum Sigillo Septimo. Et hoc quidem verillime dixit me præc supponere ; præluppono autem, & quidni præsupponerem ? Annon Grammati. , cum contextus sensum, quo vix alius est in Apocalypfi de rerum narratarum serie clarior & luculentior, neceffc fuit præfupponi? Ad præcedentium figillorum omnium apertionem Visum aliquod subjicitur, rem figillo significatam exhibens. Ad apertionem primi Aspexi, inquit, don ecce equus albus &c. Ad apertionem secundi Prodiit equus rufus &c. Ad apertionem tertii Aspexi, inquit, do ecce equus niger &c. Et lic in quarto' quinto & fexto. Quis igitur pari ratione non credat quod septimi sigilli resignationi subjici. tar este ejus ligilli Visum ? Quomodo absurdum non est affirmare folius figilli septimi; aut Visum qullum esse, aut ejus defcriptionem figilli apertioni præmitti, præter omnium Sigillorum, imo Tubarum , & Phiaiarum morem ? Cum aperuisset inquit figillum septimum factum eft silentium in cælo quafi per femihoram: do vidi septem Angelos fantes in conspectu Dri; con date Cuent illis reptem Tuba. Aut hic clarum est Rem sigilli feptimi describi; aut omnino fatendum est nihil effe in hoc libro de ordine certi; fed quidvis cuivis pro libitu præponendum & postponendum, aulla sensus Grammatici ratione babita. Hoc viderunt ex veteribus Andreas & Aretas: ex Pontificiis Lyranus, Aureolus, Ribera, Alcazar, Viega, Cornelius a Lapide: ex nostris Junius, Gralerus, Brightmannus, Napierus, Reverendiflimus Episcopus Aberdonenfis, Clariffimus Alftedius: Qui omnes pro concesso habent Rem seu Visum sigilli septimi elle mysterium. Tubarum. Nec crediderim quenquam Intepretum id unquam negaturuni fuisse, nisi in visionum dispositione magis ad apparentem nescio quam interpretationis concinnitatem, quam ad natura. lem & fimplicem Textus Sacri mentem, respexiflent. Med. Respons, ad Laweni Strict. p. 684. Illud jam ostensum est in Textu disertiffimc haberi: Acque in re tam manifefta ut cedam, ullis unquam fidiculis extorquebit. p.699.


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