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and Dr. More

See also Mr. cularly. And it will well deserve our pains, because so conMede, P. 739. liderable a part of the Revelation cannot be rightly understood Synops. Pro

without it; and because I think most of the groflest misapphet.c.vije plications of this Book in this Age, have arisen from that great

and common mistake hereto relating. And I suppose the following Arguments will be abundantly fufficient in this matter.

1. The natural Harmony, and visible Method of the Propherick Series in this Book, does require that we apply the feven Vials to the seventh Trumpet, as its proper and only Contents. This Observation is freely allow'd by a very con

siderable Adversary of this Opinion, the Learned Dr. Cressener, Fudgments on in these remarkable words." It muft, says he, be acknowledgshe R.C.p.279. ed that it would make a much fairer phew of Concinnity of the

Prophecy of the seven Vials were included in the last Woe, or
ss the seventh Trumpet; as the seven Trumpets seem to be inclo-
ded in the seventb Seal. For this would make these Visions seem
"to have a very, orderly dependance upon one another, from the
"firft Opening of the Scene in the fifth 'Chapter, to the end of the
"Prophecy : whereas otherwise ebese Vials seem to interfere con-

fusedly with the Trumpets ; some of them in the time of the foxıb Trumpet ; and ihe rest of them in the time of the fee « venth. Thus far He. And fince there is not, I think, any Argument on the other side but what is either built on mistakes, or particular Interpretations; which ought not in the least to be be allow'd in ftating the Order of the Visions, I shall ventyre so far to depend on the exactness of the Method and Oro der of this wonderful Prophecy, as not easily to embrace an Hypothefis which cannot be deny'd, even by its Patrons, to seem at least to Dislocate and Disorder them; and fo render them confused and interfering one with another

2. If the Vials are not a part of the Prophecy of the Trumpets, and thereby become part of the sealed Book, they must then belong to the open Codicil; and accordingly, 'tis suppo sed by Mr. Mede, and the rest after him. Nay indeed, if the

Vials are not included in the seventh Trumpet, notonly they SeeApoc.xvijos. themselves, but all that follows them to the end of the Apo

calypse, belongs to the open Codicil, and not to the sealed Book; as is accordingly not deny'd by the Assertors of that Opinion


Now this is utterly inconsistent with the Nature and Genius of the

open Codicil, that an obscure System of feven Vials, without Dates or Durations, thould be inserted into it,and be torn from its proper place in the other Series of fevens, of which the Sealed Book is belides almost wholly compos'd, (seven Seals, feven Trumpers, and seven Thunders;) and that hereby the Open Codicil, or smaller Book, the Bibinebdor, becomes much bigger than the larger Book it felf, the Bilator, to which it belongs. Now this is so strange an Hypothesis, as is not to be tolerated; and one may justly wonder that so great a Man as Mr. Mede, should make no manner of Reflections upon it.

3. That the Vials do not begin till the feventh Trumper,or till the Tyranny and Perfecution of the Antichristian Powers are over, appears by chat Noble Company of Victors, who at the very beginning of the Vials, or rather before they begin, are standing in a Triumphant manner on the Sea of Glass mingled with fire, as Mofes and his Ifraelites after the utter Destruction of Pharaoh and his Hoft in the Red Sea ; and all along the Series of the Vials, fing Hymns of Praise to God with Harps in their hands, and acknowledge all along the Just-ness of his Judgments on those, who formerly had severely oppress’d them. Hear the words of the Prophecy, and then judge whether they can belong to any time during the overbearing Tyranny of Antichrift or not. And I saw another Apoc: XV. 1, 2, fign in heaven, great and marvellons, feven Angels having the fe- 3.4. ven last plagues, for by them the wrath of God is consummated. And I saw, as it were, a fea of glass mingled with fire, and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over bis mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the fea of glass, having the harps of God. And they fing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellons are thy works Lord God Almighry, just and true are thy ways, thou king of saints; who mall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name for thow only art holy; for all nations fall come and worship before thee, for thy judgments are made manifeft.

4. That the Vials are the Contents of the seventh Trumpet, appears also by the same way of reasoning, whereby ʼtis proved that the Trumpers are the Contents of the seventh Seal.

- viz. Because nothing else can pretend to be so. For 'tis un

doubted, that the seventh Trumpet is one of those three dreadApoc. viij. 13. sul ones which are particularly stiled woes, from their being

vastly more ami&ing, and lasting, and woful, than the four preceeding. And 'tis equally evident that 'tis the last of them, by which God's Judgments on the Beast are to be compleated; and therefore very probably, the most considerable of them all. Yet unless the System of the Vials be the Contents of the seventh Trumpet, there is very little that is really Dreadful and Wo. ful appears therein. At its opening, the words are so far from

Woful and Affrighting, that they are most Joyous and ComApoc. xj. 15. fortable. And the seventh angel sounded, and there were great

voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign

for ever and ever. After which follows an Hymn of Praise Ver. 16,17,18. due to the Almighty, for the setting up of Christ's Kingdom

in the World. All which, is no other than a brief and general account of the first commencing of our Saviour's glorious Kingdom at the first blaft of this Trumpet, together with the happy effects which were to follow thercupon, without the least part of the Woc, or Trumpet it self, which was afterwards to be particularly open'd' in the Series of the Vials. And what is in a few words added at the conclusion, concerning the lightenings and thunderings, and an earıhquake, and great hail, is so far from a full account of this Trumpet by it felf, that it indeed relates particularly to the concluding Vial, and so is a direct Connexion between this Trumpet and those Vials, as we Mall observe presently.

For to say that the last Woe sufficiently answers its CharaEer, by being the same with the last Vial, which is almost all that is, or can be said on the other side, seems to me far from satisfactory. For (1.) why should the third Woe, or seventh Trumpet be suppos'd the ' fame with the seventh Vial. Is there any parallel Example to be found in this Book, that the very lame Judgment shall be part of two such distinct kinds of Prophecies, as are the particular Trumpets and the particular Vials? At this rate we may make the fifth Şçalıthe same with the fifth Trumpet, and fifth Vial, and fifth

Thunder ;

Ver. ult.

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Thunder; and so of the rest, and confuse the order and distinction of the several parts of this Book at our own pleafure. (2.) Does it at all look probable that the last, and concluding Woe, or Trumpet should be of no more Duration and Importance than one single Vial? Let the Impartial Roader observe with what Solemnity and Distinction the three lait Apoc. viij. 13.

Chap. ix. Trumpets, or Woes are introduc'd in this Book: How pompous, and large, and full the Accounts of the two former of them are therein: what a mighty difference is made between them, and any other, either Seal, or Trumper in this Book : asd then let him read over the short, and comparatively, inconsiderable Account of the several Vials, and the no distinction of this last from the rest of them, and then let him speak freely, whether he can easily imagin one of the Woes, nay the concluding Woe of all

to be no other than the last Vial." (3.) Let us look upon the Exposition that is given by these very Persons of the two former Woes, which are our best Guides as to the Importance, and Duration of the last of them; and fee how this will agree with their imagining it to be no other than the last Vial. 'Tis generally agreed that the first Woe relates to the rise of the horrible Imposture of Mahomet with his Saracens, and of the terrible Miseries brought on the Ea. stern and Western Empires for many hundred years together by them. 'Tis also generally agreed that the second Woe relates to the rise and spreading of those terrible Scourges of Europe, the Turks, and of the woful Miseries brought on it by them, and continu'd also for many hundred years together; insomuch that either of these woful Trumpets taken separatly, both in their Accounts in the Prophecy, and in their usual Application, seem more lasting, and considerable than most of the Seals, or almost all the other Trumpets taken together; And Thall the third and final Woe, or Trumpet at last, be suppos’d of no more Duration, or Importance than that the shorter Account of its Judgments should be contain'd in a part of one Verse, and its larger one in only a Paraprase on the same in four Apoc. X1•19. Verses afterwards, without any Distinction, or Solemnity above xv 1. 18-21. the rest of the Vials? This seems to me highly improbable.

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Apoc. Xy. J.

5. The Vials are stil'd the seven last Plazues Fazze's ince sai's ixérzes, and thereby the Wrath of God is said to be filled sp, or fully consummated ön iv, cutis itidéco no Jopios & Oiš. They seem to be callid the last Plagues, with relation to the foregoing Plagues of the first six Trumpets, which were the first Plagues upon the Antichristian Beast: And when the Angel of God had folemnly denounc'd the last of the three Woes to the Inhabitants of the Earth, under the seventh Trumpet; it is wonderfully agreeable thereto that these last Plagues of the Vials, whereby the Wrath of God thus folemnly denounc'd was to be consummated and finishid, Mould be look'd on as the proper business of that last woful Trumpet. Nay indeed, if the Vials are to be esteem'd distinct Judgments from the seventh Trumpet, or last Woe, I do not well see how it could be said that there were only three Woes, or dreadful Judgments to come after the four first Trumpets were over : since here are a set of Vials containing woful Judgments in them, particularly specify'd, and nothing else distinct from them under the last 'Woe sufficient to answer such a dreadful name, as we have before observ'd.

6. The business of the third Woe, or seventh Trumpet, and of the seven Vials, is the very fame: for the Vials are the seven plagues wbereby the wrath of God is to be compleated, and fo 'all bis Enemies destroy'd. And the business and effect of the seventh Trumpet is the Destruction of the remains of all the Tyrannical and Idolatrous Empires of the World, and the setting up the Kingdom of our Saviour. Which Effects and Consequences both of the seventh Trumpet, and of these ven Vials, being one and the fame, 'tis highly reafonable that the Causes and Instruments in both Cases be suppos’d to be one and the same also: and that therefore the Vials be esteem'd no other than the Contents of the seventh Trumpet.

7. This is most fully confirm'd by the visible Connexion there is between the short account of the seventh Trumpet in its proper place; and the account of the Introduction of the feven Vials. In the process of the former, after a general Intimation of the Commencement of our Saviour's Kingdoms, and its GloriousConsequences, and the Hymn of Praise following; we

Apoc. XV. I•

Apoc. xj. 15.


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