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Name, or the Number of the Name of the Beast. And we fcarce find the first Beast doing any thing considerable, but in concert with the second; who must therefore in the main be contemporary with him.

5. To Conclude, As these two Beasts are such great Com-: panions while they live together, so 'tis certain that their final Period is at one and the same time, and that they perifh with the same common Destruction. And the Beast was taken, and with him the false Prophet that wrought miracles before him; Apoc. xix. 20. with which be deceived them i hat had received the mark of the Beast, and them that worshipped his Image: These both were caft alive into a lake of Fire, burning with Brimstone ; and so in St. Paul of the Man of Sin; whom the Lord Mall consume with 2 The the Spirit of his month, and Mall destroy with the brightness of his coming...

Corollary.1. Since therefore it now appears that the Little Horn, Second Beast, or Man of Sin, is in the main contemporary with the first Beast; or that thobe be later in his Original, ii is by no very great space of time ; and since we have above proved that the Conculcation of the Outer Court of the Temple, the Witnesses prophecying in Sackcloth, and the Woman's abode in the Wilderness are all intirely contemporary with the Tyranny of the first Beast; they must also be in great measure contemporary with that of the second : and so all five Prophecies will be nearly parallel, and contemporary one with another. And indeed, all these distinèt Prophecies are so much of a piece in the general, and do po plainly relate to the duration of a fad Antichristian Ty. ranny, and are for naturally connected and link'd together by their several agreeing Circumstances; thar óne cannot easily avoid the belief of their belonging in general to one and the same State of Things, and the same period of Duration. For when can the Church or Woman be suppos'd in the Wilderness, or in Obfcurity and Affliction more naturally than when the Court of the Temple, or the proper place of her Worship and Abode was troden down by the Gentiles? Or when can the two Wit. nesses, the publick and open Affertors of the Purity of Religion, be more properly suppos'd to be in a Sackcloth condition, in a fare of Deprellion and Misery, than when the Church her self in the Wilderness, the Gentiles tread down the Holy City, or Court of the Temple, and both the Antichristian Beasts domi, neer withont conironl in the Church? And so of all i be rest of these Connections. And how can we suppose, that any one of these sad Periods Mould be over, and the rest not so; or at least not in great forwardness to be so very quickly? Tlous, how can we imagin the Gentiles cast out of the Court of the Temple, and the true Worshipers restor'd; and get the Little Antichristian Horn still wearing out the Saints of the most High, or the first Beast warring against the Saints, and overcoming them at the same time? How is it possible that the Kingdoms of this World Jould be become the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, as they were at the first found of the feventh Trumpet, on the afcent of the Witnesses; and get the unballowed Gentiles Jould fill trample down the Court of the Temple, the proper place for the Divine Worship? Or the power of the Antichristian Beasts should still tyrannize over the Christian World? and so of all the rest of these conjoined Prophecies. So that not only the neceffity of Cbronological Synchronisms, but tbe evident force of common reafon obliges us to acquiefce, and to esteem these five feveral Prophecies in the main Collateral and Contemporary; and especially that their Conclusion is at or near the same period of time, viz. juft before the Commencement of Chrift's glorious Kingdom. ;

Corollary 2. The Restoration of the Jews to their own Coun. trey, and the rebuilding of their Ciry and Temple belong to the same time with the conclusion of these five foregoing Propbecies, or rather are quickly to fucceed them upon the founding of the seventh Trumpet. This Epocha for the Jews Restoration, feemas probable to me for the following Reafors. (1.) This time exactly

agrees with our Saviour's own express Words of this matter. Luk.xxi. 24. They shall fall by the edge of the fword, and fhall be led away

captive into all nations: and Jerusalem thall be troden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Geneiles be fulfilled. 1.6. Till

the Time, Times, and half of the Gentiles-treading down the Apoc. xi. 2. outward Court of the Temple, or the Holy City be fulfilled.

Or rather till the times allotied by the divine Providence, for the the Dominion of the four Gentile and Idolatrous Monarchies be fulfilled: Either fenfe coming all to one, and the fame grand Period

of which we are now Speaking. (2.) This appears also by the parallel Oath of a mighty Angel in the Revelation, who Swears and that at the very beginning of the founding of the feventh Trumpet, or rather when it is ready to found the mystery of God mhould be fidillid, as he had declar'd to his fervants the Prophets, That after be had caft down the four Monarchics, which vid p had domineer'd over his own People the Jews, He would advance man: in Lothat people, and restore them to their own Land, and govern them, cum. and the rest of the World by their King Meffiah forever. (3.) This is still farther confirmd by the Expressions of the founding of the fame feventh Trumpet ; when there were great Voices in Heaven , faying, The Kingdoms of this World are already become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and of his Chrift, and he shall reign för ever and ever. When the time was come for the dead to be judged, and rewards to be distributed. Now we never meet ive Scriprure with any other glorious Kingdom of the Mefliah, but ithat över his ancient people the Jews, and from them to all the ends of the Earth. And this purport of the seventh Trumpet agrees exactly with the 'expression of the Propher Ifaiah, concerne ing the Restoration of the Jews upon the blaft of rhis concluding for gredt Trumpet. And it shall come to pass in that day, Ila. xxvij. 13. that the great Trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come See Zech. ix. which were 'ready to perish in the Land of Asturia, and the 14. outcasts in the Land of Egypt, and fhall worship the Lord in the holy Mount of Jerufalem. (4.) This seems also to be plainly intended in that famous Evening-Morning Vifion here- See Schol. 2. after to be explain'd; where, upon the question, How long thall after Part 3. be the Vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the trangrel. Vifo 4. infra. fion of the defolator, to give both the San&uary and the Host to be troden under foot? It is an vered, Unro 2300 Evening , Mornings ['Norihapur ege ; ] Then shall the Sanctuary be cleansed. What can these words dire&tity refer to, but to the Time when the Temple at Jerusalem is to be rebuilt, and hallowed again after this tong Captivity of the Jews ? and if yo, This will betong 'to the Time immediately following that Grand Period 'we are now upon. For we "hall prove hereafter, when we Come to interpret thefe Visions in particular, as we are now erily stating their Order.; that this famous Number 2300,


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soos Jerij. Until a Time, 'Indation, or fanétifica. (which was 4%

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Nunc malenge, ends at the very same time with the Conclusion of

the Five foregoing Prophecies. (5.) The Little Horn is to Dan.vij.21,22, wcar out, and make war with, and prevail against the Saints 25. Le of the most High; who, in Daniel's phrafe, certainly include, Deut.vij. 6. & xiv. 2. & xxvj.

if not singly mean the Jewish Nation, which was from the 18, 10. &' beginning an Holy Nation, or fančtificd and set apart for God,) xxxiij. 3. Plål. Until a Time, and Times, and a Division of Time ; i.e. as 50.5: Jer. ij. we have seen, till the Conclusion of that Grand Period we have 3. Exod. xix. 1

; been treating of: when therefore the Kingdom, and Dominion, 5.6. Dan.xij.7.

and the Greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven Thall be given to the People of the Saints of the most High, or to the Jews at Jerusalem, in conjunction with the rest of God's faithful Servants, which fhall be joined unto them, agreeably

to our present assertion. (6.) The Conclusion of the Time, Dan. xij. 7: Times, and an Half, or of the 1260 Days allotted for the DoApoc.xij.0,14· minion of the Antichristian Powers, for the afflicted State of the

Church, and for the End of the correspondent Wonders, is not

to be expected till God shall have accomplished to scatter the Dan. xij. 7. Power of the Holy People ; or, as 'tis commonly expounded,

rill He fall heve finisa'd and put an end to the grand dispersion of the Jews, by their restoration to their own Land. Which seems to me a remarkable Designation of the assigned Date of the Jews Restoration. (7.) This also seems to me to be hinted in the Apocalypse at the account of the entrance of the Vials, which have been provd to be the contents of the seventh Trumpet ;

And at the first port account of the Trumpet it self also, where 'tis Apoc. xi. 19. said, The Temple of God was opened in Heaven, or the Tem* x0.5,6,7. ple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven was opened,

and the seven Angels came out of the Temple, having the feven Plagues. Why has the Temple been all along shut hitherto, and is now opened? And why do the seven Angels, with the seven Vials alone, and not with the seven Seals, or seven Trumpets, proceed out of the Temple, thus opened ? I will not be positive in the case; But I think 'tis å probable account of this inatter, that hitherto the Jewish Temple had been defolate, or shut up from them: But that now it was re-built, and open again; and that these last seven Plagues proceed from Christ, as be is enthron'd in the Holy of Holies ar Jerusalem, after the Resto

ration of that his ancient People, and his resettlement among them. See Ezek. 43. 1-5. and Pral. 79. 12. Only I must desire the Reader to observe, that I speak only of the Restoration of the Jews at this time, but not of their Conversion to the Christian Faith; Because I think that is not, according to the Prophecies, to come to pass till fome considerable time afterwards.

Scholium. Upon this occasion it will be fit to set down Old Tobit's most famous Prophecy, or rather Interpretation of the more ancient Prophecies relating to the present grand dispersion of the Fews, and to their so much expected future Restoration; which Prophecies have been so often misunderstood by our later Christian Commentators. And this passage is the more remarkable, because of its great Antiquity; being written some time before several Books of the Old Testament; and because in the Vulgar Greek Copy the most material Point is omitted, and can now se only be restor'd from a most ancient Hebrew Version, made 10, from the Original Chaldee, which is still extant. The Passagem is this: As to our Brethren the Israelites, who dwell at Jerusa- &c. lem; they shall all be carried captive, and Jerusalem Mall be laid Deut. xxviij. in heaps, and the house of God Mall be desolate for a small time. 64. Then all the children of Ifrael afcend, and rebuild the City, and Ifa. xxiv. & the Temple; but not according to the former building. And there

& v. 5,6. they fall inhabit many days, until an Age be compleated. And Hosea'iij... then fvall shey depart again into an exceeding great captivity. But there aro pall the Holy Bleffed God be mindful of them, and fall gather them from the four parts of the World. Then mall 7e. Ifa. XXXV. 2. rufalem the holy City be restored with curious and stately buildings. *.LI)

** 11, 12. & LX And the Temple also mall be magnificently built, never to be de- , stroyed again for ever and ever, as the Prophets have foretold. Amos ix.11.-15, Then mail those Nations be converted; they mall worship the Lord, and Mall caft away the Images of their Gods; and by a confesing of him, mall give praise to his great Name. He also mall exalt the horn of his people before all nations; And they mall praise and glorify his great Name, even all the seed of Israel. Then mall all his servants which ferve kim in truth rejoice; and all that work Rightoonsness and Godliness shall rejoice and be glad.

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