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ftrudion of all his Enemies; the conclusion of his Victories; and the glorious consequence thereof, the preparation for the Marriage of the Lamb. And as for the Times whereto thele feveral Branches belong, the Order it self demonstrates it : viz. That the first Branch of pure Worshippers of God, ftild 144000, belongs to the former Times of the first six Trumpets : The innumerable Company of pure Worshippers, cr the Palm-bearing Company of the second Branch, belong to the latter Times of those lix Trumpets : The third Branch belongs to the first Times, after the former Fall of Babylon; or the former Vials : The fourth Branch belongs to the later Vials; and the fifth to their Conclusion; as 'tis most easy to observe on the view of either of these corresponding Series, and the confideration of the Succeffion of the Trumpets and Vials contemporary with them,

Corollary i. Hence w may obferve the great Error of those · who apply the Palm-bearing Company to the Millennium ; which as all Expositors own, does not come till after the second and final Fall or Destruction of Babylon; whereas this Palm-bearing Company precedes obe forjit fall of it: for even fo late as the next branch but one of this Prophecy, after that of this Palm-bearing Compawy, we find most carneft Invitations and Warnings to come out of Babylon; and this after her first Fall; left they bc partakers of her plagues at ber final Deftrnition afterwards. And this I account one of the principal of Mr. Mede's Mistakes; wherein the 1.534. reft have also follow'd bim, and thereby betray'd themselves into not a few Errors besides confequent thereupon : and which therefore ought to be most carefully Corrected by all those who would truly understand the Scries and Order of the Prophecy of this Book.

Corollary 2. Here also it will be fit to observe the great Error of those that confound the Prophecy of the two Wirnelles, who bear Testimony in Sackcloth daring the whole 1260 days of Antichrift ; with the intire number of the Undefiled at the same time ; which are at first but 144000, and afterward an Innumerable Company out of every Nation and Tribe, and People and Tongues. For as these Prophecies are intirely distinct, and no way related 10 one another; so onght we to effeom the Perfons or Subjects to which obey refer also: Neither is there in the Reuelaa

tion the least pretence for any fuch thing. And this distinction
ought the more carefully to be remark'd, because the unreasonable
confounding of the Subjects of these two distinct Prophecies, and the
Supposing the Witnesses 10 include the whole number of the Unde-
filed, has been the occasion of several great Errors in the expecta.
tion of Events of lare; and on their failure, of Discouragement
to the farther attempts for the understanding the other Prophe-
cies of this Book.

LEMMA to Proposition XIII.
The Inner Court of Ezekiel's Temple was to the Out-

er Court, as 1 to 31, or 12 to 42, or 360 to 1260. Vid. yillal

The Inner Court was in all 350 Cubits long, and 200 Cu. pand. in Ezek.

bits broad: measuring from the outmost row of the Pillars of the Cloisters : and the Outer Court measur'd in the same manner was a squire of soo Cubits every way. So that the whole Outer Court contain'd 250000 square Cubits, and the Inner Court contain'd 70000 square Cubits: and deducting the Inner fromthe Outer, which was included in it, the Outer Court alone contain’d 180000, and the Inner as before 70000 : so that by this Computation the Inner was to the Outer, as 7 to 18, or much more than the proportion of 1 to 32. But measu. ring from the Inmost Row of the Pillars of the Cloisters, the Inner Court was but 250 Cubits long, and 100 Cubits broad : and the Outer Court was a square of 400 Cubits every way. So that the whole Outer Court contain'd 160000 square Cubits, and the Inner only 25000 : and deducting the Inner from the Outer, which was included in it, the Outer Court alone contain'd 135000, and the Inner as before 25000. So that by this Computation the Inner was to the Outer as 25 to 135; or much less than the proportion of 1 to 31. But if we take neither of these Extremes, but compute in both cases from the middle row of Pillars of each surrounding Cloister; the Inner Court was 300 Cubits long, and 150 Cubits broad; and the Outer Court was a square of 450 Cubits every way. So that the whole Outer Court contain'd 202500 square Cu. bits; and the Inner Court 45000 square Cubits; and deducting the Inner from the Outer, which was included in it, the Out

er Court alone contain'd 157500, and the Inner as before 45000. So that according to the present Assertion, the In. ner was to the Outer as 450 to 1575; or as I to 3, as iz to 42, or 360 to 1260; which are all the very fame Proportions, only exprefs’d by different numbers.

XIII. The Inner Court, which was to be measur'd by St. Apoc. xj. 1. n.

John, relates to that Purer State of the Church in the Primitive Ages of Christianity, for 360 years after the date of the Visions: and the Outer Court, which was to be rejected, and deliver'd to the Gentiles, relates to the Antichriftian State of the Church, which succeeded the former, for 1260 years afterward.

That these two Courts of the Temple represent two Succes. five, and not Contemporary States of the Church is highly probable, not only by the Succesfion of the Actions of St. Jahn, who first measur'd the Inner Court, and afterward cast out the Outer; but alfo by all the parallel Visions of this Book, which still all along proceed from the Epocha of the Visions successively downwards towards the Day of Judgment: and St. John does never in the fame Vision exhibit Contemporary States of the Church. Now that the State represented by the Inner, must be prior to that represented by the Outer Couri, follows from their Order as to the Temple,or Nads it self, the Center from which all is deriy'd ; and from the foremention'd Order of St. John's Actions about them. And that the Inner Court figures a State of the Church for 300 See Mede pag. years, and the Outer a State for 1260 years, is easy to deduce 729, 730. from what has been already said. For since the Outer Court, or Holy City (which seem to be Terms Synonymous; be. cause the Holy City met together to worship in the Outer

worship in the Ónter See Mcde p.

| 730, 7316 Court continually) was to be given to the Gentiles, or to the Antichristian Kings for 1200 years; which duration is express in the Text; and since as the Outer Court to the Inward, so is 1260 to 360, as we have just now prov'd; it will follow



that the Inner Court refers to a Pure and Primitive State of 3.60 years. And then, lastly, That the Date of these Years are to be taken from St. John's seeing these Visions, is not only plain, by its being the most proper Epocha of the Apocalypse in general; but also particularly by St. John's own interest in it: For whereas usually Angels were alone concern'd in the Adria ons of the Apocalyptick Visions ; here, as it were on purpose to prevent our looking for any other Date than St. John's own rime of seeing the Visions, He is himself commanded to ineasure the Inner Court, and to cast out the Outer, without any assistance from the Angels.

Corollary. Since therefore the Time of the Date of this Vision of the two Courts is known, A. D. 96. and since the several du. rations of the Pure and Antichristian States of the Church there. by typify'd are known also; we may bence determin the Epocha and Conclusion ofthe Pure and of the Antichristian States in known years of the Christian Ara: and compare them with History, and with other Prophetical Numbers in this Book relating to the same Times. Thus by adding 360 years to A. D. 96, when these Visions were feen by St. John, we have the Period of the pure State of the Church, and the commencing of its Antichristian State, A.D.456.

And by adding 1260 years to that latter Number we have the peo riod of that Epocha of the Antichristian State, and the commen. cing of our Saviour's Kingdom therexpor A.D. 1716. Suppaa fing, that is, that these Proportions of the Type are still to be apply'd to the Times signify'd by them: which the concurrence of this with Several other Computations hereafter, and the proper nature of these Typical Prophecies does very much perfvade us to allow.

XIV. Apoc.xij.i&c. The Woman with Child, and in Pain to be deliver

ed, while the struggle between Michael and the Dragon lafted, relates to the great Troubles and Difficulties which the Church underwent before it arriv'd at the Throne of the Empire; and includes the space of 280 years. Her stay before,


and her passage into the Wildernefs relate to the Times of the Churches protection under the Christian Emperors; and is not here determind either by Type or Numbers. Her abode in the Wilderness refers to the Times of the Churches obscurity, and affliction under Antichrift for 1260 years afterwards.

That this is the plain and obvious meaning of these Types is See Juricu p. evident on a small consideration; and I think, is generally agreed 170.177 upon by Interpreters. And that the durations of each Interval are rightly stated 'tis easy to shew. For as to the first dura. tion, Why is the Church represented by a Woman with Child? But, as My LordBp of Worcester has very wisely observ'd, to exhibit to us the duration of the first struggles and pangs of Christianity, before the Emperor became a Christian, by the time from the Conception to the Birth in Women with Child, 1.6. 280 days, or 40 weeks. And these 280 days, designing so many years, must take date from the very beginning of Chiist's Kingdom, at his Resurrection; as the very nature of the Type does require. And why have we an Interval between the Birth of the Child, or his immediate Exaltation to the Throne of God, and the Womans arrival in the Wilderness? But to correspond to the State of a Woman after Delivery, who is long unfit for a Journey; and besides is suppos'd' remote from any Wilderness; so that it ought to be a considerable time ere she can be imagin'd to arrive there : And so to exhibit to us a considerable Interval between the Conversion of the Emperors to Christianity, and the Rise of the Antichristian Kings, when the Church is suppos'd to arrive in the Wilderness. And ifit be here wonder'd at, that the duration of this Interval is not particularly to be collected from this Type, the See Open Codio wonder will cease when we shall find hereafter that it is other cilVision 3 infra vise provided for, and determin'd by another way, somewhat more than Typical; and therefore by a way rather clearer than that would have been. And as to the last State of the Church in the Wilderness, that is expresly determind in the Prophecy, as we have formerly seen, 'to 1200 years, during all the



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