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was otherwise, and if the Voice, as of a Lion roaring, was utter'd at the very same time with the Voices of the Seven Thunders, it must sure have hinder'd St. John from hearing of them so distinctly, as we find by what follows he certainly did. So that probably the Thunders were introduc'd after the mention of the Seventh Trumpet; and therefore probably belong to its Conclusion, or the last Vial.

3. The Seventh Vial, besides other Remarkables, chiefly

taken from the Seventh of the Plagues of Egypt, has also within Exod.ix.13-35.

$it, agrecably to that Plague, Begutai, Thunders, as we find both in & xvj. 18. its general intimation, and particular description also. And this

is the more to be observ'd, because this Seventh Vial is, I think, the only particular Plague or Judgment in this Book which has any Thunders mention'd in it. Now then, since we find in general that Thunders, in the Plural, are certainly included in the Seventh Vial, and in no other distinct Plague or Judgment in this Book ; and since we elsewhere find a particular mention of Seven Thunders, without any clear hint where they ought to be plac'd ; it is certainly not improper to suppose that they belong to the same Vial, and are no other than those Seven particular Thunders which in general are mention'd as included therein. And this seems to me the proper Connection between these Thunders, and that Vial to which they appertain.

4. This is also mightily confirm'd by a parallel place, tho' not under the last Vial, yet contemporary therewith, where at

that point of time belonging to this Vial, or the destruction of Apoc.xix. 6. Babylon, St. John Heard as it were the voice of a great multi

tude, and as the voice of many waters, and as pour Bpor two igugav, as the voice of mighty Tunders saying Alleluia; For the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth; what should the voice of these mighty Thunders be but that of the 7 famous Thunders we are now upon? And if so, it may further deserve by the way to be consider'd whether these Seven Thunders, which are more emphatically refer'd to here in the State of the Undefild than in the sea venth Vial it self, ought not to be esteemid of a somewhat dif. ferent Nature from the Judgment of the Vial, which is com. pleat without them; and indeed whether they be not rather


Eucharistical or Prophetical than Judicial. Especially since not only the parallel Event in Johna, as we ihall see presently, was a joyful Acclamation of the People; but principally since in this very place they are describ'd as saying, and that in the Hebrew Language, Alleluia, because the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.

5. Which is also confirm'd by the likeness of the expressions us'd in Exodus, and in all these cases in the Revclation. In Exodus we find the Thunders callid Voices, or Voices of God. Fondi Under the Seventh Vial we find mention not only of Thun. Apoc.xi. 16. & ders, and their attendants, Lightenings, but of Voices also. xvj. 18. Και εγένον φωναί, ε βρονται, και αραπαί. And when the Mighty Thun. Chap. xix. 6. ders are mention'd, it is their Voice which is particularly taken notice of. Accordingly when the Seven Thunders are brought in, they are introduc'd not alone, but uitering their Voices allo ; Chap. X. 3, 4. 'Endangoen al inci Begrtai tas ia awes. All which agrees very well with the other expressions before-mentioned.

6. This Hypothesis agrees particularly with the Nature and Place of the Seventh Vial, which was poured into the Air ; Apoc. xvj. 17. and therefore might naturally produce Thunders, with their Concomitants; which are the most remarkable of all the usual Effects or Phenomena which proceed from that Region. . 7. Lastly, This corresponds very well with that remarkable History in Fohua, to which, as we have before obsery'd, the Prophecy of the Seven Trumpets, with the Vials of the last of them, does directly refer. For as there the Seventh days work was peculiar and Sevenfold, as the Seventh Trumpet was peculiar, and to contain Seven Vials : So was the last part of the Seventh days work, belonging to the Seventh Vial, peculiar also : For then only were the Pricsts to make a long blast with the Rams borns, or Trumpets of Ju- Joso vj. 5,20. bilee ; and then only the People were to Mout with a great Nout, till the Walls of Jericho fell down flat before them. Which long Blast with the Seven Trumpets, and mighty Shout of the People, seem to me correspondent to these Seven last Thunders, with their Voices; and as they were just previous to the Fall of the City Jericho, the principal Obstacle to the Jews passage into the Land of Canaan; so are these also to be just previous to the Fall of the


Great City, or Mystical Babylon, the principal Obstacle to the same Jews Conversion to the Christian Faith, and to the Commencing of that Millennium of which the Land of Canaan was à Type under the Old Testament. ·

But as to any Guesses or Expositions of Learned Men of these feven Thunders, before the time of their completion, I cannot but wonder at them. When God seems on purpose to hide the Contents of these feven Thunders from us till then, to think our selves capable of finding them out by our own abi.

lities, seems to me not a little foolish and presumptuous. The Apoc. X. 3,40

words of St. John are these, And the Angel cried with a loud voice as when a Lion roareth; and when he had cried, feven Thun. ders uttered their voices ; and when the seven Thunders had ut. tered their voices, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from Heaven, saying unto me ,- Seal up those things which the seven Thunders uttered, and write them not. Upon which words the Judicious Mr. Mede says excellently. Erunt forte feptem Tonitrua Oracula totidem fed ignoranda omnino rei; nec niss fuis temporibus percipienda : Quod innuit Joanni, voces Tonitruum fcripturo, cælitus falta Prohibitio ; Obligna quæ locuta sunt septem Tonitrua, & ne ea scribas. Fruftra igitur nos inquirendo erimus qua Deus occulta esse voluit, & fuis temporibus reservanda.

In this place sure, if in any, God's own Admonition ought Deut. xxix. 29. to take place; Secret things belong to the Lord: and accordingly

ought not, till the time of their completion, to be too boldly enquired into, or determined by us. At which Period, and not before, it will become us to expect and look about for the completion and understanding of these Thunders. For as they were design'd not to be known till their fulfilling ; so, no doubt, it was design'd they should then be observ'd: tho' not so much perhaps for their own fakes, as for the sake of that greater and more concerning Epocha which they warn us of, as next to succeed ; viz. either the first commencing of Christ's Kingdom upon the conclusion of that of the Ten Antichristian Powers, at the beginning of the Seventh Trumpet; or rather the Conversion of the Jews, and Intire Advancement of Christ's Kingdom in the Millennium, after the Seventh Vial.

XVIII. That Happy and Glorious Scare of the Church Apoc. XX. 86

which concludes the Revelation, and is sometimes **j,&xxi; describ'd as the Marriage of the Lamb; or the New Jerusalem ; sometimes as the Thousand Years, wherein Satan is Bound; and wherein the Saints Live and Reign with Chrift upon Earth, belongs to one and the same Period, which is still Future; and immediately succeeds the Events contain'd in the Sealed Book, and in the Open Codicil, taking up the entire fpace from thence to the second Resurrection, or till the General Judgment, and Consummation of all


That the Sealed Book does not dire&ly contain more than the Events of the Seals, which are terminated at the end of the Vials, seems to me evident, both from the nature of the thing it felf, and from a visible Period in the Apocalypse ao this point of Time also.. For as soon as the final Ruin of Babylon is over in the 18th Chapter, and Hymns of Praise are fung to God for his Just Judgments upon her, with a short hint, by the by, of the Preparation for the Marriage of the Lamb, in the beginning of the 19th Chapter; The Angel says St. John, as if all his present Business were over, airb unto me, These are the true sayings of God. And I fell at his feet to Apoc. xix. 9. worsvip him: and be faid unto me, See thou do it not : I am thy 10. fellow fervant, and of thy brethren that have the Testimony of , foes : worship God: For the Testimony of Jefus is the Spirit of Prophecy. Which is just such a Conclusion as we meet with afterward at the end of the Appendix, and so of the whole Apoc.xxi; 6, Prophecy; and therefore appears to be a Conclusion of the 7,8. Sealed Book. That the Open Codicil reaches no farther than she Sealed Book is plain, (i.) By its general Nature and Geni


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us; which is that, not of a separate Trearise, or Book, but of an additional Codicil.' '(2.) By the common Period of that double Prophecy; which runs equally through both the Books from the beginning of the Trumpets till the end of the Vials, and the universal Destruction of the Enemies of Christ at that time. (3.) By the View of its Contents; which reach no farther than that Destruction in any of its Visions. Only it must

be obfery'd that I also take in the latter part of the 19th Chap. Apoc. xix. 11 into the Sealed Book, as being no other than a Clausula, or ---21.

Summary Recapitulation of the Sealed Book, and the success of its Judgments: introducing Christ in the same manner, but more Gloriously riding on a white horse to the last great Battel

of Harmageddon, as the first Seal introduc'd him also riding on Apoc.vj. 20

a white horse, conquering and to conquer; and so at last conne&ting and conjoining together the beginning and ending of the Seal'd Book; assuring us thereby what was its main de. sign, namely an account of the feveral steps by which Christ would advance his Authority, and at the conclusion would

Triumph over all his remaining Enemies in the last Vial. And Apoc. xiv 14- as the Open Codicilhas at its Conclusion an exactly parallel Clay

fula or Period; I take that also into that Open Codicit, and obo ferve that there it intirely ends, without the least hint of the fucceeding Glorious State of the Church. It being indeed no other than an Additional Codicil relating wholly to the Sealed Book it felf, without any concern with its Appendix at all, or those Glorious things foretold in it. These things being thus premis'd, I come to the present Proposition, and Allert that the New Jerusalem, or the Marriage of the Lamb; and the Binding of Satan, while the Saints Live and Reign with Christa 1000 years, belong to one and the fame State of the Church; and are either the very fame thing, or at least Contemporary to each other; andas they immediately succeed the Sealid Book and Open Codicil sodo they contine for a 1000 years, from the first to the second Resurrection..

That the Holy City the New Jerufalem, and the Mar.

riage of the Lamb are, as it were, the same thing, is evident Apoc.xxj. 2.

in the very description of the former; which is expresly faid to defcend from God ont of Heaven prepared as al


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