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act of Feeding, but in the object of which I now come to speak, that is the second thing; the phrase my sheep.

Granting therefore wbat Bellar desires that he speaks of all the sheep, yer herein St Peter had no prerogative above the other Apostles who are equally commanded to reach and baptise all Nations preach the Gospell to every creature, Mar.16.15. And Peters Diocess surely cannot be larger, unlesse happily Utopia be taken in, or that which is in the same part of the world, I meane Purgatory: Put you will say, surely they have somewhat e se to plead for themfelves from this Text, Why yes, These good masters of the feast have reserved the beit Wine to the last. Here comes in a rare potion not fit to be prostituted to vulgar apprehensions, you shall beare it upon condition you will not put them to the proofe of it which they are not bound to do, for nemo tenetur adimpossibilia, No man i obliged to do more then is in his power ; Perer was to feed the sheep as ordinary Pastour, the rest as extraordinary Ambassadors and with a certain subjection to Peter, (a) If you ask, doch this Text fay fo? or any other Text? or is there one syllable from whence this may be deduced ? you must remember the condition which I told you. And what if this be granted, how comes the ordinary power to be greater and higher then the extraordinary? In the Old Teftament generally, the extraordinary officers,che Prophers whom God raised were superiour to the Priests; And in the New Teltament, the Apostles and Evangelists who were extraordinary officers were superior to Pastors and Teachers, which are che ordinary. How come tbe


(a) vt autom intelligeremus hanc fummam poteftatem collatam ApoPolis omnibus, ut legatis, not let paftoribus ordinariis & cum quadam Subjectione ad Petrum. Ecledo Romano Pontifice lib.4.cap.1 2.


Tables to be turned ? and the ordinary agent to be advanced above the extraordinary Ambasladours? And what if all this be granted it signifies nothing unlesse two shings be superadded, of boch which the Scriptures is wholly filent and cheir proofes failes them. 1. They must prove that this power of feeding is transmitted to Peters Successors in a more peculiar manner , then to the Successors of the other Apostles, and that whatever power Peter had is deposited in their hand. 2. That the Pope is this Successor to whom these things are concredited And these they do not pretend to prove from Scripture. So that still the conclusion remaines intire. That the Scripture is not to the Papists a solid and sure ground of Faith,

S. 11. A third place alwayes in their mouches Luke 22. 31. Simon, Simou, Satan' hath de fired to winpom yon, but I bave prayed that thy faith faile not. A man would not believe if he did not see it with his owne eyes that such Learned men as diverse of the papists are, should put any confidence in such broken reeds and shatter'd Arguments as this is . Truly faith a Learned man, Hoc non eft difputare sed fomniare: This is rather a dreame, then an Argument: What thoughts the rapists have of our English Se&taries is sufficiently known;buc I mult needs do them this right co professe, 1 do not know thac Sect among us the Quakers excepted) so absurd and ime pertinent in the allegations of cripture for their most irrationall opinions as in sundry particulars (and chis especially ) the Papists are. But because they ihall not complaine of us (as we do justly of them ) that we rather condemne them then confure chem, I Mall Thew che ridiculousnesse of this allegacion to their purpose.

1. If this Frayer secure the Pope from unbeliefe and crrour in judgement, ic fecures him also from unbeliefe and Apostacy in heart and life : But this prayer doch

not secure the Pope from Apostacy in heart and life. The Papiits generally confess that severall of their Popes were Apistarici non Apostolici, Apoft ates, not Apoftolick persons. All the doubt lies about the Major, wbich I prove thus ; If this Prayer was put up for Pet r. in the name and on the behalfe of his Successors as well as bimfelic ( as the Papists pretend it was though we denie it) then the same thing for wbich Christ prayes for Peter, Christ prayes for it for his Successors also, and therefore if Christ prayed that Peter might be kept from A postacy in beart and life as well as in opinion and judgment, then the Major is true, , But Christ prayed chat Peter might be so kept, wbich I thus proye. Christs prayer was the Antidote against the Devils malicious designe; Saten hath de fired to winnow you, but I have prayed

&c. And onlequently the plaister must be as large as the fore: But the Devils designe was not only to draw Petir to error in judgment, but also,yea principally to draw bim to Apostacy in heart and life. Ergo.

2. If notwithstanding this Prayer it was possible, that Pettr himself might fall so farre afçer Christs Prayer, as to teach a falle Do&rine; then chis Prayer doth not prove the Popes Infallibility. But notwithitanding this Praier, it was poslible that Peter might fall sofar as to teach a false Doctrine, The Minor (which alone needs proof) I frove thus . He that believed a falsDoctrine, might preach 'a falle Doctrine ; but Perer alter this prayer did believe a false Doctrine which plainly apears from Acts 1.6.Wilt them at this time riftere the Kingdome to Ifraeli by which it is evident (& the Popith expofitours confesse ië)that the Apofiles(and Peter with them still retained the old leaven of the beliefe of a Temporall Monarchy of Christ upon eartb, (a Dodrine which the Papists themselves condemn in the Millenaries) Nor was this the onely mifteke of Paier or the Aposties after that Prayer. And indeed

it was not Chrifts Prayer, but the gift of the Holy Ghost after his death which did secure the Apostles from error, and us from deceit, in following their Doctrines.

3. If Christs Prayer for the not failing of Peters faith render the Pope infallible, tben St Pauls Prayer for the Thessalonians, I pray God your whole Spirit, Soul and Bady be preserved blamelelle, unto the coming of our Lord -Jesus Christ, 1 Thef. 5. 23. and for the Phillippians,That they might abound in knowledge and approve things that are excellent , that they might be fincere, and without offence, till the day of Christ, Phillip. 1 9. prove the infallibility, yea,che impeccability of the Thesiolonians, and the Philippians. The eason is chis; because St Pauls Prayer being infallibly dictated by Gods Spirit,and made according to his Word, and in Christs name must as surely be aniwered, as Christs Prayer was, for God who cannot lie hath promised to answer such Prayers.

4. If the Prayer of Chrilt for the Perseverance of Faich, makes him infallible for whom Christ prayes, then all elect and persevering believers are infallible, The consequence appeares thus, Because Christ did pray,and doth intercede for che perseverarce of the Faith of every such person. Chrift exprefly dels us, Joh. 17. I pray not fir thefi alone, but for them alfa which fall belir ve on me through their word. And there is not one persevering Chriltian in the World, buc owes his perseverance to the Prayer,care,and interceslion of Christ : Hence they are said to be preserved in Christ Jesus fode 1. 1. And therefore either this Argument concludes not for the Popes Infallibility, or else it gives him ten thousand paret ners in that priviledge. And surely, if the prayer for this mercy makes the Pope infallible, much more dobile actuall donation of this mercy make believers infallible.

5. This prayer was intended for the other Apostles, as well as Peter(though Christ speak to Peter, in the name

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of the rest, as his manner was, as evidently appears from hence Christ prayes for those, whom the Devill defires to winnow. That is plain from the words, Satan hath dem fired to winnovo you, but I have prayed- Bur the Devils aime was not only against Peter, but the rest of the ApoAles, as Christ expressely tels us, i&uz úou to not a thee, but touets you, in the plural number. And therefore it followes, that as clie disease and danger was general and common to all the Apostles, so was that reliefe and succour, wbich Christ here afforded, and consequently all the Apostles are interested in tbis promise,and therefore cither it makes not the fucceflion of Peter infallible, or else it makes all the succesfours of all the Apostles infallible, let them choole which they will.

6. And yet if all those difficulties be overcome, the Copclusion may be granted, without any advantage to their cause. For, what if Christ prayed for Peter alone? What if this prayer intended and procured infallibility for bim? Quid hoc ad Iphicli boves? What is this to the Pope? What Scripture, what Facher, what man (that is Hot wholly mancipated to the Popes ambitious humour) will say or can prove that the Pope is interested in all the prayers of Christ for Peter? Or why may not all the succeßiours of the other Apostles upon as good grounds claime an intereit in that prayer of Christ for the infallibility of all the Apostles, foh.17.(For sure I am those prayers of Christ that God would keep them through his own name, V. 13. keep them from evill, v. 15: Sanctifie them through his truth,and keep them unto glory, v. 21,22, 23,24. do as fully imply infallibility as this that Peter's faith nighe not faile.) Or, if I do grant,what they can. not prove,chat Peter's successors have this as their pecu. Jiar, eet why should not this prayer preserve the chaire of Antioch as well as that of Rome from fallibility? And how can chis prayer that his faith may not faile, be


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