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2 The Teftimonies of thofe Anthors are undoubtedly saffia cient for that end for which I alledge them, which is to fiera she falseness of those dočtrines, and the weakness of those ara 34 guments which are disbelieved and disproved by their own Learnedést and stouteft Champions, by which it may appear to allimpartial persons that it is not the ignorance nor prejudica of Protestants, (as some of their Writers have the Effrontea by so affert) which makes them reject the Popish Toners, but meerly she want of Truth and evidence therein, confefed (as you will see all along in the following Treatise) by their own Brethren, and that it is a desperate madmess in any Papist to hazard his everlasting concernments upon such principles y las so many of their acutest Scholars do publickly disavow: And that this is really the case of the unhappy Romanist I refer thee to the subsequent Discourse.

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The Introduction, Pag. 1. 1. By the same arguments by

which the Papists derogare
c H A P. 1.

from the Authority of Scrip

9.2, 3
The Popes infallible Authority 2. Because Infallibility is the

is no sufficient foundation of Churches prerogative. Seet 4.
Faith, and is a meer nullity. 3. The Fathers disclaime it. Sisë

pag. 2.

Exc. But Fathers where they

agrec arc Infallibic
CH A P. 22

Answered. $.6.p.46.

4. The Papists themselves diso
Scripture is no sufficient founda-

own the Infallibility of the
tion of Faith to a Papist ac- Fathers though consenting.
cording to their principles pro-

ved out of their prime Authors.
Secl, 1,2,3,4

c H A P. 4.
The Scriptures alledged by them

for the Popes infallible Aue of the Authoritity and Infallibi-
chority examined in generall. lity of the Church and Cóung


In particular

Afferted by Papifts.
Mattb.16.18. Thou art Peter Disproved,

Se&. 7,8,9. s. There is no foundation for is
Foba 21.Feed my heep. 9.10. in Tradición
Luki 22. I have prayed, dr. For 3. If the Fathers deliver

$.11. such a Tradition they are
Deut. 17. 11,120 $.12, not infallible.

Ixc. Fathers confencing arc
С НА Р. 3.

Infallible :

Antw. We cannor ar this dia
Of the Infallible Authority of fance understand their con
the Fathers

Alerted by the Papifts, Sedt, 1. 2. If the antients did believe

the Infallibility of Coun


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$. 12.


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cels, they might do it upon Of Papists in this, that the
clie account of Scripture not

Pope and Councell cogether

S. 6. are infallible
3. It doth not appear that the 4. The Infallibility of their

Fathers believed the Infalli- Councels destroyed by the
bility of Councels.

consideration of those things.
Proved by answering the which Papists themselves re-
arguments of Bellain. and quire in infallible Councels
8. Clara, $. 7, 8, 9,10.
of Sr Auslins judgment.

1. That they be generall. $.23.
· S. 10, 11. 2. That they have the consent
It appears that the Father's

and approbation of the
believed the. Fallibility of whole Church: S. 24"

3. That they be rightly con
2. There is no foundation for ftituted and ordered and

this Infallibility in Scripture. guided by honesty, piety,
Proved in generall

and love to Truth,

In particular by the exami- Exc. Pope, Councels, Fathers,

nation of the Texts urged Sctipture conjoyned make
for it.

the Church Infallible.
1 Tim. 3. 15.
1.14. Answered.

Mai.12.17, Heat the Church
and Luk. 10:16. 9.15.

CH A P. :)
Thar the Church and Mini-
Iters are not to be heard in all of Orall Tradition and the Ter

Chrift denies this to the This new opinion represented in

the words of its Authors and
zijo Else people cannot sin in Abetror's

obeying their Paftours. Refuted.
3. People are allowed w'exa1. Hereby they both settle the
mine their Teachers Dos Proreftane foundation of Faith

. and overthrow their own. $.293.
Foh. 16.3. He shall guide you ž. This makes Orall Tradition

inco all truth, 9.16. mure certain then writing, ao
Acts 15. 28.


· gainst the judgment of God
Mar. 28. 9.18.pag.103:

and all men. 9.4.pag.140
3. The Papifts themselves dif- 3. Errors may come in and have

own the Infallibility of Goun- conie in fo the Church under


pretence of Tradition. 5.5.
An examination of that eva. 4. Traditionary proofs disowned;
Gion and pretended agreement r. Dy the Prophets and Jewes


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of the Popes.

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of old,


Exemplified in the renth
Exc. The Law of Christie

Age Sect.16,17,18,
ans is written in their hearts

And few Writers Sect.19.
not Tables.

2. Christians might knowing-

5.7. ly recede from che Do&rines
* 3, By Christ and his Apostles, of their ancestors,

Seft.8. 1. From Gods juft judg.
Exc. 2 Thef. 2. 15. ibid.

S. Scripture proof is neceflary 2: Because they did believe

for confirmation of Do&trines their predeceffors erred.
in the judgment of the Fathers.


3. Eminent persons mighe
6. Orall Tradition hath deceived corrupt the Do&rine reo
** che Romanists themselves.

ceived from their Ance-
Sett. 10.pag.158.

ftors and did so. Sect.23,
-5. Exc. They are not decei-

Exemplified in a forgery
ved in great points de fide


ibid. P. This way of Tradition disproo
Though expérience sufficient. ved by the pra&ice of the

Church of Rome which incron
ly proves the deceit of this a
gument, yet it is particularly duceth Do&rines, not descen-
Thewed how error might creep ding by Tradition buç newe
in this way.

Sect, 27.
It might creep in ky degrees. Exemplified in two Doctrines

Sečt.13. The inimaculate conception 'of
1. Christians might mistake the Bletsed Virgin.

the mind of their predeces. And the Canon of the Scripture.'

1. There was no certaine
way for the third age to

С НА Р. ...
know the Do&rines of
the second.

ib. Of Miracles and the motives of
Instances given of mens

misunderstanding the Do- The opinion represented in their
&rine of the precedenc


The words of our pre•

Other Churches have a jus
decessors may be remem-

fter claime to these marks then
bred and the sense per-




2. Diverse of them are not marks
4. Some ages were horribly

of the Church. Sect.8,9,10.
ignorant and carelelle
The Character of miracles spem

Seft. 14.

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cially considered and their at-

c H A P .
gument thence confured.
3. Christs Miracles prove Romes Of the Solidity of the Prorektants


Foundation of Faith,
. Miracles are not simply and The Procestants have a solid foun,

universally to be believed. dation of Faith in the Scripa
Proved by Arguments.Secl.13, tures the Papists themselves be.

14,15,16,17,18 ing judges.
3. Miracles onelý prove the veria Their Learned men acknowledg

ry of the Dodrine nor the in- s. That the Scripture is, and
tillibility of the person. Sect.19 may

be known to be the word
Miracles do not alwayes prove

of God without the Churches
the verity of a Do&rinc, for Teftimony and by its own light.
they may be, and have beene
idone by Heathens and Here. 2. That the Books of Scripture

are not corrupted in effentiall
Which is acknowledged by the

and necessary points. Sect.3.
learned Papifts.

&t.23. 3. That the sence of Scripture in
S. Miracles are pleaded by things necellary may be un:
the Romanists either in-


pertinently or falsely. Sact.: Except: Protestants build
6. Proteftants may plead Mi- upon au humane Trandia-
racles as well as Papists.

tion answered. S.5,6,7,8. Protestants freed from the pre-
A briefe recapitulation of the

tended circle of proving Scrip-
severall pretensions and re- ture by the spirit, and the spi-
Solutions of Faith


the rit by the Scripture. Sect.9.

Another plea from Gods pro: A consideration of that pretence

vidence, and the supposed offered at by some Romanists.
necesity of a living infale That the Churches authority is a
libic judge, Seci, 25, 26, 27.

fufficient foundation for faith
. without'infallibility: Su 3.



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