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2 The Teftimonies of thofe Authors are undoubtedly fufficient for that end for which I alledge them, which is to shew the falfeness of those doctrines, and the weakness of those ar 7. guments which are disbelieved and difproved by their own learnedest and ftouteft Champions, by which it may appear to all impartial perfons that it is not the ignorance nor prejudice of Proteftants, (as fome of their Writers have the Effrontery to affert) which makes them reject the Popish Tenets, but meerly the want of Truth and evidence therein, confeffed (as you will fee all along in the following Treatife) by their own Brethren, and that it is a defperate madness in any Papift to hazard his everlasting concernments upon fuch principles as fo many of their acuteft Scholars do publickly disavow: And that this is really the cafe of the unhappy Romanist I refer thee to the fubfequent Difcourfe.


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Scripture is no fufficient founda-
tion of Faith to a Papist ac-
cording to their principles pro-
ved out of their prime Authors.
Sect. 1.2,3,4.
The Scriptures alledged by them
for the Popes infallible Aus
thority examined in generall
Sect. 5. 6,

In particular
Matth.16.18. Thou art Peter

Sec. 7,8,9.
John 21.Feed my sheep.9.10.
Luk 22. I have prayed, &c.

Deut. 17.11,12,


CHAP. 3.

Of the Infallible Authority of
the Fathers

Afferted by the Papifts. Sect. 1.




Becaufe Infallibility is the
Churches prerogative. Set 4.
3. The Fathers difclaime it. §.5.
Exc. But Fathers where they
agree are Infallible

4. The Papifts themselves dif
own the Infallibility of the
Fathers though confenting.
S. 7, 8, 9.

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cels, they might do it upon
the account of Scripture not
§. 6.
3. It doth not appear that the
Fathers believed the Infalli
bility of Councels.

Proved by answering the
arguments of Bellarm. and
8. Clara.

§. 7, 8, 9, 10.
Of St Auflins judgment.
S. 10, 11.
4. It appears that the Fathers
believed the Fallibility of
S. 12.
2. There is no foundation for
this Infallibility in Scripture.
Proved in generall. 3.13.
In particular by the exami-
nation of the Texts urged
for it.

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1. That they be generall.S.23.
2. That they have the confent
and approbation of the
whole Church. S. 247
3. That they be rightly con-
ftituted and ordered and
guided by honesty, piety,
and love to Truth.
Exe. Pope, Councels, Fathers,
Scripture conjoyned make
the Church Infallible.


CHAP. 5:


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1. Hereby they both fettle the
Proteftant foundation of Faith
and overthrow their own.§.2, 3.
2. This makes Orall Tradition
more certain then writing
gainst the judgment of God
and all men. §.4.pag. 140.
3. Errors may come in and have
come in to the Church under
pretence of Tradition. §.5.

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An examination of that eva- 4. Traditionary proofs difowned,
fion and pretended agreement. By the Prophets and Jewes

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Sett 9:

6. Orall Tradition hath deceived
the Romanifts themselves.
Sect.10.pag. 158.
Exc. They are not decei-
ved in great points de fide
Though experience fufficient.
ly proves the deceit of this
gument, yet it is particularly
thewed how error might creep
in this way.
It might creep in by degrees.
1. Chriftians might mistake
the mind of their Predecef-
fors. Sect.13.pag.166.
1. There was no certame
way for the third age to
know the Do&rines of
the fecond.
Inftances given of mens
mifunderftanding the Do-
Arine of the precedent
Sect. 14.

3. The words of our pre-
deceffors may be remem-
bred and the fence per-
4. Some ages were horribly
ignorant and careleffe


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3. Eminent perfons might
corrupt the Doctrine re-
ceived from their Ance-
ftors and did fo. Sect.23,
Exemplified in a forgery
of the Popes.
This way of Tradition difpro
ved by the practice of the
Church of Rome which intro
duceth Doctrines, not defcen-
ding by Tradition but new.
Sect. 24.

Exemplified in two Doctrines
The immaculate conception of
the Bleffed Virgin.
And the Canon of the Scripture.

CHA P. 6.


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cially confidered and their at-
gument thence confured.
1. Chrifts Miracles prove Romes
Miracles are not fimply and
univerfally to be believed.
Proved by Arguments.Sect. 13,

3. Miracles onely prove the veri
of the Doctrine not the In-
fallibility of the perfon. Sect.19:
Miracles do not alwayes prove
the verity of a Doctrine, for
they may be, and have beene
tdone by Heathens and Here

Which is acknowledged by the
learned Papifts. Sect. 2.
5. Miracles are pleaded by
the Romanifts either im-
pertinently or falfely. Sact.21.
6. Proteftants may plead Mi-
racles as well as Papifts.

Sect. 22
A briefe recapitulation of the
feverall pretenfions and re-
folutions of Faith among the
Another plea from Gods pro:
vidence, and the fuppofed
neceffity of a living infal.
lible judge, Sect. 25, 26. 27.

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Of the Solidity of the Protestants
Foundation of Faith.
The Proteftants have a folid foun
dation of Faith in the Scrip
tures the Papifts themselves be
ing judges.
Their Learned men acknowledg
That the Scripture is, and
may be known to be the word
of God without the Churches
Teftimony and by its own light
2. That the Books of Scripture
are not corrupted in effentiall
and neceffary points. Sect.3.
That the fence of Scripture in
things neceflary may be un-


Except Proteftants build
upon au humane Tranfla-
tion anfwered. §.5,6,7,8.
Proteftants freed from the pre-
tended circle of proving Scrip-
ture by the fpirit, and the fpi-
rit by the Scripture. Sect.9.

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