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Ætat. 32.

" what thing ye fhall answer, or what Bethany. ye fhall fay: For the Holy Ghoft Luk. xii.. Minift. 3. «hall teach you in the fame hour 12. "what ye ought to fay.



And one of the company faid unto
him, Mafter, Speak to my brother that 13.
be divide the inheritance with me. And
he faid unto him, "Man, who made 14.
me a judge, or a divider over you?
And he said unto them, "Take heed,
"and beware of coveteoufnefs: for a
"man's life confifteth not in the abun-
"dance of the things which he pof-
"feffeth. And he spake a parable to 16.
them, faying, " The ground of a cer-
"tain rich man brought forth plenti-
"fully, and he thought within him- 17.
"felf, faying, What fhall I do, because
"I have no room where to bestow my

fruits? And he faid this will I do: 18.
"I will pull down my barns, and
"build greater; and there will I be-
"ftow all my fruits and my goods..
"And I will fay to my foul: Soul, 19.
"thou haft much goods laid up for


many years: take thine eafe, eat, "drink and be merry. But God faid unto him, Thou fool, this night thy "foul fhall be required of thee: then


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whofe fhall those things be which "thou haft provided? So is he that "layeth up treasure for himself, and "is not rich towards God.


And he faid unto his difciples, 22.
Therefore I fay unto you, Take no
"thought for your life, what ye shall



Luk. xii.

Minift. 3.

eat; neither for the body, what ye Anno "fhall put on. The life is more than Etat. 32. meat, and the body is more than rai24.ment. Confider the ravens : for they "neither fow nor reap; which nei"ther have ftore-houfe nor barn; and "God feedeth them: How much more are ye better than the fowls? And "which of you with taking thought cc can add to his ftature one cubit? 26. "If ye then be not able to do that "thing which is leaft, why take ye cc thought for the reft?


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"Confider the lilies how they grow: "They toil not, they fpin not: and yet I fay unto you, that Solomon in "all his glory, was not array'd like 28. one of thefe. If then God fo clothe




"the grafs, which is to day in the
"field, and to morrow is caft into the
<< oven: how much more will he clothe
"you, O ye of little faith? And feek
"not ye what ye thall eat, or what


ye fhall drink, neither be ye of 30." doubtful mind. For all these things "do the nations of the world feek "after: and your father knoweth that


ye have need of these things. But "rather feek ye the kingdom of God, "and all these things fhall be added unto you. Fear not little flock; for "it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.





33. Sell that ye have, and give alms;
"provide your felves bags which wax
not old, a treafure in the heavens



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"that faileth not, where no thief ap- Bethany. tat. 32. "proacheth, neither moth corrupteth. Luk. xii. Minift. 3. « For where the treafure, is there will cc your heart be alfo.



Let your Loyns be girded about, 35.
"and your lights burning; and ye your 36.
"felves like unto men that wait for
"their Lord, when he will return from
"the wedding, that when he cometh
"and knocketh, they may open unto
"him immediately.


"Bleffed are thofe fervants, whom 37.
"the Lord, when he cometh, thall find
"watching. Verily I fay unto you, that
"he fhall gird himself, and make them
cc to fit down to meat, and will come
"forth and ferve them. And if he
"fhall come in the fecond watch, or
Сс come in the third watch, and find
"them fo; bleffed are thofe fervants.
"And this know, that if the good 39.
(c man of the houfe had known what
"hour the thief would come, he would
"have watched, and not have fuffered
"his houfe to be broken through. Be 40.
. ye therefore ready alfo: for the Son
"of man cometh at an hour where ye
"think not.

Then Peter faid unto him, Lord,
Speakeft thou this parable unto us, or


even to all?

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And the Lord faid, "Who then is 42.
"that faithful and wife fteward, whom
"his Lord fhall make ruler over his
"houfhold to give them their portion
" of meat in due feafon? Bleffed is
N 2



"that fervant, whom his Lord when Anno "he cometh fhall find fo doing. Of Etat. 32. 44. cc a truth I fay unto you, that he will Minist. 3..

Luk. xii.


"make him ruler over all that he hath. 45." But and if that fervant fay in his "heart, My Lord delayeth his com❝ing; and fhall begin to beat the men"fervants, and maidens, and to eat "and drink, and to be drunken: The "Lord of that fervant will come in a "day when he looketh not for him, "and at an hour when he is not aware, "and will cut him in funder, and will "appoint him his portion with the 47. unbelievers. And that fervant which "knew his Lord's will, and prepared



not himself, neither did according to
"his will, fhall be beaten with many
48." ftripes.
ftripes. But he that knew not
"and did commit things worthy of
ftripes, fhall be beaten with few
ftripes. For unto whomfoever much
"is given, of him fhall be much re-
"quired and to whom men have
"committed much, of him they will
"ask the more.




"I am come to fend fire on earth
"what will I if it be already kindled?
"But I have a baptifin to be baptized
with, and how am I ftraitned till
"it be accomplished! Suppofe ye that
"I am come to give peace on earth?
"I tell you, nay; but rather divifion.
"For from henceforth there shall be
"five in one houfe divided, three a-
gainst two, and two against three.






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Luk. xii.


"The father fhall be divided against Bethany.
"the fon, and the fon against the fa-
ther: the mother against the daugh. 53.
"ther, and the daughter against the
"mother: the mother-in-law against
"the daughter-in-law; and the daugh-
"ter-in-law against the mother-in-
" law.


"And he faid alfo to the people, 54.
"When ye fee a cloud rife out of the
"weft, ftraightway ye fay, There com-
"eth a fhower; and fo it is.



"And when ye fee the fouth wind
"blow, ye fay, There will be heat;
"and it cometh to pafs. Ye hypocrites, 56.
ye can difcern the face of the sky,
"and of the earth: but how is it, that
CC ye do not discern this time? Yea, 57.
"and why even of your felves judge
વ ye not what is right? When thou $8.
goeft with thine adverfary to the
magiftrate, as thou art in the way,
give diligence that thou mayeft be
"delivered from him; left he hale
"thee to the judge, and the judge de-
"liver thee to the officer, and the
"officer caft thee into prifon. I tell 59.




thee, thou shalt not depart thence, "till thou haft paid the very laft "mite.



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