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* Mat. XX.

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i Mar. X.


to him, We are able. * ; And Jesus The way to ca. 33. faid unto them, Te shall indeed drink of Jesulalem.". Minift.4

cup that I'drink of and with the 39.

Mar: X
baptism that I am v bsprised withall
Shall ye be baptized. But to sit on my
right hand, and on my left is not mine
to give, but it shall be given to them for
whom it is prepared * of my father.

23. Mar. XX.
i And when the ten heard it, they were 24.
41, 42.

moyed with indignation against the
two brethren * James and John. *Bur941. Mar. x,
Jesus called them to him; and said, Ye 125. Mac, XX,
know that the princes of the Gentiles
exercise dominion over them, and they
that a

are exercise authority upon
Mat. XX. them. But fo shall it not be among you : 43
76, 27, 28. but whosoever will be great among you,

Shall be your minister ; And whofoever. 44.
of you will be the chiefeft, shall be fer-
vant of all. For even the son of man
came not to be ministred unto, but to mi
nister, and to give his life a ransom for


Mar. X


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Jesus going from Jericho; cureth blind Jericha.


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• Maç. XX.

ND they came to Jericho : and

30, 31, 32 as he went out of Jericho with
Luk, xviii. his disciples, and a great number of

people, blind Bartimeus, the son of
Timeus, fat by the high way fide, beg-

ging, And hearing the multitude pass by, 36. Luk. xviii. Mar. x, he asked what it meant?


And they 37,


47, 48,




fericho. told him, that Jesus of Nazareth pas- Anno Mar. X.

28. seth by. 'A'nd he cried, saying, Fefus, Minift.3

thou son of David, have mercy on me. 39. And they which; went before, rebuked

him, that he should hold his peace ;

but he cried fo, much the more, Thou

son of David, have mercy on me. c* And Luk, xviii,
Jesus stood ftill, and commanded him 40.
to be called: and they call the blind

man, saying, unto him, Be of good com.
50.fort, rise, he calleth thee. And he cast.

ing away his garment, rofe, and came
51. to Jefus. "And Jesus answered and said "Mat. XX.

unto him, What wilt thou that I fhould 32, 33.
do unto thee? The blind man said un-

Luk. xviii,

40, 41. to him, Lord that I might receive my

34-jight. * So Jesus had compassion on Luk. xvii.

42. [him) and touched [bis] eyes : ** And Mar. X.52.

Jesus said unto him, Receive thy fight : Miracle. thy faith hath Javed thee. * ' And € Mat. xx.

52. immediately he received his fight, and 34: Luk. xviii. 43.followed Jesus in the way, *Glorifying Luk. xvlii.

. . God: and all the people when they 43. saw it, gave praise to God.


Mat. x.


Mar. X.

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Jesus going through Jericho, Zacheus

desirons to see him, climbs up, a
tree : Jefus
his house, at which the Jews mura

Same goes to
mur, because he was a Publican,
The Parable of the King that went
{ out of his Dominions to be crown-

ed in another Country.



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ND Jesus entred and passed thro’l. Luk. xix.

Jericho. And behold there was 2, :
a man named Zacheus, which was the
chief among the Publicans, and he was
rich. And he fought to see Jesus who 3,3
he was, and could not for the press, be-
cause he was little of statúre. And he 4.
san before and climbed up into a fyco-
more tree, to see him; "for he was to
pass that way. And when Jesus came 5:
to the place, he looked up and faw
him, and said unto him, Zacheus, make :
haste, and come down; for to day, I must
abidé at thy boufe. And he made halte, 6.

and came down, and received him joy-
fully. And when they saw it, they all 7;
murmured, saying, that he was gone to
be guest with a man that is a finner. And 8.
Zaccheus stood and said

unto the Lord,
Behold, Iord, the half of my goods I give na
to the poor and if I have taken any
thing from any man by false accusation,
Irestore bim fourfold." And Jelus faid

G. ļoto

Jericho.' unto him, This day is salvation come to
Luk. xix.

this house, for as much as he also is tbe
10. Son of Abraham. For the son of man is

come to seek, and to save that which was

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And as they heard these things, he added, and spake a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem, and becaase they thought that the kingdom of God should

immediately appear. He faid there12. forę,“ A certain nobleman went into a

“ far country to receive for himself a 13. “ kingdom, and to return. And he

called his ten servants, and delivered .«

them ten pounds, and said unto them, 14.“ Occupy, till I come. But his Citi

w.zens hated him, and fent a' message

c. after him, saying, we will not have I56 0C this man to reign over us. And iç

came to pass, that when he was re-
4* turned, having received the kingdom,

od then he commanded these servants to
6 be called unto him, to whom he had
« given the money, that he might know,

či how much every man had gained by
16.06 trading Then came the first, say,

cc ing, Lord, thy pound hath gained 17.“ ten pounds. And he said unto him,

“ Well done thou good servant; because
Ta thou hast been faithful in a very lit-

ci tle, have thou authority over ten
« Cities. And the second came, say.

ing, Lord, thy pound hath gained
19, ( five pounds. And he said likewise

cs to him, Be thou also over five Cities, 20. « And another came, saying, Lord, Ber

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“ hold,

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Æcat. 33.6

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hold, here is thy pound which I have Jericho, Minist. 4. « ed thee, because thou art an austere

. . kept laid up in a napkin: For I fear: 21. Lak. xix man: thou takelt


that thou layest
“ not down, and reapest that thou didft
u nor fow. And he faith unro him, 22
“ Out of thine own mouth will I judge

thee, thou wicked fervant. Thou
u knewest that I was an austere man,

taking up that I laid not down, and
“ reaping that I did not sow: Where- 230
« fore then gavest not thou my money
“ into the bank, that at my coming I
“ might have required mine own with
* ufury? And he said unto them that 24.
« stood by, Take from him the pound,
« and give it to him that hath ten

pounds. (And they faid unto him, 25.
« Lord, he hath ten pounds.) For 1.26.

say unto you, That unto every one
« which hath, shall be given: and from

him that hath not, even that he hath
« shall be taken away from him. But 27.
« those mine enemies which would not
« that I thould reign over them, bring

hither, and slay them before me.


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ND the Jew's paftover was nigh ss. Joh.xi.

at hand: and many went out of the country up to Jerusalem before the


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