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and the chief of the people fought to Temple. Acar: 33. destroy him. And could not find what 48. Luk. xixs Minift. 4. they might do: for all the people were

very attentive to hear him.

The curiosity of some Greeks to see Jerusalern.

Jesus. His Speech concerning his
death, and the Incredibility of the
Jews; which ended, he returns in
the evening to Bethany.



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ND there were certain Greeks a. 20. Joh. xii.

mong them, that came up to wor-
Thip at the feast. The fame came there-at.
fore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida
of Galilee, and desired him, saying,
Sir, we would see Jesus. Philip com- 22.
eth and telleth Andrew: and again,
Andrew and Philip told Jesus. And 23.
Jesus answered them, saying,

hour is come, that the son of man
« should be glorified. Verily, verily I say 24.

unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall
" into the ground, and die, it abideth

alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth
“ much fruit. He that loveth his life, 2$.
¢ shall lose it: and he that hateth his
« life in this world, shall keep it unto
“ life eternal. If any man serve me, 26.
« let him follow me; and where I am,
" there shall also my fervant be: if

any man serve me, him will my Fa-
" ther honour. Now is my soul trou-

. R 2

" bled ;

Joh. xii.

Minist. 4.

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Jerusalem. bled; and what shall I fay? Father Anno

< fave me from this hour: but for this Ætat. 33. 28." caufe came I unto this hour. Father

glorifie thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have

both glorified it, and will glorifie it again. 29. The people therefore that stood by,

and heard it, faid, That it thundred:

others faid, an angel Spake to him. 30. Jesus answered, and said, “ This voice

came not because of me, but for 31" your fakes: Now is the judgment of

“ this world : now shall the prince of 32.“ this world be cast out. And I, if I

“ be lifted up from the earth, will draw 33.“ all men to me. (This he said, fig.

nifying what death he should die.)
34. The people answered him, We have

heard out of the Law, that Christ abid-
eth for ever : and how sayest thou, The

Son of man must be lift up? who is this
35. Son of man? Then Jefus said unto them,
" Yet a little while is the light with

you: walk while ye have the light, « lest darkness come upon you : for he " that walketh in darkness, knoweth

not whither he goeth.' While ye “ have light, believe in the light, that

ye may be the children of light.

These things fpake Jesus and departed, and did hide himself from them. 37. But though he had done so many Mi.

racles before them, yet they believed
38. not on him; That the saying of Efaia3

the prophet might be fulfilled, which
he spake [liii. 1.] Lord, who bath





Anno Ævar.

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believed our report, and to whom hath Jerusalem, #car: 33. the arm of the Lord been revealed ? Joh. xii. Minift. 4. Therefore they could not believe, be 39.

cause that Efaias said again, He hath 40.
blinded their eyes, and hardned their
hearts; that they should not see with
their eyes, nor understand with their
heart, and be converted, and I should
heal them. These things faid Efaias 41.
when he saw his glory, and spake of
him. Nevertheless, among the chief 42
rulers also, many believed on him; but
because of the Pharisees they did not
confess him, left they should be put out
of the synagogue. For they loyed the 43.
praise of men more than the praise of

* And Jesus entred into Jerusalem, 1i.,
and into the Temple; and when he had
looked round about upon all things,
* Jesus cried, and said, “ He that be- 44. Joh. xii.
“ lieveth on me, believeth not on me,
u but on him that fent me. And he 45
" that seeth me, seeth him that fent

me. I am come a light into the 45,
world, that whosoever believeth on

me, should not abide in darkness.
" And if any man hear my words and 47.
" believe not, I judge him not; for I
came not to judge

the world, but to
fave the world. He that reje&teth 48.
" me, and receiveth not my words,

hath one that judgeth him; the word
" that I have spoken, the same shall
f judge him in the last day. For 1 49,
hayè not spoken of my felf; but the





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Temple. " Father which sent me, he gave me a Anno

mę commandment, what I should say, Ætar. 33.

: 50.

and what I should speak. And I Miñist. 4: “ know that his commandment is life " everlasting: whatsoever I speak there

fore, even as the Father said unto me Bethany,

“ fo I speak. Mar. xi. And now the even-tide was come, Mat. xxi. 17.* And he left them, and went out of

the city into Bethany, and lodged there 1!.* with the twelve.


Mar, xi.

Returning to Jefus on his return from Bethany

Jerusalem, curfes the barren Figo
tree, which is forthwith dried up,
His discourse concerning Faith,
and pardoning of Offences.


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Mar. xi. 12. 2 ND on the morrow in the morn-

ing, * when they were come from
Mar: xi. .
Mar. xxi

. 18: Bethany, * as he returned into the city, Parxi.

he hungred, * 6 And seeing a fg-tree • Mar. xi.
a far off, having leaves, he came, if hap- 12.
ly he might find any thing thereon: and Mat. xxi
when he came to it, he found nothing 19.

but leaves: for the time of figs was not
14. yet. And Jesus answered and said un-

to it, No man cat ruit of thee hereafter

for ever. And his disciples heard it, Mat. xxi. 19.

* And presently the fig tree withered ag, xia 18. away.

* And the Scribes and chief Priests heard it, and sought how they


Anno might destroy him: for they feared Near JerusaÆrar. 33. him, because all the people was asto.

lem. Mipift. 4 nished at his Doctrine. And when even 19.

was come, he went out of the city,
And in the morning, as they passed by, 20.
they faw the fig.tree dried up from the
roprs. * And when the disciples faw 20. Mat. xxi,
it, they marvelled, saying, How foon
is the fig-tree withered away? *And 21. Mar, xi,
Peter calling to remembrance, faith
unto him, Master, behold, the fig-tree

which those cursedst, is withered away..
< Mac. xxi.' And Jesus answering, faith unto them, 22
21, 22.

“ Have faith in God. For verily I say 23,

unto you, that whosoever shall say
unto this mountain, Be thou remo.
ved, and be thou cast into the sea,
" and shall not doubt in his heart, but
” shall believe that those things which
Yo he faith shall come to pass, he shall
" have whatsoever he faith. There- 34

fore I say unto you, what things fo

ever ye defire when ye pray, believe
« that ye receive them, and ye shall
“ have them. And when ye ftand, pray: 297

ing, forgive, if ye have ought against

any: that your Father which is in ç heaven, may forgive you your tref

passes. But if you do not forgive, h neither will your Father which is in

heaven forgive your trespasses,

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