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Ætat 33. Minist. 4.'


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Jerusalem. hasil




Jesues filences the Sanhedrim, wha

asked by debat authority be acted';
and describes their temper in fe-
: veral Parables. Their rage upon
this account,

millioner Mar. xi.

ND they come again to Jerusalem; Luk. XX.

1 . And it came to pass that'on one. Mat. xxię

of those days, as he taught the people 23. Temple, in the temple, and preached the gospel, 28.

Mar.xi, 272 the chief Priests and the Scribes came upon him, with the elders. And spakę 2. unto him, saying, Tell us by what au

thority doft thou thefe things or who

is he' that gave thee this authority? Mar.xi. 32. * L.And Jefus anfwered and said to them, • Mat. xxi,

"I will also ask of you one question, 24;

and answer me, and I will tell you

11: by what authority I do these things. Mat, xxi. 15. The baptifm of John whence was

* Mar.xi. 30. Mir. xi. 99. it? from heaven, or of men ? * Ari Luk. xx. 4.

31.1. Twer me. And they reasoned with Mat. xxi. themselves," saying, If we shall fay; 25;

3 Luk. XX. 5: from heaven; he will fay, Why then did Luk. xx.

6. He not believe him? *But and if we • Mat. xxi. Say,; all the people will Aone 26.

Mar, xi.32 us : for they be persuaded that John was Mr. xi. 33.

a prophet.** And they answered and * Mat. xxi,
said unto Jesus, We cannot tell. And 27,
Jelgs answering, faith unto them, Nei Luk. xx,
ther do I tell you by what authority I do
these things,


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* & And he began to speak unto them Temple. Ætät. 33. by parables. *" But what think you? A:

Mar. xii. Minift. 4. certain man had two sons, and he came

28. Mat. xxi.
: Luk. XX.

to the first, and said, Son, go work
to day in my vineyard. He answer- 29,
ed and said, I will not; but after-

ward he repented, and went. And 30.
« he came to the second, and said like-
« wife. And he answered and said, I
go Sir, and went not. Whether of

them twain did the will of his Fa.
se ther? They say unto him, The first.
Jesus saith unto them, “Verily I say

unto you, that the Publicans and the
« Harlots go into the kingdom of God
“ before you. For John came unto you 32,
ft in the way of righteousness, and ye
“ believed him not, but the publicans
fat and harlots believed him. And ye
“ when ye had seen it, repented nor af-

terward, that ye might believe him.

" Hear another parable: There was
"Marxii.i.“ ha certain housholder which planted a
Luk. XX, 9.66 vineyard, and hedged it round about,

“ and digged a winepress in it, and
4 built a tower, and let it out to hus-

a bandmen, and went into a far coun.

* for a long time. * And when 59. Luk. xx, the time of the fruit drew near, 134. Mat.xxi.

u * i He sent to the husbandmen a feri Mat. xxi.

Mar. xiią
34, 35, 36.“ vant, that he might receive from the,“ husbandmen of the fruit of the vine-
11, 12. yard. And they caught him and beat

« him, and sent him away empty,
" And again he sent unto them another

servant ; and at him they cast stones,
j and wounded him in the head


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Minift. :

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Temple. “ * and sent him away empty. * shame- Anno 11. Luk. XXX“ fully handled. And again, he fent #13: 33. • A. Mar. sil. « another, and him they killed : and

many others, beating some, and kil. Luk. XX. 13,“ ling fome. * «Then said the Lord of " Mat. xxi. “ the vineyard, What shall I do? I will 37.

Mar. xii. 6, “ send my beloved son: it may be they

u will reverence him when they see 14.“ him. But when the husbandmen saw « him, they reasoned among themselves,

saying, This is the heir : come, let

“ us kill him, that the inheritance may Mat. xxi. 39.

66 be ours. *a And they caught him, - Mat.

cs and cast him out of the vineyard, and 8, 9.
40.“ flew him. When the Lord therefore of Luk.xx.IS,

“ the vineyard cometh, what will he do

unto those husbandmen? They say unto
him, He will miserably destroy those wick.
ed men, and will let out his vineyard unto

other busbandmen,which shall render him Luk. xx. 16. the fruits in due season. * And when

they heard it, they said God forbid. And

17:3578/48] beheld theip and said, *6" Did . Mar. xii, Mar.xxi.43.

ye never read in the Scriptures, The 10, 11.3 « Itone which the builders reje&ted, the Luk,XX.17:

same is become the head of the cor

ner: This is the Lord's doing, and “ ir is marvellous in our eyes. There « fore I say unto you, The kingdom of "God shall be taken from you, and “ given to a nation bringing forth the “ fruits thereof; And whosoever shall Luk, xx “ fall on this stone shall be broken : 18.... " but on whomsoever it shall fall it

will grind him to powder,



..*! And






** And the chief Priests and the Temple. ca: 33. Scribes fought to lay hands on him the 19. Luk. XX. - Mat. xxi. fame hour, and they feared the people, 46.

* because they took him for a prophet. 46. Mat. xxi. Mas.xii.!2. And when the chief Priests and Phari

45. sees had heard his parables, they perceived † that he had spoken this para- ? . Luk. xx. ble againft them. * And they left him, 12. Mar. xii, and went their way.

* And Jesus answered and spake un- 1. Mat. xxii,
to them again by parables, and said,
« The kingdom of heaven is like unto 2;

a certain king which made a marriage
" for his son, And sent forth his ser- 3.

vants to call them that were bidden

to the wedding: and they would not
ço come. Again he sent forth other ser- 4.
avants, saying, Tell them which are
« bidden, Behold I have prepared my
“ dinner: my oxen and my fatlings arę
“ killed, and all things are ready :

come unto the marriage. But they sa
u made light of it, and went their ways,
♡ one to his farm, another to his mer-
a chandize : And the remnant took his 6.
« servants, and intreated them spiteful-
s ly; and flew them. But when the 7: Mat. xxij.
buking heard thereof, he was wroth :

and he fent forth his armies, and de-
stroyed those murtherers, and burnt
up their city. Then saith he to his &.
servants, The wedding is ready, but
they which were bidden were not
worthy. Go ye therefore into the 9.
highways, and as many as ye shall
find; bid to the marriage.' So those 1o.

s servants


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Temple. Mar.xxii,

Ætat. 33.

૯૯ II.

* fervants went out into the highways, Anno
" and gathered together all as many as Mipitt. 4.

they found, both bad and good : and
the wedding was furnilhed with

guests. And when the king came in
" to see the guests, he saw there a man

“ which had not on a wedding garment: 12." And he faith unto him, Friend, how “ comest thou in hither, not having a

wedding garment ? And he was
13. speechless. Then said the king to
“ the servant, Bind him hand and foot,

and take him away, and cast him in
to outer darkness: there shall be
weeping and gnashing of teeth. For
many are called, but few are chosen,

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Jerusalem. The Jews fuborn Men to find out

Jesus's opinion concerning paying
Tribute to the Romans, whom he
filences by a wary answer.



Mar. xxii. 15.

*Hen went the Pharisees and took THE

counsel how they might intangle Luk. xx. 20. him in his talk. ** And they watched Mate xxii,

. him, and sent forth spies, which should 16.

Mar, xii.13. Mar. xii. 13. feign themselves just men, * certain of

the Pharisees, and of the Herodians, Luk, xx. 20.* that they might take hold of his

words, thar so they might deliver him

unto the power and authority of the Mar. xii. 14. governour. * And when they were come, Mat. xxii. jó: they say unto him, Mafler, * we know Luk. xx.


Mar. xii,

ibat 21, 22,

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