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Two days before the Passover Jefus
foretels his death, which the San-
bedrim had determined.


ND it came to pafs when Jefus 1. Mat. xxvi. had finished all these fayings,



Mar.xiv.1. he faid unto his difciples, * Te know 2.
that after two days is the feaft of the
paffover, and of unleavened bread:
* and the fon of man is betrayed to be
crucified. Then affembled together the 3.
chief Priests and the Scribes, and the
Elders of the people, to the palace of
the high Prielt, who was called Cai-
Mat. xxvi. phas, And the chief Priests and 1.
the Scribes fought how they might take
him by craft, and put him to death.
Mar.xiv.2>*< But they faid, not on the feast day, 5. Mat. xxvi.
left there be an uproar among
for they feared the people.

Mar. xiv,



the people,

2. Luk. xxi

1. Mar. xiva 2. Mat.xxvis


Jefus is anointed in the house of Simon. Bethany.


W when Jefus was in Bethany, 6. Mat. xxvi: in the house of Simon the leper. There came unto him a woman having 7. an alabaster box * of ointment of Spike-3. nard, very precious; and the brake the


as 7. Mat. xxvi;

* Mat.xxvi. box, and poured it on his head,
he fat at meat. But when his difci- 8.
Mar.xiv.4. ples faw it, they had indignation, fay-
ing, To what purpose is this waste * of 3: Mar, xiv.



Mar. xiv.

Minift. 4.

the ointment made? For it might have Anno been fold for more than three hundred cat. 33. pence, and have been given to the poor. Mat. xxvi. Mat. xvi. 10. And they murmured against her. * When 9. Jefus understood it, he faid to them, Mar.xiv.6. "Why trouble ye the woman? for the "has wrought a good work upon me. "For ye have the poor with you al-Mat. xxvi. ways, and when foever ye will, ye 11. may do them good: but me ye have not always. She hath done what Mat. xxvi. 12. " fhe could. For in that she hath




Mar, xiv.


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poured this ointment on my body;

Mar. xiv.


8. She is come aforehand to anointMat. xxvi. Mat. xxvi. 13. " my body to the burying. Verily 12. * "I fay unto you, wherefoever this "Mar.xiv. 9. gofpel fhall be preached in the whole "world, there fhall alfo this, that "this woman hath done, be told for a "memorial of her.


Jerufalem Judas bargains with the Sanhedrim to betray Jefus.

"Hen entred Satan into Judas, firna-
med Ifcariot, being of the number

Luk. xxii. 3.



4. of the twelve. And he went his way, Mat. xxvi. and communed with the chief Priefts and 14. Captains, how he might betray him un Mat. xxvi. 15. to them. And faid unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him un

Mar. xix. 11. to you? And when they heard it, they
were glad, and promifed to give him
Mat. xxvi. 15. money. *And they covenanted with Luk. xxii
Luk. xxii.6. him for thirty pieces of filver. And



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Anno he promised,


And from that time he Jerufalem. Mat 33. fought opportunity to betray him un- 6. Luk. xxii Mar. xiv. to them in the abfence of the multitude. Mat. xxvi. 16"






The fourth Paffover after Chrift's
Baptifm. Jefus celebrates the
Laft Paffover with his Difciples,
foretels the Treachery of Judas,
and inftitutes the Eucharist.

Hen came the day of unleavened 7. Luk. xxiiï Tbread, when the paffover muft be




Mar. xiv. killed. Now the first day of the 17. Mat. xxvi. feaft of unleavened bread, when they 12. Mar.xiv. killed the paffover, the difciples came 17.Matxxvi. Mat.xxvi. to Jefus, faying unto him, Where 12. Mar. xiv. Luk.xxii.g wilt thou that we go and prepare that


• Mar.. xiv. thou mayeft eat the paffover And 8. Luk. xxii. he fent Peter and John, faying, Go and prepare us the paffover, that we may eat.





Mat. xxvi. And he faid unto them, "* Go ye 10. "into the city, * Behold when ye are 13. Mar.xiv. entred into the city, there fhall a man to.Luk.xxii. meet you, bearing a pitcher of water: "follow him into the house where he "entreth in. And wherefoever he 14. Mar. xiv. Mat. xxv. fhall go in, fay ye to the good man




Luk. xxii.

"of the houfe, The mafter faith, My 18. Mat. xxiv. "time is at hand, I will keep the paf


foever at thy houfe with my difciples.

11, 12.

Luk. xxii. " *Where is the guest chamber, where 14. Mar.xiv
"I fhall eat the paffover with my dif
ciples? And he will fhew you a 15.




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large (+) upper-room furnished and Anno Æcat. 33. "prepared: there make ready for us. Minift. 4. Mar. xiv. 16. And his difciples went forth, and came Mat.xxvi. into the city, and found as he had faid 19. unto them and they made ready the Luk. xxii. Mat. xxvi. 20. paffover. Now when the even was 13. Mar. xiv. Luk. xxii. 14. come, he fat down, and the twelve Mar. xiv. 18.apoftles with him. And as they fat, Luk. xxii. and did eat, Jefus faid, Verily I fay 14. unto you, that one of you shall betray Mar. xiv. Luk. xxii., * But behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me, is with me on the table,



Mat. xxvi. 21.




Mar. xiv. 18, which eateth with me. * And they & Mar. xiv. Mat. xxii. 22. were exceeding forrowful, and began 19, 20. every one of them to fay unto him, Luk. xxii. 23. Lord, is it I? And he anfwered and faid, He that dippeth his hand with me in the difh, the fame shall betray me.



Mar. xiv. 21. The fon of man indeed goeth, as it *Mat. xxvi is written him: but wo to that man 24.

by whom the fon of man is betrayed: Luk. xxii. good were it for that man if he had never


Mat. xxvi. 25.been born.. Then Judas which betrayed him, anfwered, and faid, Mafter, is it I? He faid unto him, thou haft Jaid.

(+) Upper room, It was their private houfe of Oratory in the uppermoft part of their dwelling Houfes. The upper Rooms in Scripture, were places in that part of the Houfe which was higheft from the ground, fet apart by the Jews for their private Occafions and Devotions, to be addrefs'd towards Solomon's Temple, or the place of that, which for the Confecration and conveniency of recefs, the Apostles made use of in the Chriftian way. See Alls i. 13. ix. 37, 39. xx. 8, 9. Dan. vi. to. Jer. xxii. 13, 14. Gregory.


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Minift. 4.

And as they were eating, Jefus took Jerufalem. tat. 33 bread, and bleffed it, and brake it, and 26. Mat. xvi. Mar. xiv. gave it to the difciples, and faid, Take,



8 Mat. xxvi.

eat; This is my body which is given 19. Luk. xxii Luk. xxii. for you: this do in remembrance of me, Likewife alfo he took the cup after Cor.xi.24 fupper, * And when he had given 27. thanks, he gave it to them, And he faid Mar.xiv.23. unto them, *Drink ye alfo of it: *This 1 Cor.xi.25. cup is the new teftament in my blood, • Mat.xxvi. which is shed for many for the remif28. fion of fins. This do ye, as oft as Mar.xiv.24. ye drink it, in remembrance of me. Cor.xi.25. And they all drank of it.

i Mat. xxvi.

*And he faid unto them, "With 15.
defire I have defired to eat this paf-
"foever with you before I fuffer. For 16.
"I fay unto you, I will not any more
sc eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the
"kingdom of God. And he took the 17.
cup, and gave thanks, and faid, Take
"this, and divide it among your felves.


* Mat.xxvi. "For I fay unto you, I will not drink 18. " of the fruit of the vine, until that 29. Mat. xxvi Mar.xiv.25 « day when I drink it new in my Fa"ther's kingdom.

Luk. xxii.



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20.Luk.xxii. 23.Mar.xiv.

xxii. 20.

23. Mar. xiv.


27. Mat.xvi. 20. Luk. xxii.

28. Mat. xxvi.

25. 1 Cor. xi.

23. Mar. xiv. Luk. xxii

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