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Luke vi. 1.'


The Pharifees reprove Chrift's Dif-
ciples for plucking the ears of Corn
on the Sabbath.



Etat. 31.

Minift. 2.

ND it came to pafs on the second ⚫Mat.xii.I. fabbath after the firft, that [Jefus] Mar. ii. 23. went through the corn fields, and his Disciples plucked the ears of corn, and

did eat, rubbing them in their hands.

Mat. xii. 2. But when the Pharifees faw it they Mar.ii.24. faid unto him, Behold thy difciples do Luk. vi. 2. that which is not lawful upon the fab

Luk. vi.

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3. bath day. And Jefus anfwering them, Mat.xii. 3. faid "have ye not read fo much as this, Mar. ii. 25. "what David did, when himself was an

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hungred, and they which were with

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Mar. ii. 26." him? How he went into the houfe Mar.xii.4. "of God in the days of Abiathar the Luk. vi. 4. 4." high priest, and did take and eat Mat.xii.4. "the fhew bread, and gave alfo to Mar.ii. 26. CC them that were with him, which is

Luke vi.

Mat. xii.

Mar. ii.

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not lawful to eat, but for the priests 5.“ alone? * Or have ye not read in the Law, how that on the fabbath days "the priests in the temple prophane 6." the fabbath, and are blameless? But "I fay unto you, that in this place is 27. one greater than the temple. And he faid unto them, The fabbath was "made for man, and not man for the "fabbath. But if ye had known what "this meaneth, [Hofea vi. 6.] I will have

Mat. xii. 7.

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mercy and not facrifice,

ye would Etat. 31. "not have condemned the guiltlefs. Minift. 2. • For the fon of man is Lord even of g.

a Mar.ii.28.

Luk. vi. 5.

* Mat. xii.

9, 10.

2, 3.


"the fabbath.


Jefus cureth a man that had a wi-
thered hand on the fabbath day;
at which the Jews being offen-
ded, take counfel against him.


Mat. xii,

ND when [Jefus] was departed 9. Mat. xii. thence it came to pass alfo on 6. Luke vi. another fabbath, that he entred into the Mar. iii. 1, Synagogue and taught: and there was a man whofe right hand was withered. And the Scribes and Pharifees watched 7. him whether he would heal on the fabbath day that they might find an accufation against him. But he knew their 8. thoughts, and faid unto the man which had the withered hand, Rife up, and ftand forth in the mids. And he arofe and ftood forth. And they asked him 10. Mat. xiifaying, It is lawful to heal on the fabbath days? that they might accufe him. "And he faid unto them, what man 11. "fhall there be among you, that fhall have

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one theep, and if it fall into a pit on "the fabbath day, will he not lay hold

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on it, and lift it out? How much 12.
"then is a man better than a fheep?
wherefore it is lawful to do well on
"the fabbath days.

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* Then

Luk. vi. 9.

Mar. iii.




Minift. 2.

Then faid Jefus unto them I will Anno ask you one thing, Is it lawful on the 31. fabbath days to do good or to do evil? to a Mar.iii. 4. 4. fave life or to deftroy it? But they

held their peace.

5. And when he had looked round a- bout on them with anger, being grieved


for the hardness of their hearts,he Mat. xii. faith unto the man, ftretch forth thine 13, 14. band. And he stretched it out: and his Luk. vi.13. hand was restored whole as the other.

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And the Pharifees went forth with the Herodians, and ftraightway took counsel against him, how they might Luk. vi. .deftroy him. And they were filled with madness and communed one with another what they might do to Jefus. Mat. xii. 15. But when Jefus knew it, he withdrew himself from thence.

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Mark iii.



Jefus withdraweth himself to the
Sea, where a great multitude fol-
low him, to hear him, and be

IT withdrew himself with


Bhis difciples to the fea: and a Mat. xii.



great multitude followed him from Ga- 15. 8. lilee and from Judea. And from Jerufalem, and from Idumea, and from beyond Jordan: and they about Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude when they had heard what great things he did,





came unto him. And he fpake to his 9. Mar. iii. Etat. 31. difciples, that a fmall fhip should wait Minift. 2. on him, because of the multitude, left 2 Mat. xii. they fhould throng him. For he had 10. healed many, infomuch that they preffed upon him for to touch him, as many as had plagues. And unclean fpirits 11. when they faw him, fell down before him, and cried, faying, Thou art the Mat. xii. fon of God. And he ftraightly char- 12. ged them, that they fhould not make


• Mar. iii.



him known. That it might be fulfilled 17. Mat. xii.
which was fpoken by Efaias the prophet
[xlii. i.] faying, Behold my fervant 18.
whom I have chofen, my beloved in whom
my foul is well pleafed: I will put my
Spirit upon him, and he shall fhew judge-
ment to the Gentiles. He shall not 19.
ftrive, nor cry, neither fhall any man
bear his voice in the streets. A brui-
fed reed fhall be not break, and Smoak-
ing flax fhall he not quench, till he
Send forth Fudgment unto Victory.
And in his name Shall the Gentiles 21.



The chufing of the twelve Apostles. Galilee.


ND it came to pafs in thofe days, 12. Luk. vi. that che went out into a moun

tain to pray, and continued all night in

prayer to God. And when it was day 13.
he called unto him his difciples: * and 13. Mar. iii

Mar. iii. they came unto him, ** and of them he 13. Luk. vi. chofe 14. Mar. iii.



Minift. 2.

chose twelve that they should be with Anno Luk. vi. 13. him, whom alfo he named Apostles: 31. Mar. iii. 14. and that he might fend them forth to 15. preach: and to have power to heal fickneffes, and to caft out devils.

Luke vi.

Mar. iii.



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Mar. iii.

Luk. vi.

14, 15.

14. * a Simon (whom he also named Pe17. ter) and Andrew his brother, And 16. 11. James the Son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James, and he firnamed them Boanerges, which is the fons of Thun18. der.) And Philip and Bartholomew and Matthew, and Thomas, and James Luk. iv. 16.the Son of Alpheus. And Judas [alfo Mar. iii. 18. called] Thaddeus, the brother of Luk. vi. 16. James, and Simon the Cananite called Mar. iii. Luk. vi. 15. Zelotes and Judas Iscariot, which 18. Mat. iii. 19. alfo betrayed him.

Mar. iii. 18.

Luke vi. 17.

* d


Jefus goes into the plain with the
Apoftles, and his other Difciples,
and is followed by a multitude
to be healed of their diseases;
his friends feek to lay hold of


ND he came down with them,

A and food in the plain, and the
company of his difciples, and a great
multitude of people out of all Judea
and Jerufalem, and from the fea coaft
of Tyre and Sidon, which came to hear
him, and to be healed of their diseases;



d Luk. vi.


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