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mighty hand, And guard and


2 Arise, O Lord of hosts;

Be jealous for Thy Name,
And drive from out our coasts

The sins that put to shame:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our fatherland.
3 The powers ordained by Thee
With heavenly wisdom bless;
May they Thy servants be,

And rule in righteousness:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our fatherland.

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2 From all unrest by envy bred, From all assaults by passion led, From anarchy with banners red,

Good Lord, defend and save.


1 From hands that would our land de-

From selfish greed and grasping power,
From wilful waste of freedom's dower,

From pleasure's flooding wave;



hear our lowly cry, And hide not Thou Thy face: O Lord, stretch forth Thy De



mer - cy

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Rev. John B. Dykes 1862

and for grace:

fa ther land.

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4 The Church of Thy dear Son
Inflame with love's pure fire;
Bind her once more in one,
And life and truth inspire:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our fatherland.
5 Give peace, Lord, in our time;
O let no foe draw nigh,
Nor lawless deed of crime
Insult Thy Majesty:

O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our fatherland.

Bishop W. Walsham How, 1871

3 Let power and justice side by side Bring civil peace and civic pride; Still may the ancient order bide

Of law and liberty.

4 Keep firm the bond of brotherhood, Keep green the memory of the good, Defend the ramparts, where they stood,

With men who trust in Thee. Rev. Louis F. Benson, 1910 (Suggested by Bishop Heber, 1827)

663 MENDON L. M.

$19 $13

1 O Lord of hosts, Al- might -y King,

03 264

2 Wake in our breasts the living fires,
The holy faith that warmed our sires:
Thy hand hath made our nation free;
To die for her is serving Thee.

3 Be Thou a pillared flame to show
The midnight snare, the silent foe;
And when the battle thunders loud,
Still guide us in its moving cloud.




To ev-ery arm Thy strength im-part; Thy Spirit shed through ev

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we bring:

ery heart. AMEN.


God of all nations, Sovereign Lord,
In Thy dread Name we draw the sword,
We lift the starry flag on high
That fills with light our stormy sky.

5 From treason's rent, from murder's stain,
Guard Thou its folds till peace shall reign,
Till fort and field, till shore and sea,
Join our loud anthem,- Praise to Thee.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1861

Arr. from Lowell Mason, 1859

1 From hands that would our land deflower, From selfish greed and grasp-ing power,

From wil ful waste of freedom's dower, From plea-sure's flood-ing wave; A - MEN.

664 QUEBEC L. M.

Ob 3 2564





10 God of love, O King of peace, Make wars throughout the world to cease;




2 Remember, Lord, Thy works of old,
The wonders that our fathers told;
Remember not our sin's dark stain;
Give peace, O God, give peace again.
3 Whom shall we trust but Thee, O Lord?
Where rest but on Thy faithful word?


The wrath of sin ful man re-strain; Give peace, O God, give peace a-gain. A - MEN.

1 God bless Our na

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tive land; Firm may she

None ever called on Thee in vain;
Give peace, O God, give peace again.
4 Where saints and angels dwell above
All hearts are knit in holy love;
O bind us in that heavenly chain;
Give peace, O God, give peace again.

Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker, Bart., 1861

Lowell Mason, 1832

Henry Baker, 1862


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1 My coun try, 'tis

O 3 64

From ev

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Of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrim's pride,

moun tain side

2 My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills;
My heart with rapture thrills
Like that above.

3 Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom's song: Let mortal tongues awake;

of of thee, Sweet land

666 (DORT)

1 God bless our native land;
Firm may she ever stand

Through storm and night:
When the wild tempests rave,
Ruler of wind and wave,
Do Thou our country save
By Thy great might.

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"Thesaurus Musicus," 1740, 1745

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Let all that breathe partake; Let rocks their silence break, The sound prolong.


4 Our fathers' God, to Thee,
Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing:
Long may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light;
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God, our King.

2 For her our prayers shall rise
To God, above the skies;
On Him we wait;

Thou who art ever nigh,
Guarding with watchful eye,
To Thee aloud we cry,
God save the State.

Rev. Samuel F. Smith, 1832

Siegfried A. Mahlmann, 1815: the 1st 5 lines trans. by Rev. Charles T. Brooks, c. 1833; the remainder by Rev. John S. Dwight, 1844

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na - tions, hear our prayer, While at Thy feet we

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10 ris en Lord up on

For other Hymns, see 83, 138, 399, 400, 407, 533, 678.

The Scottish Psalter, 1615

To Thee for mer - cy

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To Thee we looked, to Thee we cried,
And help in Thee was found.

5 With one consent we meekly bow
Beneath Thy chastening hand,
And, pouring forth confession meet,
Mourn with our mourning land.

6 With pitying eye behold our need,
As thus we lift our prayer;
Correct us with Thy judgments, Lord,
Then let Thy mercy spare.

Rev. John H. Gurney, 1838

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the throne, For ev



call. A-MEN.


Virgil C. Taylor, 1847

mind-ful of Thine own,


Now seal with Thy right hand of power The cove-nants of this holy hour. A-MEN


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