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1 We pray Thee, Jesus, who didst first The sa cred band or


In or der due and holy

669 (LOUVAN) L. M.

1 O risen Lord upon the throne,

For ever mindful of Thine own,
Now seal with Thy right hand of power
The covenants of this holy hour.

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2 Regard Thy flock with loving eyes,
And weave Thy life through these
new ties;

Our faith renew, our hearts reclaim;
Recall Thy wayward sheep by name.

life Thy Church

Rev. Edmund S. Carter, 1874

300 I love Thy kingdom, Lord.
301 Glorious things of thee are spoken.
302 Christ is made the sure Foundation.
305 Jesus, with Thy Church abide.

2 We pray Thee, Jesus, with Thy gifts 4 O Holy Ghost, Anointer, come, Thy chosen servants bless,

Pastor and people fill,

With doctrine incorrupt and pure,

And righteousness.

sus tain.

The following Hymns are also suitable:

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3 We pray Thee, Jesus, that their course 5 Then to the Father, and the Son,
May still be clothed with power,
And Holy Ghost, her praise
With miracles of love and strength, One living, undivided Church
Meet for the hour.
Shall ever raise.
Rev. Greville Phillimore, 1863: verse 4,
line 2,


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Till all the happy tribes of earth
Shall do His will.

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3 O lead us, Saviour; only Thou
Canst be the shepherd's Shepherd now;
Reveal the path of life, and we
Will follow where he walks with Thec.

310 O where are kings and empires.
312 Arise, O King of grace, arise.
345 Blest be the tie that binds.
365 Lead on, O King Eternal,

4 By Thee alone our toils are blest;
Thine arms enfold Thy flock at rest;
When day begins, till labors cease,
Refresh us from Thy wells of peace.

Rev. Louis F. Benson, 1894, 1910

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The Three in One to sing;
And thus proclaim in joyful song,
Both loud and long, that glorious Name.

On His great love our hopes we place Of pres-ent grace and joys



of heaven

Copyright, 1895, by The Trustees of The Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work

2 O then with hymns of praise

These hallowed courts shall ring; Our voices we will raise


4 Here may we gain from heaven

The grace which we implore;
And may that grace, once given,
Be with us evermore,

Until that day when all the blest
To endless rest are called away.



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above. A-MEN.


3 Here, gracious God, do Thou
For evermore draw nigh;
Accept each faithful vow,

And mark each suppliant sigh;
In copious shower on all who pray,
Each holy day, Thy blessings pour.

Anon. (Latin, 7th or 8th Cent.). Trans. by Rev. John Chandler, 1837

At the Dedication of an Organ: 98 Angel voices, ever singing.

At the Dedication of a Hospital: 381 Thou Lord of life, our saving Health.

At the Dedication of a Parish House: 359, 376, 382, 384.

The following Hymns are also suitable at Laying the Corner-stone or Dedication of Churches :

52 Spirit Divine, attend our prayers.
53 O God of hosts, the mighty Lord.
56 Open now thy gates of beauty.
60 Jesus, where'er Thy people meet.
62 Lord of the worlds above.

302 Christ is made the sure Foundation.
304 The Church's one Foundation.
308 O'twas a joyful sound to hear.
310 O where are kings and empires now.
312 Arise, O King of grace, arise.
576 When the weary, seeking rest.

104 Before Jehovah's awful Throne.

671 ST. ANNE C. M.

1 Thou, whose un meas ured tem



"Supplement to the New Version," 1708: probably by William Croft


2 And let the Comforter and Friend, Thy Holy Spirit, meet

With those who here in worship Before Thy mercy-seat. [bend 3 May they who err be guided here To find the better way;

672 MENDON L. M.

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Accept the walls that hu - man hands Have raised, O God, to Thee.

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- ly Lord, On Thee, the ev

2 For Thee our waiting spirits yearn, For Thee this house of praise we

ver earth and sea,

And they who mourn and they who fear
Be strengthened as they pray.


To Thee with longing hearts we turn; 4
Come, fix Thy glorious presence here.

3 Come, with Thy Spirit and Thy power, The Conqueror, once the Crucified;

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May faith grow firm, and love grow warm,
And hallowed wishes rise,
While round these peaceful walls the storm
Of earth-born passion dies.

William Cullen Bryant, 1820
German Melody: arr. by Samuel Dyer, 1828

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Thy Church shall stand as stands Thy word,Nor fear the storm, nor dread the shock. A-MEN



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Our God, our Strength, our King, our

Here plant Thy throne, and here abide. Accept the work our hands have wrought;

Accept, O God, this earthly shrine; Be Thou our Rock, our Life, our Thought, And we, as living temples, Thine.

Rev. Samuel F. Smith, 1894


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10 Love Divine and gold en, Mys- te- rious depth and height,


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Looks up

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(See also AURELIA, No. 304)

12 O Love Divine and tender,

That through our homes dost move,
Veiled in the softened splendor

Of holy household love,
A throne without Thy blessing
Were labor without rest,
And cottages possessing

Thy blessèdness, are blest.

Rev. John B. Dykes, 1872

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Be-neath Thy care pa ren tal The world lies down in rest.

er and


and light;


the Blest,



3 God bless these hands united;

God bless these hearts made one!
Unsevered and unblighted

May they through life go on;
Here in earth's home preparing

For the bright home above,
And there for ever sharing
Its joy where God is Love.

Rev. John S. B. Monsell, 1866

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3 Be present, Heavenly Father,
To give away this bride,
As Eve thou gav'st to Adam
Out of his own pierced side.

4 Be present, Son of Mary,

To join their loving hands,
As Thou didst bind two natures
In Thine eternal bands.

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al Of Chris

Edward G. McCollin, 1895

Iliest wedding day,

hath not passed a

tian man and

Copyright, 1895, by The Trustees of The Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work

(See also ST. ALPHEGE, No. 638)



The three-fold grace is said. A-MEN.


5 Be present, Holiest Spirit,

To bless them as they kneel,
As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom,
The heavenly Spouse dost seal.

6 O spread Thy pure wing o'er them,
Let no ill power find place,
While onward to Thy presence

Their hallowed path they trace.
Rev. John Keble, 1857: verse 3, line 1; verse 6, lines 3, 4, alt.

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