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the Right Rev. William C. Doane for No. 83; the Rev. Dr. Frederick L. Hosmer for Nos. 113 and 349; the Rev. Dr. Frank Mason North for No. 376; the Rev. Dr. John Brownlie for Nos. 263, 329, and 462; Mr. Bradford Torrey for No. 531; and Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons for No. 691.

Acknowledgments are likewise due for the free use of copyrighted tunes not hitherto included to the Chautauqua Press for “ Evening Praise” and “Bread of Life”; Bishop Doane for“ Ancient of Days”; the Rev. Dr. Charles L. Hutchins for “ Beaufort ” and “Chignell”; Mr. H. J. Storer for “ Patmos”; Mr. William G. Fischer for “I

Coming”; James Edmund Jones, Esq., for “ Walden”; C. Crozat Converse, Esq., for “What a Friend”; and Mr. W. H. Doane for “ Evangel” and “Rescue the Perishing."


March 30, 1911

Note. As far as possible, the Hymns are here printed as their authors wrote them. All deviations from the author's text are indicated in the note beneath the hymn. The date set to the hymn is the earliest date obtainable, ordinarily that of its composition, in some cases necessarily that of first publication. Where two dates are given, they indicate that of the original form of the hymn, and that of the author's revised text used in this book. The word “publ." indicates that the date of writing is unknown, and that the date of publication is posthumous. The letter c, (circa), before a date is used where exact certainty is unobtainable.

The names of the Tunus, unless for good reason to the contrary, are those authoritatively given them by the composer or his representative. Tunes bearing identical names are distinguished by adding the composer's name in brackets, e. g. Alleluia (Lowe), ALLELUIA (Wesley). The dates set to the tunes are the dates of first publication.

Where dates, either of hymns or tunes, are altogether wanting, the date of the author's or composer's birth and death are given in brackets, c.g. (1816–1893), or, where living, that of birth only, e.g. (1838–), or the date of death, when that alone is known, e. g. (-1850).

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The Entry into Jerusalem . 215-217 Conflict with Sin

The Passion and Crucifixion. 218-233 Trust


The Resurrection

234-247 Love, and Communion with Christ 536-566

The Ascension

248–252 Prayer


The Heavenly Priesthood . 253-255 Aspiration


The Second Coming and Judg-




Death and Burial .


Invocation and Praise

The Resurrection of the Body


Inspiration of the Holy Scrip-





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Aman A CHARGE to keep I have 496 BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne .

104 A few more years shall roll

618 Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme. 126 A mighty Fortress is our God 122 Behold, a Stranger's at the door.

718 A parting hymn we sing 331 Behold the Bridegroom cometh

267 A thousand years have come and gone 182 Behold, the Master passeth by A voice by Jordan's shore

212 Behold the throne of


579 Abide with me: fast falls the eventide 24 Behold us, Lord, a little space

573 According to Thy gracious word 337 Behold what wondrous grace

600 Again, as evening's shadow falls 23 Beneath the cross of Jesus.

470 Alas! and did my Saviour bleed 221 Beneath the shadow of the cross

542 All glory, laud, and honor 216 Blessed are the sons of God

421 All hail the power of Jesus' Name . 157 Blessed night, when first that plain 183 All my heart this night rejoices 186 Blessed Saviour, Thee I love

564 All people that on earth do dwell 100 Blest are the pure in heart

581 All praise to Him who dwells in bliss 28 Blest be the tie that binds

345 All praise to Thee, Eternal Lord 187 Bread of heaven, on Thee I feed

333 All praise to Thee, my God, this night . 18 Bread of the world in mercy broken 339 Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heaven 238 Break Thou the bread of life

292 Alleluia! sing to Jesus . 150 Breast the wave, Christian .

492 Alleluia, song of sweetness 417 Brief life is here our portion

638 Alleluia! The strife is o'er .

246 Brightest and best of the sons of the morning 190 Almighty God, Thy word is cast 79 Brightly gleams our banner

701 Am I a soldier of the cross .

481 By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored . Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in 83 By cool Siloam's shady rill . And is the time approaching

397 And now the sun's declining rays

33 Call Jehovah thy Salvation And now the wants are told that brought 75 Calm me, my God, and keep me calm 605 Angel voices, ever singing

98 Calm on the listening ear of night . 178 Angels, from the realms of glory 176 Cast thy burden on the Lord .

522 Angels, roll the rock away 237 Child of sin and sorrow

707 Another six days' work is done 42 Children of the heavenly King

419 Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat 468 Christ, above all glory seated.

164 Arise, O King of grace, arise 312 Christ for the world we sing

396 Around the throne of God. 91 Christ in His word draws near

295 Around the throne of God in heaven 702 Christ is made the sure Foundation

302 Art thou weary, art thou languid 436 Christ is our Corner-stone.

670 As pants the hart for cooling streams 587 Christ, of all my hopes the Ground 553 As the sun doth daily rise 7 Christ the Lord is risen again .

243 As with gladness men of old 189 Christ the Lord is risen to-day

245 Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep

625 Christ, whose glory fills the skies At even, when the sun was set 21 Christian, dost thou see them

483 At the Lamb's high feast we sing 323 Christian, seek not yet repose

487 At the Name of Jesus

140 Christians, awake! salute the happy morn 179 At Thy feet, our God and Father 648 City of God, how broad and far

299 Awake, and sing the song

154 Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell 286 Awake, my soul, and with the sun

4 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove 287 Awake, my soul, in joyful lays 711 Come, Holy Ghost, in love . .

281 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve 480 Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire . 272

336 316



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HYWN Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind 58 Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God

133 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove 278 Fling out the banner! let it float

411 Come, let us join our cheerful songs 149 For all the saints who from their labors rest 426 Come, let us join our friends above 423 For My sake and the gospel's, go

394 Come, let us join with faithful souls 364 For the beauty of the earth

125 Come, let us to the Lord our God . 456 For thee, 0 dear, dear country

636 Come, Lord, and tarry not ... 257 For Thy mercy and Thy grace

651 Come, my soul, thou must be waking 10 For ever with the Lord

635 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare

570 Forth from the dark and stormy sky 64 Come, O Creator Spirit blest . 283 Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go .

348 Come, sound His praise abroad 105 Forty days and forty nights

192 Come, Thou Almighty King 61 Forward! be our watchword

594 Come, Thou Fount of every blessing 589 Founded on Thee, our only Lord

672 Come, Thou long-expected Jesus 171 From all that dwell below the skies

102 Come to our poor nature's night 279 From all Thy saints in warfare.

420 Come to the Saviour now 723 From every stormy wind that blows .

571 Come unto Me, ye weary 433 From Greenland's icy mountains

401 Come, we that love the Lord .

131 From hands that would our land deflower 662 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish 438 From ocean unto ocean

400 Come, ye faithful, raise the strain 235 From the cross uplifted high

732 Come, ye thankful people, come 655 From the eastern mountains

191 Commit thou all thy griefs .

528 Courage, brother, do not stumble

367 GENTLE SHEPHERD, Thou hast stilled 622 Crown Him with many crowns

Gently, Lord, O gently lead us

493 Crown His head with endless blessing 153 Give me the wings of faith to rise


Give to our God immortal praise Daily, daily sing the praises

642 Give to the winds thy fears Day is dying in the west 35 See Commit thou all thy griefs

528 Day of wrath! O day of mourning 268 Glorious things of thee are spoken

301 Days and moments quickly flying 649 Glory and praise and honor Dear Lord and Father of mankind 195 Sec All glory, laud, and honor

216 Dear Lord and Master mine

565 | Glory to Thee, my God, this night Depth of mercy! can there be 450 See All praise to Thee .

18 Draw nigh, draw nigh, Emmanuel

169 Go, labor on: spend, and be spent
Go, preach My gospel, saith the Lord

342 ETERNAL FATHER, strong to save 681 Go to dark Gethsemane

218 Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round 351 God be with you till we meet again

683 Evensong is hushed in silence 728 God bless our native land

666 Every morning mercies new I God calling yet! shall I not hear

717 God Eternal, Lord of all .

84 FAIREST LORD JESUS, Ruler of all nature . 156 God, in the gospel of His Son.

296 Faith of our fathers! living still 422 God is Love; His mercy brightens

135 Far from my heavenly home 615 God is my strong Salvation

511 Far from Thy heavenly care 462 God is the Refuge of His saints .

514 Father, again in Jesus' Name we meet 48 God is working His purpose out.

414 Father, hear Thy children's call . 449 God moves in a mysterious way

519 Father, I know that all my life

503 God, my King, Thy might confessing Father of all, from land and sea 313 God of mercy, God of grace

67 Father of heaven, whose love profound 59 God of our fathers, whose almighty hand. 659 Father of Love, our Guide and Friend 499 God of our fathers, known of old . ... 756 Father of mercies, in Thy word

293 God the All-terrible! King, who ordainest 660 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss

501 God, the Lord, a King remaineth Fatner, who on man dost shower 685 Golden harps are sounding

697 Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deep . 213 Grace! 'tis a charming sound Fierce was the wild billow 210 Gracious Spirit, Dove Divine .

282 Fight the good fight with all thy might 489 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost


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