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Sect. XLVI. The Israelites assemble to crown Rehoboam the

son of Solomon. Ten tribes revolt to Jeroboam,and make

him king over Israel. Rehoboam reigns over Judah. War

betwixt the divided kingdoms.


Sect. XLVII. The reign of Jeroboam king of Israel, He sets

up two golden calves. He offers incense. His hand is



be put to death. Elijah prophesies the destruction of
Jezebel, and the whole house of Ahab.

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Sect. LIX. Ahab and Jehoshaphat form an alliance. False

prophetsdeceive Ahab. Micaiah prophesies against them.
He is imprisoned, Ahab slain.





Sect. LX. Jehosha phat reproved for making alliance with

Ahab. He brings the people back to their duty, and

reforms the corruptions of public worship. Sect. LXI. Jehoshaphat makes an alliance with Ahaziah king

of Israel. They send trading vessels to Tarshish and Ezion

Sect. LXII. The wicked reign of Ahaziah king of Israel. His

fall from a lattice. Elijah prophesies his death. Elijah
calls for øre from heaven upon those who were sent to

destroy him. Ahaziah dies.
Sect. LXIN. Elijah the prophet taken up to heaven in a fiery

chariot. Elisha receives his mantle. Succeeds bim in

his prophetic office. Sect. LXIV. Elisha heals the waters of Jericho. He is mocked

by the children of Bethel. They are slain by bears. Sect. LXV. The beginning of the reign of Jehoram, or Joram,

king of Israel. He makes an alliance with Jehoshaphat

king of Judah. They go against the Moabites. Sect. LXVI. The conclusion of the reign of Jehoshaphat king

of Judah. A great victory over the Moabites and Ammo

nites. A solemn thanksgiving. Jehosha phat dies. Sect. LXVII. Naaman the Syrian general goes to Elisha the

prophet. He is cured of his leprosy. Gehazi the servant
of Elisha is struck with leprosy.






Sect. LXVIII. The reign of Jehoram king of Israel continued.

Ben-hadad king of Syria seeks to destroy Elisha. His
people are struck with blindness,

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Sect. LXIX. Ben-hadad besieges Samaria. A famine in Sa

maria. · The Syrians defeated. Great spoils taken, 325 Sect. LXX. The widow's oil multiplied. The son of the Shunamite raised to life at the prayer of Elisha. Deadly


Sect. LXXXI. Part of the prophecy of Amos, concerning a

famine and an earthquake. The people of Israel called

upon to repent.


Sect. LXXXII. The reign of Uzziah, or Ažariah, king of


Sect. LXXXV. The history of the prophet Jonah. The Lord

commands him to go to Nineveh. He disobeys and is

swallowed up by a fish. " The Lord delivers him.“


Sect. LXXXVI.' Jonah again sent to Nineveh. The people

repent at his preaching, and are pardoned. Jonah dis-

pleased, He is made sensible of his error,


Sect. LXXXVII. The reigns of Menahem, Pekaiah, and

Pekah, kings of Israel. Hoshea succeeds to the throne. 393

Sect, LXXXVIII. Part of the prophecy of Hosea. The pro-

phet foretels the downfall of the kingdom of Israel. He

calls upon the people to repent.


Sect. LXXXIX. The reigns of Jotham arid Ahaz, kings of

Judah. Jotham's great prosperity. The Ammonites

become tributary to him. Syria and Ephraim con-

federate against Judah.' Isaiah encourages Ahaž. The

miraculous birth of Emanuel predicted. The defeat of

the Assyrianş foretold, &c.


Sect. XC. The wickedness of Ahaz. Numbers of the people,

of Judah carried into captivity by the Syrians.


Sect. XCI. The impiety of Ahaz. He sends part of the

treasure of the Lord's house to the king of Assyria. He

setteth up an altar to idols, burns incense thereon, and

commits abominations. His death,


Sect. XCII. The beginning of the reign of Hezekiah king of

Judah. He cleanses the temple, and reforms public

worship. A covenant made with great solemnity. 411

Sect. XCIII. Part of the prophecy of Isaiahı. The prophet

denounces woes against the people of Israel. He invites

thein to turn unto the Lord.



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