The Making of the Philippines

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Author Solutions, Mar 13, 2012 - History - 238 pages



The Filipino people are a friendly lot of people and in their country of the Philippines, they are very poor. Their great object is to immigrate to other countries that will have them. If they are accepted in another country, they really work hard in their new country.

The majority of the Filipino people are of Malay stock descendents of Indonesians stocks who migrate to the islands long before the Christian era. The most significant ethnic minority group is the Chinese, who have played an important role in commerce since the ninth century, when they first came to the islands to trade. As a result of intermarriage and many Filipinos have some Chinese and Spanish ancestry, and Americans and Spaniards constitute the next largest alien minorities in the country.

Bless all the Filipinos who made it to another countries, and they are helping their families financially. They know what it is to survive and most of them would start their own business in another country. They are hard working and would do anything in their power to make life more enjoyable. The present President Benigno Aquino III is the first president to up-lift his people, just like his late mother Corazon Aquino did, when she used her magic wand to up-lift her people. She may be long gone, but she still left a lot of goodness behind. Bless her soul!

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