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very NAME our SAR bore, the very character He lived in, His ffion to Moses, government, execution of judgment, were things all along predicted, if it can be fhewn that unless HE, who fays, BIND UP the TESTIMONY, SEAL the LAW among My difciples, If. viii. 16, had appeared under this NAME, as He did, and had been what He was He could not have been the Messiaн, neither have fulfilled their law, nor have effected their and our falvation; that this NAME had and has a capital place in their liturgy, and that they not only make avoid the law by their unbelief, but by the rejection of Jus they, in every respect felf-condemned, are fallen into idolatry, I cannot conceive how we can produce ftronger arguments or they feek more to induce them to return to THE LORD GOD, and this [DaviD] BELOVED ONE, Hof. xxxi. 7, 10. Happy were it for thefe keepers of the oracles of God if they could be provoked to an holy emulation in the faith of their pious fathers, that it might no longer be faid, the GENTILES come unto HIM, &c. but the house of His friends, I. i. 23, Zec. xiii, will not hear, but ftill wound HIM with reproach. For they, who are fo funk in lucrative fchemes as to think religion itself but a worldly trade and craft, too blinded with pleasure and intereft to fee the way of HIM who is great in council and mighty in works, Jer. xxxii. 19, too proud after the cleareft evidence to own the want of JESUS to make fatisfaction for their offence, to transform them into His lovely image, and conduct them to His reft, will not find themfelves His people, however they boaft the name of

of ISRAEL or descent from ABRAHам without his faith and works, any more than they, who ufurp to their unhallowed perfons the abused name of CHRISTIAN though without the faith and life of one; not caring to make this obvious reflection, that if GOD spared not the natural branches, though circumcifed, because of unbelief, much lefs will H& fpare fuch though baptized. Happy too fhall I count myself if it should please Almighty God to make me an inftrument of removing what lays in the way of their converfion, which their own mifapprehenfions or the mifrepresentations of others may have occafioned, that, all invidious diftinctions ceafing, we may go up to this mountainlike, this exalted one of Jeнovaн, and to this true house or temple of the GOD of JACOB, with this faith, that He will teach us of His ways with this refolution, that we will walk in His paths, Mic. ii. 2.

Laftly, as it is in this NAME of JESUS the GENTILES from their birth impotent to good are to rife up to the hope of GoD's falvation, and to walk in His ways praifing HIM for it, fo the explication of the NAME muft needs be of use to them, that they may praise it with understanding, PS. xlvii, 7. And to them who use figns to record facts by in a compendious way, it will be acceptable to find the title the compendium of the creed, as it will be becoming in CHRISTIANS to be able to refolve the Indians when they fhall afk, as they doubtless would, who is JESUS or what imports this NAME? And however invidious minds inftead of breaking forth

forth into joy at the profpect in I. lii. 9, would in diffent from heaven draw the minifters from it, forbidding them to speak in HIS NAME to the GENTILES Th. ii. 16, who will not earneftly befeech GOD that the true chuch of CHRIST may enlarge the place of its tent, and ftretch forth the curtains of its habitations, even unto the AMERICANS under the aufpices of our most gracious King, as its nurfing father and our conquefts prove their everlasting gain, as they have been discomfited before us as the nations before ISRAEL, that they may seek this NAME P. lxxxiii. 16? Since the nation and kingdom that will not ferve the holy JESUS will perish, it cannot be charity to withold this LIGHT, not piety to oppose the advancement of the honor of HIS NAME; nor their intereft, who expect the jugdment. For if to offend one of the little ones incurs fo heavy a doom Mat. xviii. 6, what a fiery indignation have they to look for, that thus injure millions? It is with a view of promoting this honour the following sheets are fubmitted to the publick. And I was the more readily induced to it, because there has not occurred to me, at leaft in our language, any commentator, who has treated profeffedly about it, traced its origin and meaning, fupported it by proper authorities, ftated the high characters it was used to give us an idea of, the fitness there was in our LORD's actions, paffion, &c. under it.

To make it as plain as I could to the most ordinary if but attentive capacity, I have given the HEBREW words in English characters. For which reafon

reafon I could have also wished to have avoided controverfy, but where there is gainfaying it is the part of a good foldier of JESUS CHRIST to maintain the ground of his faith, and to endeavour in meekness to convince those that oppose themselves, if GOD peradventure will give them repentance for the acknowledgment of the truth, 2 Tim. ii. 25.

Not that after all I fhall think the fervant above his MASTER, and imagine I shall efcape the cenfure of thofe, who will too often wreft and torture what with candour they should, but have not time or inclination or ability to examine, and to the reproach of their judgment are difpofed paffionately to decry for madnefs or enthufiafm what they cannot otherwife refuse, much less of those, who are not afraid to follow the steps of those foolish men that defile the dwelling-place of the LORD'S NAME, Pf. lxxiv. 7, and blafpheme v. 18, knowing the poor in Spirit give Him praise, v. 21, Pf. lxxxvi. 11. But whilft I am confcious to myself of no wilful misrepresentation, I fhall think it a fufficient recompence for fuch reflections, if any ferious reader shall be prevailed with more fincerely to love this NAME, that he may taste the joys of them that do, P. v. 11, and obtain the beritage of thofe that fear Him lxi. 5. Wherein I have erred I shall be glad to receive correction: for what there is of truth in it be the glory afcribed to HIM from whofe SS it is drawn. But as it is by HIM we make mention of His NAME I. xxvi. 13, and can only be enabled rightly to know the truth concerning it, or, when made known, be


difpofed to lay it to heart lo as to give glory to HIM, I would earnestly recommend it to him to pour forth his prayer to God that he may see and walk in His truth, and love and know and give thanks unto His holy NAME, and now and ever triumph in HIS PRAISE. I C. xvi. 35, Pf. cvi. 47•



THE reader is defired to obferve that the inferted letters in the proper names, are retained, as in our version, but printed in small Italics to distinguish them from thofe, which are in the Hebrew and are noted by the capitals; and that H. stands for Hebrew, Gr. for Greek, O. T. for Old Teftament, N. for New; 2. to confult the texts referred to, which will be found either a further teftimony of the matter treated of, or explained by it to the helping of his faith, but in this little tract could not be cited at length; 3. to read p. 4. 1. 16 after [KaIN] The GOTTEN ONE; 1. 24, after [SCTH] The APPOINTED ONE; 1. 27, after [Noaн] The COMFORTER; p.6, 1. 24, for [D] Mar A, [] Mare; p 8, 1.2, after [LO-RUнaмaн] "The ONE NOT HAVING MERCY" 1.5, after [Lo-Ammi] “ The


Other literal errors the candid will excufe on account of the author's distance from the press.


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