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The TESTIMONY it bears to the
NATIONS, particularly to the Jews.




The defire of our fouls is to THY NAME.
If. xxvi. 8.
THIS is life eternal that they might know THEE
whom THOU haft fent,

Job. xvii. 3.


Printed for John Rivington, at N°. 62, in St.
Paul's Church Yard; E. and C. Dilly, at
No. 22, in the Poultry; and M. Folingsby,
at No. 4, in Fleet Street.

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HE object of the following enquiry is not lefs the triumph of reafon than it was ISRAEL's fong of old, and is now the CHRISTIAN'S boaft. It is the name JESUS, renowned in both worlds for everlasting victories over those foes to which other conquerors, as well as the vanquished, have fallen a prey. And of what great concern it is to CHRISTIANS to have a right apprehenfion of this king of titles they can scarce want a proof, who recollect how much it behoves them, who were baptized in this NAME, to understand what is proposed to their faith; and how high in glory this ftands in the facred volume. For much, very much muft depend on the knowledge of what was judged of confequence to be brought by an ANGEL to the ears of man, and of which there is such frequent occurrence in SS; under which the SAVIOR Would appear in preference to all others, on faith in which fuch a stress is laid, and which it is the very ef fence of the CHRISTIAN's blifs to have glorified in him. 2 Th. i. 12.

Yet though the learned may be, many others I fear are not acquainted with its import, whofe instruction is here intended. Not that I would be thought to infinuate a person could not believe aright

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aright that knew it not; as numbers doubtless believe Him what the name imports. But thefe, as preffing forward in knowledge as well as love and having the defire of their fouls unto this NAME, I. xxvi. 18, may be prompted to say with JACOB and Manoaн, What is THY NAME, that now THY fayings are come to pass we may do THEE honor? Nor will it afford them a little pleasure to find it proclaims HIM what they have believed HE is, enabling them to fee more clearly the propriety of the miracles wrought under it, the fitness of the pfalms to celebrate His praife, and of the expreffions in their prayers; to view Him with more stedfastnefs in His mediatorial character and with greater confidence of their obtaining what they ask in it, particularly, the accomplishment of this promise, I WILL SET HIM UP, BECAUSE HE HATH KNOWN MY NAME, P. xci. 14.

OTHERS there are who run into a variety of opinions concerning HIM, as if it did not report HIM the fame to all: a thing no more to be wondered at than that perfons unfkilled in a tongue should affign different meanings to a word in it. Yet to the candid who have their minds equally difpofed to the truth, on whatsoever fide it fhall be found to lay, the following treatife may be a peace-maker, caufing them, as the apostle intreats his Corinthians, to be by this NAME, of the fame mind and of the fame judgment. 1 Cor. i. 10.

It may feem indeed of little confequence to the profelytes of fenfual wifdom, who, ftrangers to their wants and the purity of GoD and hating to be reformed, cry out away with HIM, away with HIM,

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