Diatribe in Johannis Wicliffi, reformationis prodromi, vitam, ingenium, scripta ...

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Apud Rob. Natan, 1837 - 288 pages

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Page 98 - In another treatise he complains that " prelates and great religious possessioners are so occupied in heart about worldly lordships and with plans of business, that no habit of devotion, of praying, of thoughtfulness on heavenly things, on the sins of their own heart, or on those of other men, may be preserved ; neither may they be found studying and preaching of the gospel, nor visiting and comforting of poor men.
Page 183 - Therefore all the sacraments that are left here in earth are but minds of the body of Christ, for a sacrament is no more to say but a sign or mind of a thing passed, or a thing to come ; for when Jesus spake of the bread, and said to his disciples, Luke xxii.
Page 227 - God sendeth thee with health, take it in such measure that thou be fresher in mind and understanding to serve God. And always thank him for such gifts. Besides this, look thou do right and equity to all men, thy superiors, equals, and subjects or servants; and stir all to love truth, and mercy, and true peace, and charity ; and suffer no men to be at dissension, but accord them if thou canst in any good manner. Also, most of all fear God and his wrath; and most of all love God and his law, and his...
Page 206 - To live, and to be silent is with me impossible — the guilt of such treason against the Lord of heaven is more to be dreaded than many deaths. Let the blow therefore fall. Enough I know of the men whom I oppose, of the times on which I am thrown, and of the mysterious providence which relates to our sinful race, to expect that the stroke will ere long descend. But my purpose is unalterable ; I wait its coming...
Page 156 - The time, he said, was now come for " Emperors and kings to help, in this cause, to maintain God's law, to recover the heritage of the Church, and to destroy the foul sins of clerks, saving their persons. Thus should peace be established, and simony destroyed.
Page 230 - gospel telleth us the duty which falls to all the disciples of Christ, and also telleth us how priests, both high and low, should occupy themselves in the church of God and in serving him. And first, Jesus himself did indeed the lessons which he taught. The gospel relates how Jesus went about in the places of the country, both great and small, as in cities and castles, or small towns, and this to teach us to profit generally unto men, and not to forbear to preach to a people because they are few,...
Page 203 - Hereford appears to have escaped from the "bitterness of death," probably through the influence of the Duke of Lancaster, but he, outwardly at least, reconciled himself to his opponents, as he was among the clergy who, in 1391, sat in judgment upon one of the Lollards, named Walter...
Page 203 - God's law should break out to the knowing of the common people. Well I know, that knights have taken gold in this case, to help that thy law may be thus hid, and thine ordinances consumed.
Page 98 - Prelates, ait, comen instead of Apostles , and seyn that they suen Christ , and his Apostles, in manner of living. They owen to be most meke of all other , and most busy and studying and teching of holy Writ , and ensample of all good manner of life , both to Cristen men and to Bethen.
Page 103 - And thus, see the great kindness, and all other goodness, which God hath shown for thee, and thereby learn thy own great unkindness ; and thus thou shalt see that man is the most fallen of creatures, and the unkindest of all creatures that ever God made ! It should be full, sweet, and delightful to us to think thus on this great kindness, and this great love of Jesus Christ!

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