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to offend thee, and how frequently do I forget the vows and resolutions which I have made to serve and obey thee. 0

“conscience were void of offence both towards thee, and towards men !" O that I could be what I ought to be! But thou knowest whereof I am made, thou knowest that I am but dust. From “ dust I came, and unto dust I must return." Have mercy upon me, and grant that I may sincerely repent of my past errors. Let the atoning blood of Jesus wash me thoroughly from my sins; let thy Holy Spirit descend into my soul; so that I may be enabled to persevere


Christian course, and finish it with joy, and hope, and everlasting felicity.

Give me such a zeal for thy service, and such a strong and ardent hope of attainin

the "o

one thing needful,” that I may never hesitate or slacken in my duty, nor for the sake of any thing that this world can offer, be unmindful of the great and important concerns of eternity.

Root out of my heart whatever militates against the sacred cause in which I am engaged. Let all pride, and envy, and covetousness; all bitterness, anger, and malice, and whatever else is contrary to the laws and precepts of the Gospel, be ever banished from my mind; and instead of such unholy and unamiable qualities, infuse therein the more mild and endearing excellencies of “ love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance."

Teach me, O Lord, to do what is right in thy sight; to “abhor that which is evil; ”

and to « cleave to that which is good.” Let all my past follies and youthful transgressions, be for ever obliterated from the book of thy remembrance. Let them not appear in array against me at the awful day of judgment. I invoke, for Christ's sake, this mark of thy divine favour. Impress upon my mind the folly of vice, and the dangers to which it inevitably leads, both to body and soul. I am an imperfect creature, and encompassed about with many trials and temptations. I am undone if thou wilt not forgive me.

0 do thou vouchsafe to strengthen my faith, to assist my fidelity, and to enable me to withstand the allurements of this vain and transient world. Help and govern, me every day and hour of my life; into thy hands I commend myself, beseeching thee to make all things con


tribute to my present and future happiness. Make me ever ready to obey thy blessed will, and cheerfully do those things which thou wouldest have me to do.

Give me, O Lord, such resolution as will support me under all thy dispensations, cheer me under all discouragements, carry me through all trials and vicissitudes with safety and honour, and enable me to triumph over sin and death, and over him too especially who is the great enemy of my salvation.

Extend thy mercies to all mankind. Prosper both church and state. Imbue the mind of our earthly sovereign with the holy unction of thy sacred Word. Give him grace to drink deep of it for the benefit of his people, the good of himself, and the glory of thy name. Look with compassion on all that are in affliction of mind, body, or estate; support them under their troubles, ease them of their sufferings, and grant them a speedy and happy deliverance out of all of them.

Shower down thy choicest blessings on all my relations and friends. Give them long life, virtuous hearts, and prosperous days. Make them rich“ in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Give them of this world's goods as much as may be needful to make them contented here, and willing to resign every thing for the good of those they may leave behind, when thou callest them out of this world into another and a better. And, o heavenly Father, give me grace to make a right use of these and all thy other gifts and mercies, through Jesus Christ our Lord; who has taught and commanded me when I pray, to say-Our Father, &c.

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