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support them under their troubles, ease them of their sufferings, and grant them a speedy

Give them

and happy deliverance out of all of them. Shower down thy choicest blessings on all my relations and friends. long life, virtuous hearts, and prosperous days. Make them rich" in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." Give them of this world's goods as much as may be needful to make them contented here, and willing to resign every thing for the good of those they may leave behind, when thou callest them out of this world into another and a better. And, O heavenly Father, give me grace to make a right use of these and all thy other gifts and mercies, through Jesus Christ our Lord; who has taught and commanded me when I pray, to say-Our

Father, &c.

Monday Morning.

O MIGHTY GOD AND MOST MERCIFUL FATHER, be pleased to accept my unfeigned acknowledgments for thy goodness and loving kindness. Thou hast preserved me the past night from all perils and dangers, and refreshed my body with quiet and comfortable rest. Receive the grateful offerings of my heart; and allow me, blessed Lord, to thank thee, and bless and praise thy holy name for all the blessings thou hast conferred upon me. Let a sense of thy Fatherly love and protection be ever uppermost in my thoughts; and let the remembrance of thy past favours beget in me a determined resolution to obey thy commandments all the days of my life.

I humbly beg leave to resign myself to thy disposal, knowing that whatever thou dost appoint, is intended for my good. I confess with sorrow and contrition that I am not worthy of the least of thy mercies. "If thou wert extreme to mark what I have done amiss," I should no longer be entitled to thy favour and guidance. Pardon what thou hast hitherto seen wrong in my temper and conduct, and wherein I have offended thee, let me not do so again. Extend thy watchfulness over me, and prosper my endeavours to serve thee. Let me never abuse thy patience, nor forget thy mercy; let me always delight in thy commandments; and neither be remiss nor ashamed to testify my belief in thy word, and my gratitude to thee for what thou hast done

for me. O Lord, my nature is so corrupt, that I am not able of myself to please thee, unless thou assistest me with the grace and benediction of thy Holy Spirit. My own experience tells me how easily I am led astray by the flattering amusements, and vain examples, that prevail in the world. Besides my own evil propensities, I am assailed by the EVIL ONE, who is constantly lying in wait to ensnare and destroy me ;* and without thy assistance, I am both unable to please thee, and save my own soul. O leave me not to myself; do not forsake me, nor "withdraw thy Holy Spirit from me." Keep me ever in the paths of holiness; secure me against all dangers both ghostly and bodily; and when my eye-lids close in darkness, do * 1 Pet. v. 8; Rev. xii. 9.

thou in a more especial manner protect me by thy Providence, and raise me to the

light and enjoyment of another day. These mercies, O righteous and eternal God, I most humbly ask in the name and through the mediation of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Saviour. AMEN.

Monday Evening.

ALMIGHTY GOD, accept this evening's sacrifice of my prayer and praise. I adore thee for all thy tender mercies, and deeply lament that I am so undeserving of them. The frailty of my nature is such, that I cannot always please thee; but thou knowest how much I love thee, and how unwilling I am to do any thing to create or incur thy displeasure. I implore, therefore, the

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