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the character and reputation of my neighbour by any slur or ill report which might prevail against him.

Assist me to discharge the duties of my station in a circumspect, regular, and conscientious manner.

Make me a useful member of society, a disinterested friend, and a kind master. Above all, O blessed Lord, let me be guided by the spirit of true holiness, and the example and instructions of my crucified Saviour, and thereby be made fit for " the inheritance of the saints in light,” through his unspeakable merits, and prevailing intercession. AMen and AMEN,

Thursday Morning.

() GRACIOUS AND HEAVENLY FATHER, thou art the Creator and Governor of the

world; thou art from everlasting to everlasting; and thy kingdom will have no end. How great is thy power, wisdom, and goodness; and how good thou art to the children of men! Mercifully look down upon me, thine unworthy servant, and forsake me not, O Lord God of my salvation! Incline my heart to obey thy commandments, and grant me such a sense of thy goodness, forbearance, and long-suffering towards me, may excite in my heart a sincere love to thee, and a real determination to please and obey thee in all things. Let me never forget the many obligations I am under to thee for all that thou hast done for me ever since I came into the world ; and incline my thoughts so piously towards thee, that I may constantly use the utmost care not to do any thing to offend thy Divine Majesty ;



but whenever I am so unfortunate as to incur thy disapprobation, let my repentance reach the throne of thy mercy, and let my errors and infirmities be no longer a hindrance to the love which thou hast shewn me, or the care which has preserved me ever since I knew what it was to seek thy favour, and to bless and praise thy holy name.

Keep me stedfast and unmoveable in the discharge of my Christian and social duties; and give me a disposition “to do unto others, as I wish them to do unto me. not be tempted to do any thing contrary to thy commandments ; nor to take advantage of any one whose judgment and penetration may not be so quick as my own. Grant that I may be honest in all my dealings, just in all my actions, and faithful in all my engagements. Endue my mind with a strict and impartial way of thinking, and an utter detestation of whatever has the semblance of deceit and treachery. Give me wisdom, virtue, and integrity, and grant that I may always be guided, in my intercourse with others, by the rules and regulations which emanate from the standard of Holy Writ, and the established usage of virtuous society, respectable example, and unblemished reputation; and let me not incur shame and dishonour, and the reproaches of my own mind, by doing any thing opposite to what is right and commendable. Give me

2." Let me

" the same mind which was in Christ Jesus; ” the same spirit of meekness, humility, purity, charity, and resignation ; and grant that I may do thy will with the same constancy, obedience, and perseverance, which characterised his blameless and

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mighty and eternal God, thy gracious favour and protection ; leave me not to myself; direct all my thoughts, words, and actions, to wise and useful purposes ; and give me understanding and ability to manage my affairs with prudence, order, and discretion. Thou art my hope, my peace, , my comfort, and my joy; the sure and everlasting source of all that is lovely, satisfactory, and pleasurable ; and to thy name be the praise, and honour, and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Thursday Evening.

EVERLASTING GOD, the maker of heaven and earth, with what awe do I repeat thy holy Name! with what fear and trem

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