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I beseech thee, O Lord God, to accept of my grateful and humble thanks for all that thou hast done for me, but I fear I have neither loved thee, served thee, nor obeyed thee, as I ought to have done. Forgive the frailty of my nature ; correct the errors of my conduct; "graft in my heart,” more stedfastly and securely, “the love of thy name, increase in me true religion, nourish me with all goodness, and of thy great mercy keep me in the same.”

Enable me to forsake

o stand in awe, and sin not, commune with my own heart upon my bed,” and “walk before thee in newness of life.” Let not sin reign in my mortal body, nor any sinful desires take possession of my soul. Give me a lively sense of the shortness and uncertainty of all things here below; wean my heart from the

every evil

way; to

love of the world ; teach me not to be tou anxious in the pursuit of things temporal ; but give me a disposition to aspire after those unfading joys “ which are at thy right hand for evermore.”

Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my soul and body, beseeching thee to watch over me for my safety and repose this night. Give me quiet rest and refreshing sleep, that I may be fitted for the duties and employments of the following day. And when I have gone through my“ earthly pilgrimage,” give me everlasting rest and peace in thy eternal kingdom, through the merits, and for the sake of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; who has taught me when I pray, to say, Our Father, &c.

Friday Morning.

O ALMIGHTY GOD, the fountain of all wisdom, and the source of all happiness, I thank thee for the comforts and enjoyments of this life, and the hopes and expectations of a better. Guide my feet in the paths of peace and safety; pour into my soul the influence of thy Holy Spirit; and blot from the book of thy remembrance all my past sins and unavoidable transgressions. Preserve in my mind a powerful sense of thee, an ardent love to thee, and a constant desire to please and obey thee in all things. Purify my thoughts, sanctify my heart, “and amend my life according to thy holy Word." Thou art my Creator, my Preserver, and my daily Benefactor;

from thee I receive all the blessings which can make me comfortable in this world, and happy in that which is to come; and 0, what can I do to merit so rich a store of thy heavenly bounty?

Accept the grateful offerings of my heart for the manifold favours which thou hast conferred upon me. I acknowledge thy loving-kindness, and adore thee for thy infinite goodness and mercy; but I deeply lament my unworthiness; and regret that I am so undeserving of thy manifold favours. Would, O Lord, that I were blameless in all my thoughts, words, and actions; but since this is impossible in poor human nature ; since I am “but dust and ashes,” and “ not able of myself to help myself; I entreat thy forgiveness, and hope thou wilt no longer remember the follies and miscarriages

of my past life. “ Teach me so to number my days, that I may apply my heart to true wisdom.” Fill me with chaste and virtuous principles, kind motives, and benevolent designs. Let me be delighted with the ways of thy commandments, and made wiser and better by the conformity of my life to their sanctifying influence. Make me, O God, always mindful of my own failings; and let me not at any time, “ behold the mote that is in my brother's eye, without considering the beam that is in mine own eye.” Give me grace to be truly charitable (which is the very bond of peace, and of all virtues), and less prone to condemn what appears wrong in others, from the humble consideration of my own ignorance and imperfections. Let me rather hide or extenuate the faults

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