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which I fancy I see in my fellow creatures, and “judge not, that I be not judged.” Endue me with that wisdom which is from above; give me a comprehensive mind, and a retentive memory; root out of my heart all covetous desires ; and give me that just abhorrence of sin, that I


abstain from doing what is displeasing and reprehensible in thy sight all the days of my life. Let not any

known sin dwell in my bosom ; nor any evil thought prompt me to the commission of any thing sinful. Give thy holy angels charge over me; and let the consolations of thy Holy Spirit fortify my mind, dissipate my fears, and revive my hopes of future and unchangeable happiness.

Help me, O gracious God, to live under a constant sense of thy presence, of my entire dependance on thee, and of the obligations I am under to thee; and enable me by thy grace to make a right use of my time, and to work out my salvation in a manner acceptable in thy sight, and profitable to my own eternal interests. Let me be of the number of those happy persons who are daily advancing in piety and chastity, humility and meekness, contentment and resignation to thy will. Let me choose thee for my guide and guardian, my portion and felicity; and cheerfully resign myself to be governed and disposed of according to thine unerring wisdom, which alone can lead to satisfaction here, and glory hereafter. Teach me to live, from day to day, as I shall wish to have lived, when I come to die. And grant that every moment of my life may be so spent and improved, that I may become more worthy of thy protection, and more fit

for the enjoyment of heavenly bliss in thy everlasting kingdom; through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, thy son, our Lord. AMEN. Our Father, &c.

Friday Evening.

() HEAVENLY FATHER, the Creator of heaven and earth, and the maker of all men, be pleased to have mercy upon me, thy offending servant, and pardon all the sins that I have hitherto been guilty of in thought, word, and deed. ready to acknowledge thy goodness and forbearance, and that my “ help cometh from thee" alone. “My soul thirsteth for thee” too much to make me forgetful of

I am


what thou hast done for me. Thou art my God, and I will praise thy name continually. My soul shall be satisfied with “ the truth as it is in Jesus,” and “ my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.” Hear my voice, O blessed Lord, in my prayer, and hide from the secret “ counsels of the wicked ;” destroy their malignant intentions; and let me be glad in thee, and trust in thee, and glorify thy name for evermore. o that temptations here below

may tempt me to depart from thee, the living God! Enrich my soul with the spirit of genuine piety, and multiply my words in praises to thy holy name.

Teach me to fly to thee as my joy in prosperity, as my consolation in adversity, Spread before me the fruits and advan



tages of a holy and religious life. Inspire me with wisdom to direct my steps, with fortitude to sustain the evils of life, with meekness to inherit thy blessings, and with cheerfulness and gratitude, to enjoy the gifts of thy beneficence. When I do wrong, in mercy pardon me, and accept my repentance; when I do well, let peace and tranquillity dwell in my bosom. Olet me not think more highly of myself than I ought, that so humility may be my guide, and thy sacred word my joy and consolation. · Be thou, O Lord, the supreme felicity of my life. Pity my numberless frailties, and give me power and resolution “ to keep myself unspotted from the world.” Thou art “acquainted with all my ways,” and “knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are

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