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for the enjoyment of heavenly bliss in thy everlasting kingdom; through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, thy son, our Lord. AMEN. Our Father, &c.

Friday Evening.

() HEAVENLY FATHER, the Creator of heaven and earth, and the maker of all men, be pleased to have mercy upon me, thy offending servant, and pardon all the sins that I have hitherto been guilty of in thought, word, and deed. ready to acknowledge thy goodness and forbearance, and that my “ help cometh from thee" alone. “My soul thirsteth for thee” too much to make me forgetful of

I am


what thou hast done for me. Thou art my God, and I will praise thy name continually. My soul shall be satisfied with “ the truth as it is in Jesus,” and “ my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.” Hear my voice, O blessed Lord, in my prayer, and hide from the secret “ counsels of the wicked ;” destroy their malignant intentions; and let me be glad in thee, and trust in thee, and glorify thy name for evermore. o that temptations here below

may tempt me to depart from thee, the living God! Enrich my soul with the spirit of genuine piety, and multiply my words in praises to thy holy name.

Teach me to fly to thee as my joy in prosperity, as my consolation in adversity, Spread before me the fruits and advan



tages of a holy and religious life. Inspire me with wisdom to direct my steps, with fortitude to sustain the evils of life, with meekness to inherit thy blessings, and with cheerfulness and gratitude, to enjoy the gifts of thy beneficence. When I do wrong, in mercy pardon me, and accept my repentance; when I do well, let peace and tranquillity dwell in my bosom. Olet me not think more highly of myself than I ought, that so humility may be my guide, and thy sacred word my joy and consolation. · Be thou, O Lord, the supreme felicity of my life. Pity my numberless frailties, and give me power and resolution “ to keep myself unspotted from the world.” Thou art “acquainted with all my ways,” and “knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are

vanity." “ Thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering, and plenteous in goodness and truth.” Thy tender mercies are over all thy works; and thou never forsakest thy children, if they do not forsake thee. “ Like as a father pitieth his children, so pitieth thou them that fear thee; for thou knoweth our frame, and remembereth that we are dust." 0, then, leave me not to myself; let me not “ follow a multitude to do evil, nor stand in the way of sinners; let me refrain my tongue from evil, and my lips that they speak no guile.” Pour down upon me the influence of thy Holy Spirit; quench in me every sinful propensity; and incline my thoughts to the improvement of my mind; and the practice of all those christian and moral duties which constitute the chief and only excellence of human nature. Grant that the pleasures and indulgences of this world may not tempt or allure me to abandon the more substantial enjoyments of temperance, industry, and frugality. Guide me, O Lord, in the paths of piety and virtue; and let me not incur the punishment, or entail on myself the fruits of vicious and intemperate habits ; for then I should be unhappy indeed, because there is no misery like that which a man incurs by his own vices.* Mercifully grant, that I may grow wiser and better as life wears away; and though occupied, like others, in the cares and business of this life, let me often think of futurity; of “the things which belong to my peace, before they are hid from my eyes!”

Do thou,

* It will always stand unalterably true, that vice is its own punishment, and virtue its own reward.

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