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self, thy humble and penitent servant]*, "that it may please thee to comfort and relieve them, according to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions. And this I beg for Jesus Christ his sake." AMEN.

Saturday Evening.

O LORD, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, high and mighty, King of kings, and Lord

* These words need not be repeated, unless the occasion unhappily requires such an expression of pious supplication. Or, instead of "myself," a necessity might arise to pray for God's help and deliverance in the behalf of parents, relatives, or friends, thereby substituting the word, servants.

of lords; the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever," I adore thee for all the privileges I possess in this life, and the pleasing hope of reaping those eternal joys which thou hast promised to them that unfeignedly love thee, and keep thy commandments.

I anticipate with feelings of the greatest delight, the peaceable enjoyment of the approaching sabbath day. I hail it as the harbinger of tranquillity, and the calm companion of my religious meditations. I long to throw aside the cares of this world for the contemplation of things immortal and divine. Ah! that no melancholy thoughts, no vehemence of temper, no unruly passions, no perplexing circumstances, no sad disasters, ill health, or engagements of any kind, may disappoint the pleasures and improvements of that sacred day. My soul shall

praise and magnify thy holy Name; I will rejoice and be glad in thee; I will read that blessed Book* which is more valuable, important, and instructive than any in the world; I will "call my ways to remembrance;" I will repent of my transgressions, beseech thy forgiveness, live in charity with

The following lines were found written in the late Lord BYRON's Bible.

Within this awful volume lies,
The mystery of mysteries:

Oh! happiest they of human race,
To whom our God has given grace
To hear, to read, to fear, to pray,
To lift the latch, and force the way:
But better had they ne'er been born,
Who read to doubt, or read to scorn.

Would to God that all were impressed with the beauty, sublimity, and importance of these words! and would that all his Lordship's writings bore the same stamp of proper feeling, and real and rational piety!

my fellow creatures, and, as far as my ability extends, be kind to every body.

Give me grace, O merciful God, to listen to thy Word with attention, humility, and seriousness; and let neither visiting, nor want of zeal, or inclination on my part, keep me away from thy house of prayer. Let me not set a bad example to those around me. Grant that each returning sabbath may find me less unmindful of my duty, and more desirous of reaping knowledge, and supplicating the forgiveness of all my sins. I have nothing, O Lord, but what thou hast in thy goodness bestowed upon me; thou gavest me my being, and hast hitherto preserved it in safety from many perils and vicissitudes; and I now look up to thee for the continuance of those blessings and advantages which I have so

long enjoyed, and of which I am so unde-. serving. O that I could truly say, that I had made returns unto thee in any measure equal or suitable to the benefits which I have received from thy bountiful hands; but, alas! I am constrained to acknowledge, that I am not so grateful, reverential, and religious, as I ought to be. Give me opportunities of humbling myself before thee in my secret chamber, and in the assembly of thy sacred worship; lead me to a true and righteous repentance of all my sins, whether of omission, or of commission; and be not angry with me for ever. Make me mindful that I cannot escape thy all-seeing eye;— that I am hastening to my eternal home; and that nothing can arrest the fleeting moments of life, but death and the grave, to which I am fast approaching! Assist and

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