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Deliver me, 0 blessed Lord, from the shame and anguish, the horror and confusion, of a guilty conscience; and give me that comfort and complacency of mind, which arises from the consciousness of having been faithful in thy service, and obedient to thy will. And, since thou hast been graciously pleased to make thy service the most perfect freedom, and the practice of our duty so conducive to our présent, as well as future happiness, O make me “ stedfast and immoveable in the ways of thy laws, and in the works of thy commandments;" that, having faithfully served thee in this life, I may at last be found meet to be a

partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light,” through the merits and intercession of our adorable Advocate and merciful Mediator, Jesus Christ. Amen.

O ALMIGHTY GOD, listen I humbly beseech thee, to the supplications of thy contrite and unworthy servant; pardon my sins, compassionate my infirmities, and pity my weakness. Make me truly sensible of the shortness and uncertainty of this life, and the care that is necessary to secure the everlasting joys of another and a better! Let not death surprise me unawares, or find me in a state unprovided for so awful a change; but grant that I may live in such a constant preparation for my latter end, that, how suddenly soever thou shalt be pleased to take me out of this world, I may be found ready and prepared for that great account, which I must one day give before the judgment seat of Christ. Enable me, by the assistance of thy grace, to “

lay up in store

for myself a good foundation against the time to come;" that when the hour of my departure shall present itself, I may have the satisfaction of looking back on a well spent life with hope and comfort, and that I may “ die the death of the righteous, and my last end be like his !”

O blessed Lord, leave me not to myself in that eventful moment, when I shall stand naked before thee, and in so much need of thy powerful protection. Let me have a well-grounded hope of the forgiveness of all my sins, through the merits and mediation of thy Son Jesus Christ. Confirm my faith, support me in my dying moments, and “ forsake me not when my strength faileth ;" for thou art the God of my salvation. Suffer me not, at my last hour, through any pains of body, or weakness of mind, to renounce

my dependence upon thee; but grant that, with an humble reliance on thy mercies, faith in my dear Redeemer, and an entire resignation to thy blessed will, I may cheerfully resign my soul into thy hands, and be willing, and even desirous,* to leave this world, when thou, in thy great wisdom, shalt see it necessaryt.

Unite me to thee by the strongest ties of faith, love, and obedience; that after a holy and religious life here, I may be received into heaven, and be happy to all eternity, through Jesus Christ our Lord; who in compassion to my manifold infirmities, hath taught and commanded me thus to pray :Our Father, &c. AMEN.

Philip i. 23. + For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain; Phil. i. 21.

A Morning Prayer for a Family.

ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, we present ourselves before the throne of thy majesty and glory, in all humility of soul and body, acknowledging that we are thy dependant creatures, and that from thy bountiful hand we have received many and great blessings. By thee we were wonderfully made; by thy power we have ever since been preserved, and it is owing to thy goodness and mercy that we have not been cut off in the midst of our sins; but thou hast been patient and long suffering towards us, and hast given us this opportunity of coming into thy presence to renew our praises and acknowledgments to thy Divine Majesty. Thy compassion never fails; and thou hast

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