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Sunday Morning.

O ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, I prostrate myself before thee to present my humble prayers, and devout supplications, before the throne of thy sacred

* Books of Prayers, says an admired writer, composed for private devotion, are very useful; and they are certainly not to be examined with great severity of judgment.

+ “Let that day,” says the late pious and exemplary Bishop of London, (Porteus) be kept sacred to its original destination by all ranks of men, from the highest to the lowest. Let it not be profaned by needless journies, by splendid entertainments, by crouded assemblies, by any thing in short which precludes either ourselves, our families, or our domestics, from the exercise of religious duties, or the improvement of those pious sentiments and

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Saades Morning.

O ALCCETT AND EVERLASTING GOD, I prostrate mai bine thee to present my humble prevers, and devout supplications, before the throne of the sacred

Boots oé Pages, sens a admised pritze, composed for private detaan, az tey sei anc ter zett ly not to be examined great ezen dute.

+ " La the day," says the inte pues and say Bishop si Lorde, (Pre SAD * nal destination işilisez, in the res * the lowest. Listemizi


Majesty. I beseech thee to direct and guide all my thoughts, words, and actions ; and grant that no dulness or weariness may attend the performance of my religious duties, or retard my anxious wishes to please thee in all I think, and say, and do. Exempt my mind from all perplexing thoughts, and infuse into my soul the affections which it was meant to inspire. Let me not, however, be misunderstood. I mean not that it should be either to the rich or the poor, or to any human being whatever, a day of gloom and melancholy, a day of superstitious rigour, and of absolute exclusion from all society and all innocent recreation. I know of nothing in scripture that requires this; I know of no good effect that could result from it. On the contrary, it is a festival, a joyful festival ;* a day to which we ought always to

DR. WATTS truly observes that “ RELIGION was never designed to make our pleasures less ;” and we read in the Proverbs, that “her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.”

.”-“Rejoice in the Lord alway,” says the Apostle ; “and again I say, REJOICE.” Prov. iii. 17. Philip.iv. 4.

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