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No. 17


JANUARY 15, 1918





ALBANY, January 15, 1918

To the Legislature:

I have the honor to transmit herewith the annual report of the State Superintendent of Elections for the year nineteen hundred

and seventeen.



To the Governor of the State of New York, Albany, New York:

SIR.- Pursuant to the provisions of section 488 of chapter 22 of the Laws of 1909, as amended by chapter 649 of the Laws and 1911 and as amended by chapter 678 of the Laws of 1915, the State Superintendent of Elections submits herewith his annual report for the year 1917.

Embraced herein are statements and schedules showing names and addresses of deputy State Superintendents of Elections serving during 1917, the number of days each has served, the compensation certified for each, moneys appropriated by the legislature; sums expended and remaining unexpended for the fiscal year 1916 to June 30, 1917; record of the number of persons disfranchised through deaths and by convictions for felonious offenses; number of investigations made, changes of residence prior to and after registration; number of challenges ordered for primary day, September 19, 1917, number of challenges ordered for each of the registration days during 1917; statements showing hotel and lodging house registrations; registration and vote for 1917; number of electors registered both personally and impersonally, together with number who voted; a resumé of the work done by the branch offices of the Department of the State Superintendent of Elections in the Judicial Districts over which the deputies assigned exercise special supervision; a review of the historical card records, as well as the number of arrests made in the State for violations of the election or penal law, names of persons arrested and the offenses charged, and the disposition thereof; and recommendations of amendments to the election law, which, in the opinion of the State Superintendent of Elections would tend to promote a more efficient prosecution of violators of the election law, together with such other amendments as are deemed expedient in the interest of the Election Franchise, and a general

summary of the needs of this department to meet the demands which will be made on it as a result of the passage of the Woman Suffrage Act.


The State Superintendent of Elections, deputies and assistants with the number and compensation of each, set forth in sections 471, 474 and 487 of the Election Law, follows:

§ 471. There shall be an officer to be known as "state superintendent of elections." The governor shall appoint such superintendent of elections by and with the consent of the senate, who shall hold office for the full term of four years. Such term shall begin on the first day of January in every fourth year beginning with the year nineteen hundred and fifteen and shall expire on the thirty-first day of December. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term. Such superintendent may be removed from office in the same manner as a sheriff. He may appoint one chief deputy without nomination, a secretary and necessary clerks, stenographers and other employees, and remove them at pleasure.

§ 474. The superintendent, whenever he deems it necessary, may appoint, in addition to the chief deputy, without nomination and at pleasure remove not more than two hundred and thirty-three other deputies, to be employed by him in enforcing the provisions. of this article.

§ 487. The annual salary of the state superintendent of elections shall be five thousand dollars; of the chief deputy, four thousand dollars; of the secretary, two thousand dollars; of one chief stenographer, fifteen hundred dollars; of not more than thirteen of the deputies, of whom eight may be assigned to take charge of the branch offices, fifteen hundred dollars each; of not more than seventy of the deputies, one thousand two hundred dollars each; payable semi-monthly. All other deputies shall receive five dollars for each day's service, not exceeding forty days for any one election, to be paid on the certificate of the superintendent or chief deputy, which forty days shall be within a period beginning one

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