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Printed for J. Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's
Church-Yard, J. Harrifon under the Royal
Exchange; and A. Dodd, without Temple-




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HE World having been so favourable to the Papers here collected, as to allow their growing up to a Volume; my Bookfeller tells me, it is very proper that fomething should be writ in the way of a Preface: I am the more ready to fall in with his Sentiments, as thinking it a proper Occafion of expreffing my Gratitude to Those who have given Encouragement to my Defign. It is fome Satisfaction, to think that I have publish'd any important Truths; but 'tis much more, to find that Others think fo as well as my Self. Party Zeal and Fury ran fo high when I first fet out; that I confefs, every Mark of Favour from the World, is more than I expected. 'Tis a Favour that the OCCASIONAL PAPER fhould be allow'd to live for a Tear, when fo many other Papers have appear'd, and vanish'd in the laft Twelve Months Tis yet a greater Favour to hear of the Demand for them increafing upon every

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