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mour of the Multitude; and how few there are of Abilities to undergo this Task; and efpecially, if we remember, that from the Moment a Man declares his Disbelief of these favourite Notions, he puts himself out of the way of Preferment, or even of common Respect there; one must acknowledge, that tho' the King may have fome Friends from that Place, yet in the ordinary Courfe of Things, and upon all Probabilities, it must be a Nursery for his Enemies: For if they are true to their Principles, they must be falfe to Him, whofe Title is directly contrary to 'em.

Iffo, 'tis no difficult matter to fay, why upon the King's Acceffion the People were alarm'd from the Pulpit by diftant Hints of Danger, and exhorted in general Terms to behave themselves . well under Perfecution, but left to make the Application for themselves: Or why Paffive Obedience was infifted upon with a more than ordinary Warmth, at a time when it could ferve no End but to call the Juftice of the Revolution in queftion; and yet when an actual Rebellion was on foot in two Parts of the Kingdom, and others threaten'd with one, the Doctrine was entirely dropt. Why in the late Queen's Time they contended for Obedience to the fingle Commands of the Prince, tho' againft Law; and when a War was kindl'd in oppofition to Law, (to the Voice of King, Lords and Commons) we heard not one Word of it.

This likewife will account for the Conduct of the famous Univerfity of Oxford; for her affronting the King on his Coronation Day, by giving a Mark of her Favour to a Gentleman his Majefty

Fa Earlot

not misture

Majefty had juft then thought fit to remove from a Place of great Truft in Ireland; for her repeating that Affront, in chufing, of all the Peers in the brother of the Kingdom, the Brother of an attainted Rebel, the Duke of and refufing the Protection of his Royal HighOrmond; which nefs the Prince, which was generously offer'd brother is now


her. 'Tis from this pernicious Principle, that the Cause of the Pretender was openly and with

Fnday, July 21, Impunity avow'd among 'em; that his Health 17587 Chan-and Success to Mar and Forfter were frequentcellor of the ly toafted in their drunken Cabals; that the Reof bellion was actually begun at * Oxford, by pulUniversity of

ling down the Meeting-houfe on the King's BirthOxford, and Day; and that while the Rebels went unpunish'd, Earl of Arzan Friends, who would have celebrated the Day and grew bold in their Villany, his Majefty's

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without Difturbance, were profecuted upon Statutes of their own in the Vice-chancellor's Court.

These things are not at all furprizing: for if Implicit Faith and Paffive Obedience, the two great Engines of Popery and Arbitrary Power, are the leading Principles of the Place; what muft our Youth learn there, but an Averfion to the best Government in the World, and a Fondnefs for the worft? And if the Foundation of Civil and Ecclefiaftical Tyranny is laid in the Univerfity, 'tis no wonder the deluded Mob think all other Concerns are to give way to the Church; and that all Regard to themselves or

* I have not Time to take notice of the Cambridge Riot ; fhe feems to envy her Sifter the fole Honour of deftroying MoraTaty to fecure Religion.


their Pofterity, to their Laws and Liberties, are to be facrific'd to an Intereft they are not allow'd to understand, but which their Leaders know to be no other than the Ambition of the Clergy.

June the 4th, 1716.

I hope the Person who fent this will take pleasure to see it placed in fuch a Light, wherein it may be more useful than if I had publish'd it fooner, or by it felf. I mention this, because I am a perfect Stranger to the Hand from whence it comes, that my unknown Correspondent may not imagine himself flighted, nor be discouraged from giving me his further Afistance.



Any kind of Letters, Effays, Extracts out of valuable Au thors, or Intelligence of any Affairs which may ferve the firft. declared Intention of this Paper, will be thankfully received, if directed to the Author of the Occafional Paper, to be left at North's Coffee-boufe, Kings-ftreet, near Guild-hall, London, Poft paid.

Lately Publish'd,

HE Occafional Paper. Number I. An Effay on Bigotry. Price 3d.


Number II The Character of a Proteftant. Price

3 d.

Number III. Containing, 1. Proteftant Principles concerning Civil Government. 2. A brief Answer to the Charge of Sedition, urged by the Papists against the Proteftants in Germany. 3. An Attempt to ftate Matters truly, with reference to our goth of January. To which is added a Supplement, being fome farther Thoughts on the 30th of January. Price 4d.

Number IV. An Expedient for Peace among all Protestants. In a Letter to the Author of the Occafional Paper. Price 3 d

Number V. The Excellence of Virtue appearing in a Publick Character. Price 4 d.

Number VI. The Danger of the Church confidered. Price 3 d.

Number VII. The Nature and Obligation of Oaths, Price 3 d.

Number VIII. Letters to the Author. Price 3 d. Number IX. Of Cenfure. An Effay. Price 3 d. Number X. An Expedient for Peace among all Proteftants. In a Second Letter to the Author of this Paper. By the fame Hand that writ the Letter publifh'd in Number IV. Price 3 d.

Number XI. The Danger of the Conftitution con fider'd.

All fold by F. Harrison at the Royal Exchange, and A. Dodd without Temple-bar.


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