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not His Son into the world to condemn and punish the ii rr 1 iiiji i lit i_ world as He so justly might but that the world through faith in Him and reliance on His atonement might be saved TM He that truly believeth on Him is not con liiiii demned n but he that has the opportunity of knowing the Gospel and believeth not is condemned already as guilty by the Law and by his own conscience and by God his punishment is inevitable because notwithstanding such display of the Divine mercy he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God And this is the around of condemnation that Divine Light is now come 7 into the world and men resisting the evidence vouchsafed to them have loved darkness ignorance and sin rather than Light because their deeds were evil P For so great is the force of evil passion and prejudice that every one that doeth evil hateth the Light neither cometh to the Light lest his deeds should be reproved i discovered Marg But he that doeth truth r who liveth uprightly according to the Truth hath nothing whereof to be ashamed and cometh to the Light seeking to approach it more and more by every means of grace that so his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God even according to the Almighty will
impress In its plan it embraces some old and approved as well as several new features the former however applied more simply and it is hoped more in accordance with the teaching of the Church The Sacred Narrative has been faithfully compiled from the several accounts of the Evangelists with a strict adherence to the text of the Authorized Version The Continuous Exposition which has been kept distinct in the Italic character consists in part of Emendations either literal from the Greek or free of particular passages or expressions to which they are immediately added on within parentheses for the sake of further distinguishing them The whole is given as briefly as perspicuity would allow and as plainly without familiarity as the Sacred Writings admit of for although as it has been well observed they are a Directory of Common Life they never lose their essential dignity A Harmony thus continuously illustrated has been adopted as the most useful channel for shewing forth the doctrine of the Anglican Church in accordance with the teaching of her Divine Head more especially as her mind is discovered in her admirable formularies our never failing guard against all aberrations whether of Romanizing excess or of latitudinarian defect Difficult and disputed passages f there will indeed always remain and differences of opinion as to these will still exist

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