A History of American Baptist Missions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America: Under the Care of the American Baptist Missionary Union

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Gould and Lincoln, 1854 - Baptists - 359 pages

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Page 28 - We looked through the hall as far as the pillars would allow, and presently caught sight of this modern Ahasuerus. He came forward unattended, — in solitary grandeur, — exhibiting the proud gait and majesty of an eastern monarch. His dress was rich, but not distinctive ; and he carried in his hand the gold-sheathed sword, which seems to have taken the place of the sceptre of ancient times. But it was his high aspect and commanding eye that chiefly riveted our attention.
Page 98 - Scriptures, be instructed to endeavor, by earnest prayer and diligent study, to ascertain the exact meaning of the original text ; to express that meaning, as exactly as the nature of the languages into which they shall translate the Bible will permit ; and to transfer no words which are capable of being literally translated.
Page 28 - What, you speak Burman — the priests that I heard of last night ? When did you arrive ? Are you teachers of religion ? Are you like the Portuguese priest ? Are you married ? Why do you dress so...
Page 31 - there are some who will investigate, notwithstanding ; and rather than have you quit Rangoon, I will go myself to the Mangen teacher, and have a public dispute, I know I can silence him. I know the truth is on my side.
Page 14 - ... 1. Thou shalt not kill. 2. Thou shalt not steal. 3. Thou shalt not commit adultery. 4. Thou shalt not lie.
Page 29 - ... excellent king, the sovereign of land and sea. Hearing that, on account of the greatness of the royal power, the royal country was in a quiet and prosperous state, we arrived at the town of Rangoon, within the royal dominions, and having obtained leave of the governor of that town to come up and behold the golden face, we have ascended and reached the bottom of the golden feet. In the great country of America, we sustain the character of teachers and explainers of the contents of the sacred Scriptures...
Page 1 - The General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States of America for Foreign Missions," popularly known as the Triennial Convention.
Page 29 - ... that royal permission be given that we, taking refuge in the royal power, may preach our religion in these dominions, and that those who are pleased with our preaching, and wish to listen to and be guided by it, -whether foreigners or Burmans, may be exempt from government molestation, they present themselves to receive the favor of the excellent king, the sovereign of land and sea.
Page 30 - Our fate was decided. After a few moments, Moung Zah interpreted his royal master's will, in the following terms : ' In regard to the objects of your petition, his majesty gives no order. In regard to your sacred books, his majesty has no use for them, — take them away.
Page 43 - Not a medical man, but a teacher of religion, your Majesty.' He proceeded to make a few inquiries about my religion, and then put the alarming question, whether any had embraced it. I evaded, by saying.

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