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THE text of this edition is a reprint of the fifth (the last to receive
Walton's own revision), with which it has been carefully collated.
The spelling has been modernised. For his introduction the Editor is
indebted to the usual authorities, particularly to Sir Harris Nicolas. In
compiling the Notes he has followed the example of his forerunners,
and attempted little beyond a selection from the Notes of previous
editors, whose work is acknowledged by their initials; though here and
there, with Mr. New's aid, he has been able to elucidate a topographical
allusion. "N" stands for Sir Harris Nicolas, "E" for Sir Henry
Ellis, "H" for Sir John Hawkins, "M" for Major, and “B” for
Dr. Bethune, the American editor of Walton, who has brought much
out-of-the-way reading to the illustration of Walton, though he is apt
occasionally to be careless, and, what is worse, facetious, and apt, too,
to append "Am. Ed." to a note which is mainly a prècis of the
Notes of previous editions.

To Mr. R. H. Shepherd's Waltoniana the Editor is indebted for one
or two items in the Appendix, and to Mr. R. B. Marston, the owner
of the copyright, for permission to reprint Westwood's Bibliography,
as also for kindly aid in bringing it up to date.

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