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the Vainqueur, and ton men were by. Thus far a machine in mifound wounded on board. The niature has performed here ; it has Mackau made no resistance. wrought out line near 100 yards

in Died the Rev. Mr. Wil from the land, and back again, We liam Law, author of many with a proportionable quantity of religious tracts, aged 75.

hooks, baited : and notwithstand19. A fire broke out at a bil- ing the scarceness of fresh water

de cut baker's near Brown's fish that bite at bait at thi seawharf, Fait-Smithfield, which burnt son of the year, particularly at down 28 houses, and greatly da- this place, it has most surprizintmaged 12 others. The king's brew- ly catched a number of fish, and house was preserved.

that with no more strength to w Capi. Meney of the Nor- work the same, thai that of an

". folk militia, and aid de infant, indeed even but picaring camp to general Townshend, fiand- amusement for such strength. This, ing on a horse's back, without a now little, though greai menging saddle, in full speed leapt over a altair, is most certainly highly five barred gate, and performed se- worthy of the countenance of the veral other amazing feats of horse- great, and the observation of tre marship in Hyde-Park, before their judicious and curious. It is there. royal highnesses the duke of York, fose to be hoped, that a matter prince William Henry, and other of lo promising utility, by prepersons of diftinction.

serving the lives of so many, cauA very ingenious piece of me- fing a plenty of fish, and giving emchanism has been lately 'exhibit- ployment to many of his majeity's ed in the Thames at Richmond subjects, &c. &c. will be put in in Surry, by way of experiment; real execution. the offices of which (which are The young prince stadtholder very eally conceived) compared was seized with a sudden and viowith its (imple construction, are lent fever last Thursday sevenreally wonderful. The design of night in the evening, and lay dethis machine, we learn, is for the lirious all the next day, infomuch easy capture of sea-fish, in the that his life was feared to be in moft tempestuous weather, with- great danger. The malady procui hazaiding lives at sea, which ceeding from an indigestion, speedy certainly is a very great thing; and proper remedies were applied, and we are told, and clearly per- which had so good an effect, that ceive it to be so, that this ina- his ferene higlinets soon began to chine is capable of sending into mend, and when the last letters left the fea, at proper places, fome Holland he was judged entirely out thousands of hooks, baited ; and of danger. of working the same back, by the His most christian majefty havthe fole use thereof with the al- ing been obliged to fufpend for litiance of two persons only on three years the salaries of the perThore to work the machine, bait liament, and other courts of jufthe hrols, and take off the fith frice, superior and inferior, has inwhen brought to the fore there filted upon the payment of the

capitations, capitations, or poll-tax, during those Died Archibald Campyears notwithstanding, without any bell, duke of Argyll, marregard to the remonftrances of the quis of Lorn, &c. lord lieutenant parliament. By an arret of his of Argyllshire, admiral of the Wescouncil, he has ordered those three tern illes, keeper of the great seal, years capitations to be stopped out justice general of Scotland, herediof one year's salary now to be paid ; tary master of the king's houshold in the parliament have cancelled that Scotland, chancellor of Aberdeen, arret, and thus there is a rupture and one of his majesty's privy between the court and that respect- council, aged 79; he is succeeded able body.

by lieutenant-general John CampA person of distinction having bell. carried off an actress of the comic The focie 'y for the encourageopera at Paris, her family are pro- ment of arts, &c. adjudged the presecuting the ravilher with great ani- mium of 100 guineas to the chevamofity. They have already been lier Cafali, for his historical picture offered above 100011. sterling to make of Edward the niartyr's being stabup the affair ; but it is not money, bed by the directions of his motherbut a pub'ic example to deter others, in-law Elfrida. that they want.

This morning two horses started 11th.

St. James's. His majesty at Colchester, in order to make the 1in council was pleased to best of their way to Whitechapel appoint the following new gover- church for 501. a lide; they ran nors, and other officers in several the first forty miles in two hours of his majesty's plantations in Ame- and ten minutes, and the last ten rica, viz.

miles in 52. The winning horse New York, Robert Moncton, carried it by 200 yards. efq; governor.

A servant maid at Charlton in Cadwallader Colden, efq; lieu- Kent was committed to prison on tenant governor.

her own confefiion, for alarming Benjamin Pratt, efq; chief jur- the family by leveral stories of the tice.

house and herself having been atSouth Carolina, Thomas Boone, tacked by robbers, and leaving an efq; governor.

incendiary letter in their way, all Cha. Shinner, esq; chief justice. of her own forging.

Nova Scotia, Henry Ellis, eiq; Dublin, April 7. In the late governor.

scarcity of fuel, some of the inhaJohn Belcher, efq; lieut. gov. bitants of Clontart went to the Georgia, Ja. Wright, efo; gov. North Bull to live in the funds for

New Jerley, Jofal Hardy, etq; old wrecks, and in the hold of a governor.

thip, which fome of them recolNevis, Ja. Johnson, eiq; lt. gov. lected to have been left 15 years

Leew. ltlards, T. Cottle, eiq; ago, they found a silver dish and folicitor general.

.ltand, and fix bottles of very good North Carolina, Tho. Falkner, wine. efq; fecr. and clerk of the crown. Died th right rev. Dr. ,

· 17th. Rob. Joney, jun. elq; attorney Benjamin loadley, bishop

of, a ed, 55.

A very


A very extraordinary wager was officer of merit in great distress, lately laid by two gentlemen at a who had long folicited in vain for coffee-house near Temple-bar; one a pension sufficient to furnish him of whom is to jump into seven feet with necessaries. The prince beof water with his clothes on, and ing awake, heard all that was said. to entirely undress himself in the About an hour after, the dauphiwater; which if he fails accom- ness coming to see him, he asked plishing, he is to lose.

her for three louidores, which the : ; Two men are said to be arrived gave him. He made the fame deat Cologn, who say they came mand successively from the daufrom Damascus. The jesuits of phin, the king, the queen, and his that town have been with them, four aunts. By which means he and talked to them in latin, greek, got twenty-four louidores. Then hebrew, and chaldaic. They an- Sending for M. de la Vauguyon, fwered them in all languages. « Take (said he) this money, and They say they are come by the give it to that brave soldier who order of heaven, to turn men to is under misfortunes. Tell him repentance. They give out that that I shall folicit for his pension, they are 700 years old. The and that I shall urge the thing, for jesuits have obtained leave to carry I shall be glad when I am dying, them to Rome. Being put in to have the satisfaction of having irons, they were glad of that op- served a deserving man.” This portunity of proving the truth of thews his benevolence. What fol. their mission, by breaking them. lows will serve to thew his firmThey say

nefs. The war will be general in - 1765 One day, when he was fomeConstantinople destroyed - 1766 thing better than he had been for The true God acknowledged some time, his mother told him

by all nations - 1767 that fine weather was approaching, A valiant man gives his ter and that she would take him out

timony to it - - - 1768 to give him an airing, “ Yes, laid England overflowed - - 1769 be with a smile, but it will be to An earthquake all over the St. Denis" (the burial place of the

world - - - - 1770 royal family. ] The fall of the sun, moon,

From Ratisbon we hear, that a and stars - - - - 1771 memorial, on the part of the court The globe of the earth burnt 1772 of Petersburg, has lately appeared The universal judgment - 1773 there in print. This memorial, The French envoy at Cologn has which bears date the 17th of Fereceived orders to examine them bruary, new style, contains an anfiricily.

swer to the Teutonic order, relaThey write from Paris, that tive to the pretentions made by the duke of Burgundy is in ge- them to Courland and Semigallia. neral regretted. Some days be. It imports, that the brethren of the fore his death, M. de la Vauguyon, fraternity of the sword, etiablited thinking him asleep, was talking by pope Innocent III. being incorin his chamber to a lord, of an porated in 1239 with the Teutonic

order, order, became thereby joint pro- number of English prisoners, now prietors of Livonia, Courland, and remaining in old France, does not Semigallia ; but that in the sequel, exceed 1000 men; and that the Walter, of Plettenberg, at the head number of French prisoners in of the said fraternity, being again England exceed 25,000.detached from the Teutonic or- . The following is an exact acder, conformably to a mutual con- count of the articles consumed at vention on both sides, he remained dinner only, by the voters of a small by this convention possessed of the borough on the day of electing their above provinces, and to the title of members, independent of veal, grand inaster of his own order, add- mutton, poultry, pastry, &c. and ed also that of prince of the empire, a preparatory breakfast, which last which he obtained from Charles alone amounted to 7501. V. That afterwards his succes Consumption at dinner. sor, Gothard Keller, being great 980 stone of beef. ly weakened by the many wars 315 dozen of wine. he was engaged in, and receiv 72 pipes of ale, and ing no assistance from the enpire, 365 gallons of spirits converted concluded a treaty with Poland,

into punch. by which he ceded Livonia to Naples, March 24. The court. - the above crown. That at the has sent a commission to visit the peace of Oliva, Livonia was again ports of Augusta and Syracusa in given to Sweden, and even gua- Sicily, and to make proper disposirantied by the emperor ; and last. tions against their being surprized, ly, that the said province, to- in case the armament that is still gether with Courland and Se carried on at Conftantinople should migallia, was made over to Ruf- appear in those seas. As there is sia, by the peace of Neustadt. no doubt concerning the reality of This is the substance of this fa- that armament, though its destimous memorial, which has made nation is not known, they are also a great noilc, and will probably preparing for the worst at Malta. be productive of many bickering's 'The bailiff Marulli has just mada between certain powers.

a call of all the knights profesi10. The court went out of ed and non-professed, and ordered

W mourning, for his late ma- them to keep in readiness on the jesty king George the second, of first notice. Eight from each of blessed memory.

the two priories in this kingdom 994 At the anniversary sermon have already been chosen by ballot,

"e and feast of the governors, and they are to go over forth with &c. of the small pox hospitals, 7101. to Malta, with each two attend178. 9d. was collected for that ule- ants fit for military service. Two ful charity.

vessels lately arrived at that island One of the coal-meters places one from Conftantinople, and the of this city, was fold for 41301. other from Salonica ; by which there Moorgate was fold for 1661. and is advice, that the Grand Signior Aldersgate for 91.

goes every day to the arsenal, and It is confidently said that the whole having perceived that two oihicers,

[H]3 ·


who had the charge of expediting twelve times in a minute, to the the preparations were not so dili- great surprize of all present, as it gent as they might have been, he sufficiently proves, both in practiordered them to be beheaded. The cal and speculative mathematicks, grand master of the order of St. the falsehood of the old hypoJohn of Jerusalem has sent away thesis, viz. That 1pace and magnito Sicily and Calabria, divers tude cannot pass through a body Greeks and other useless mouths, of equal space and magnitude. and takes all proper methods for These dice, or cubes, pass exactly putting the island in the best porn at an angle of eleven degrees from ture of defence, in case the Turks the horizontal plane : they are really intend to attack it : and yet made of solid brass, about an inch there is no reason to be much afraid, and five eights cube, and admit of considering the natural strength of no expansion or contraction (as the island, the great quantity of many have imagined) but are diffectartillery mounted in the places moft ed in such a manner as to give the exposed, and the barrenness of the solid die a free passage, without spot. Messengers frequently arrive defiroying or breaking the die so here from the viceroy of Sicily, to dissected.--This curious experiment inform the court of the infiances was performed by Mr. James Bridmade by the Maltese for supplies of ges, architect, and builder of Briscorn and other provifions.

tol bridge. Vienna, April 3. Yesterday the A fire broke out in some 21.1. count de Lolymthal prepared a stables behind Swallow-Itreet, grand entertainment, at which the about ten at night, and raged emperor and empress were present. with great fury till about two in Just as they were fitting down to the morning, in which time 14 dinner, the princess of Anersperg houses were burnt down, two of going to take her chair by the which were handsome new built emperor, funk down in his arms, dwellings of great value. The and notwithstanding all posible family of one of these houses was at atlisiance was intiantly given, the Ranelagh, and knew nothing of never breathed more. Their im- the accident till their house was in perial majelties immediatcly re- afhes. The gentlemen, however, turned to the castle, and the rest of in the neighbourhood, together the guests to their several houses, with their servants, formed a ring, without tafiting the dinner. This kept ofi the mob, and handed the lacły, who was in her fifty-third goods and moveables from one to ya', is greatly regretted. The another till they secured them in a emperor tcok so much pleasure in place of safety, so that a pennyher convertation, that he would worth was neither loft kor damaged; alwayu lave her fit hy him at public a noble infiance of neighbourly reentertainment,

fpect and kindness. Light or nine ou, Two bodies of equal cube horses perished, and some lives were

4. pubiliitd this day to public lofi. view arritiol, transmitted thro'eaci A box of writings that was in other five times in a minute; also an iron chest belonging to Mrs. a large cube through a smaller


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